• Take the Last Letter and Make a New Word by Allison Y.

    Entertainment & Pop Culture 10777 replies
    3/2/2024 by Dale N.
  • OC korean food by Kelly C.

    Food 5 replies
    My hunch is that Yelp HQ don't consider Yelp Talk a priority as it has no bearing on their bottom…
    3/2/2024 by Deb P.
  • Change One Letter by Allison Y.

    Humor & Offbeat 22408 replies
    3/2/2024 by Dale N.
  • Toronto word association by Laura C T.

    Other 15277 replies
    3/2/2024 by Dale N.
  • Two Words - Keep One, Replace One by Russell K.

    Humor & Offbeat 12772 replies
    Camping gear
    3/2/2024 by Dale N.
  • Ultimate Word Game by Tony F.

    Humor & Offbeat 1969 replies
    3/1/2024 by Allison Y.
  • Talk Happy by Allison Y.

    Other 1020 replies
    Tomorrow is March 1!    YaHooooooo.
    2/29/2024 by R M.
  • Event URL: https://scale2024.com Location: Hotel X Toronto by Library Hotel Collection Date: Wed,…
    2/26/2024 by Sami A.
  • What current song is playing ? by Ernest M.

    Entertainment & Pop Culture 1 reply
    Still playing fireplace Christmas songs in my home office.  Just because.
    2/26/2024 by Allison Y.
  • Reviewers by Xavier T.

    Food 21 replies
    Many glowing reviews with professional looking images are not paid by businesses with monetary or…
    2/26/2024 by Allison Y.
  • Check this out by Yadira A.

    Shopping & Products 1 reply
    No one is clicking on unknown links.
    2/25/2024 by Deb P.
  • Gemologist by Teresa B.

    Local Questions & Answers 1 reply
    First you need to make sure that this is authentic jade and not dyed glass. Real jade is judged on…
    2/25/2024 by Deb P.
  • Hair Stylist for Men by William B.

    Local Questions & Answers
    Looking for an experienced hair stylist / barber who knows how to style hair/beards by facial shape…
    2/8/2024 by William B.
  • Dirty Public Restrooms by Wendy T.

    Other 6 replies
    Some of us have disabilities that require us to use public restrooms, so although I'm discerning…
    1/31/2024 by Cara C.
  • Food Apps by Allison Y.

    Shopping & Products 17 replies
    Does anyone know if Walmart is on any food app?
    1/26/2024 by Allison Y.
  • Corporations & docial issues. by John S.

    News & Politics 14 replies
    My go to for that kind of fix is my local bbq place, which does chicken thighs in the same style,…
    1/24/2024 by Nick B.
  • Help! by Teresa B.

    Local Questions & Answers 9 replies
    It's still worth trying on a small spot and see what happens.
    1/23/2024 by Martin S.
  • Hairdresser by Yesofi L.

    Local Questions & Answers 4 replies
    In this economy at a GTA salon? Sounds about average.  I have usually "saved" by going quarterly for…
    1/17/2024 by Sammie S.
  • Fibre Internet 3rd Party deals by Martin S.

    Shopping & Products 27 replies
    ...and felt like I was getting hosed, which I was. Home phone, internet, tv with a few extra…
    1/10/2024 by Victor K.
  • Groupon by Gerri L.

    Shopping & Products 1 reply
    What did you get? Is there a way to reach out to the seller directly?
    12/25/2023 by Jay R.