• Two Words - Keep One, Replace One by Russell K.

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    reproduction paintings
    6/12/2024 by Ralph M.
  • Reviews by Walter O.

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    I had no idea there was a minimum or 85 letters, good to know, thanks. Makes sense to me.
    6/12/2024 by Martin S.
  • Toronto word association by Laura C T.

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    6/11/2024 by Dale N.
  • Take the Last Letter and Make a New Word by Allison Y.

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    6/11/2024 by Dale N.
  • Change One Letter by Allison Y.

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    6/9/2024 by Ralph M.
  • Talk Happy by Allison Y.

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    @ Ralph.. more good reasons to be happy.. celebrating my best friends
    6/8/2024 by Kirsten H.
  • Ultimate Word Game by Tony F.

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    6/8/2024 by Ralph M.
  • Booboom by Leggs L.

    6/3/2024 by Leggs L.
  • San Diego Breweries by Rob M.

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    Here's the link to Yelp San Diego: https://www.yelp.ca/talk/san-diego  There looks to be a lot of…
    6/3/2024 by Nick B.
  • can someone nominate me to be.a yelp elite by Salvatore P.

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    You can nominate yourself.
    5/27/2024 by Martin S.
  • California Grill, Watsonville, California. by Antoine V.

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    Oh BTW, I was also told by the bar patron that "I did not belong there. "isn't this America and…
    5/25/2024 by Antoine V.
  • DoorDash delivery by Christina G.

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    Where is Priya?
    5/17/2024 by Sammie S.
  • Mortgage by Mitra Samrad K.

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    You're very welcome! Thank you for caring.
    5/15/2024 by Mitra Samrad K.
  • Fresh crawdads by Bruce K.

    Where can I get fresh crawdads to steam at home ? And how is the pricing ?
    5/11/2024 by Bruce K.
  • View by David G.

    I have 161 pictures on my Yelp profile. Is 100,800 views in the last 90 days pretty good for not…
    5/5/2024 by David G.
  • Chat online by J L.

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    5/3/2024 by Anthony ..
  • Location by Susan R.

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    5/3/2024 by Anthony ..
  • Widowed single dad by Greg O.

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    Welcome to Yelp! This is not a dating site, and you're posting to Yelp Toronto as well!
    5/3/2024 by Nick B.
  • Employ at stag shop by Shahram K.

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    Give me a chance let me show you how great and beautiful you are
    4/30/2024 by Shahram K.
  • California to Canada -- The saga persists by Joanna B.

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    Was it Carmen? I did ask a CM and they could not figure it out.
    4/28/2024 by Sammie S.