Best Pubs near me in Uxbridge, Ontario

  • Col. McGradys Pub and Grill

    “Decided to stop into this pub, the atmosphere was very casual traditional small pub.” more

  • The Second Wedge Brewing

    “Brew pub with amazing beer. Great atmosphere that is kid and dog friendly.” more

    • Outdoor seating



  • Wixan’s Bridge
    3.4 (16 reviews)


    “This place is a good, local pub. The food is generally better than your average pub.” more

    • Outdoor seating

  • Old Flame Brewing
    4.3 (20 reviews)

    “Excellent quality beer and fun pub to sample the beer, enjoy a pint or two and socialize with the...” more

    • Delivery

      Curbside Pickup

  • The King’s Landing

    “Excellent pub. It's a rare case where pubs have good food and good service, so I was impressed.” more

    • Outdoor seating

  • Coach House Pub
    3.6 (9 reviews)

    “We in Ballantrae we're very happy to get a local pub a couple of years ago.” more

    • Outdoor seating

  • Jester’s Court Pub & Eatery
    3.9 (13 reviews)

    “I come to a pub for a drink and the experience of being in a pub. We won't be back.” more

  • Horn Dawgs Tap & Grill

    “The food was always ok- standard pub fare that was lower quality than you'd find in most comparable...” more

  • Earl of Whitchurch
    2.9 (31 reviews)

    “I took my boyfriend here, just 10 min from my house, because we frequent pubs downtown and in...” more

  • Castle John’s Pub
    4.3 (3 reviews)

    “At first glance, the pub looks small, but if you go towards the back of the restaurant, you'll see...” more

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