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    • Mar 20, 2024

      I was in need for something portable to eat here, so I tried one of their sandwiches. It was fine, a little bit on the dry side.

      Though I didn't have the greatest experience initially, I am willing to give this spot a chance again since I've heard very good things about their Portuguese chicken!

      Store front
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    • Escape Games

      The Danforth, Toronto

      Mar 18, 2024

      I have previously had some underwhelming experiences with escape rooms, so I went in with little expectations.

      I ended up having a great time here, I was initially impressed by the room which was decorated with a great degree of detail. The challenges were also very creatively done, you really had to think out of the box to solve them.

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    • Japanese, Sushi Bars, Seafood

      Downtown Core, Toronto

      Mar 5, 2024

      This is a great little restaurant near Yonge-Dundas serving Donburi and Japanese dishes. Their service is great and our food was brought to us promptly.

      I tried their Bara Don which had a variety of fresh sushi grade fish, tamago, cucumber, and a delicious sauce over a bed of rice. It was surprisingly flavourful and filling.

      Bara Don
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    • Feb 11, 2024

      Seems like people have caught on to this cafe, but having tried some of their drinks and pastries it definitely makes sense why people are coming. Of all the items I've had their butter tart has been the standout for me. It has just the right amount of sweetness and a subtle caramel flavour.

      Pastry Assortment
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    • Feb 11, 2024

      The Jaffna pizza was absolutely delicious, it had such a unique blend of flavours and the right amount spice.

      Jaffna Pizza
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