• 6469 Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard N
    Orléans, ON K1C 2R1
    5.0 star rating

    This place is our favourite for meat and cheese pies in Orleans. My favourite is the chicken and cheese and the spinach pies but I also really like the meat and cheese pies. My husband's favourite is the sausage and cheese.

    The dough is so soft and they make them fresh to order. Shami's has gluten free options and we recently ordered a bunch for our family members that are gluten sensitive. They were a hit! Definitely recommend trying their pies.

  • 101 Schneider Road
    Kanata, ON K2K 1Y3
    5.0 star rating
    5/23/2023 Updated review

    Run don't walk and pick yourself up a Banh Mi sandwich from BanhMiYes!

    The last time we ordered from BanhMiYes we got the "Mix bag" which comes with 5 different sandwiches and we ordered an additional tofu sandwich.

    We ended up cutting the sandwiches in three so we could each try a variety of flavours. My favourites are the beef, the tofu and the Saigon. The beef reminded me of the bbq beef commonly served at  Vietnamese restaurants on rice or vermicelli, the tofu sandwich had a lot of vegetables which was delicious and the Saigon is a flavour bomb filled with fresh parsley, vegetables, 4 kinds of pork and chilies.

    While you're there you might want to add a Vietnamese ice coffee, milk tea or specialty lemonade, you won't be disappointed.

    5.0 star rating
    3/24/2023 Previous review
    These Banh Mi sandwiches are so good! I'm lucky to have tried most of the variations but still need… Read more
  • 2430 Bank Street
    Ottawa, ON K1V 0T7
    2.0 star rating

    A friend and I were looking for a place to grab lunch today and this Vietnamese restaurant was nearby so we decided to try it out.

    We ordered their ice coffees which were pretty good and asked to get the crispy noodle dish with vegetables and tofu to share. The dish normally comes with a meat or seafood. The noodle dish was served on large plate and was mostly noodle and very little tofu or vegetables. It was extremely disappointing.

    When we got the bills I was shocked by the price, in total we paid $36 not including the tip for an order of crispy noodles and 2 ice coffees.

    I don't think I will be going back any time soon.

  • 1702 Bank Street
    Ottawa, ON K1V 7Y6
    3.0 star rating
    • First to Review

    Finally made my way over to Juice Dudez on Bank Street today after following them on Instagram for awhile.

    We were the only people ordering when we arrived, my initial reaction was that the place looked like a cute juice bar/restaurant but I was a bit disappointed as soon as we looked for a table and they all seemed to need a wipe.

    My friend ordered the Keto shake and I got the Watermelon and Strawberry juice with mango chunks. My drink was cold and refreshing.

    The drinks looked great and tasted good but were also quite expensive, the two regular sized drinks came to $21.

    I didn't notice any high chairs and I wasn't offered one for my baby, which I don't really expect. Half way through our drinks I needed to change my baby but the business doesn't have any change tables. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't change my baby in the washroom, maybe in the future they will open Juice Moms and be fully equipped for all clientele.

  • 2685 Iris Street
    Ottawa, ON K2C 3S4
    4.0 star rating

    Love IKEA but sometimes I wish it was possible to just  walk through to the restaurant or just pick up a few things and leave.

    My mom and I visited recently with my 5 month old. They have a great nursing/feeding room next to the restaurant. There is a room set up with a chair, changing table, sink and children's play kitchen. There is a bathroom connected with kids pottys.

    The restaurant has high chairs readily available and seems to be well set up for parents bringing their babies and kids.

    The meal was good, we shared the plant balls (plant based meatballs) dish and the butter chicken. I prefer the regular meatballs or the vegetable balls.

    Overall it was a good day at IKEA and we found most of what we were looking for. Stock can be low for popular items and I have found that sometimes their online inventory is not up to date.

    One great change is that you can now order for pick up and there is no additional fee.

    If you are driving there is covered parking as well as charging for electric vehicles.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Recently stopped by Whole foods because we were looking to get some snacks. During this visit my daughter started crying and needed a diaper change. We were a bit disappointed to see that there is no family washroom and the women's washroom change table was pretty gross.

    We love their cheese section, the staff at the counter is quite knowledgeable and helpful.

    In the past we have tried their pizza and burritos and both were very good. They make the pizzas fresh after you order or you can buy a slice at the counter.

    The cafe downstairs has coffee, pastries and smoothies. I have gotten their chocolate smoothie a few times because it's so good!

    Comment from Customer Care of Whole Foods Market
    Business Customer Service
    2/25/2023 Hi Laura, we're sorry about your recent visit to our Lansdowne Park store. We've shared your… Read more
  • 110 Place D'orleans Drive
    Orleans, ON K1C 2L9
    4.0 star rating

    I have been visiting this mall since I was a kid and it's been through big renovations and lots of change.

    I now visit with my mom friends and it's so nice to be able to park underground and take the strollers up the elevator and inside.

    Next to the Bay there is a big nursing/feeding room with 2 change tables, 2 sinks and 2 chairs as well as a joining washroom. There is also a separate family washroom.

    Aubainerie at the other end of the shopping centre also has a designated nursing/feeding room and a change table. They also have a small lounge area with couches and chairs.

    This is a great mall for stroller walks in my opinion.

  • 3095 St Joseph Boulevard
    Orléans, ON K1E 3W6
    4.0 star rating
    • First to Review

    My 4 month old and I have recently started attending the Mom Strong fitness classes at Bellefleur Fitness Studio (200 Vanguard).

    Meghan is a great instructor and the location is clean and aesthetically pleasing inside.

    Classes are small and there is a variety of exercises and equipment used, including free weights, weight bench, step, and bands. The class is a mix of strength and Zumba exercises and every mom and baby has a big area to move around in.

    The parking lot can be very busy during the day because of the surrounding businesses so you may want to get there a bit early to find a spot.

  • 2277 Riverside Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1H 7X6
    5.0 star rating

    We love Allo Mon Coco for brunch.

    I usually order the vegetarian breakfast casserole with well done potatoes as my side.

    I have tried several of the other dishes and everything has been so good! The portions are huge and usually feed me for the whole day.

    The wait can be longer than an hour on the weekends at this location so it can be harder with bigger groups. They don't take reservations ahead of time.

  • 2690 Alta Vista Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1V 7T4
    5.0 star rating

    Love this place! Probably my favourite place for bubble tea in the city.

    The location is really nice inside and the drinks are .

    Last time I went I got a tarp coconut slush with tapioca pearls. Their pearls are my favourite! They have a nice roasted flavour.

    My husband asked for a recommendation and got a brown sugar bubble tea with the cheese foam on top and it tastes like a cheesecake foam. It's decadent!

    The staff was friendly and helpful, we will definitely be back soon.

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