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  • Photo of Matt H.
    Matt H.
    Victoria, BC

    Moved from a four storey apartment building to a two storey townhouse, from Victoria to Duncan BC.

    I have had nothing but bad experiences with movers. Until now.  These guys were really great!  The lady I spike work on the phone (Nadia) was very thorough with me on the phone and asked lots of questions while building a quote for me.  None of the other companies I contacted for this move did that.  I had a couple phone conversations with Ross, one of the owners, and he alai came to my place a couple days before the move to get a sense of what they were going to be doing.  The crew of three (Kobe, Nick, Chris) showed up on time on moving day and were all very friendly and professional.  Ross and the other owner Evan stopped by at one point during the loading to see how things were going.  Top notch customer service across the board!  The move on at our new place went smoothly as well and my wife and I had to do little more than direct where certain items were wanted.  After all was said and done, the final price was right on par with the quote. I cannot recommend this company enough. I hope o don't have to move again for a long time, bit I will 100% be calling these guys again if the need arises!

  • Photo of Lise L.
    Lise L.
    Victoria, BC

    "I would go lower if I could. They screwed up in the process of giving me information. I was bullied and threatened. They added so much stress to an already stressful time. The owner (Patrick) called and rambled on and on about how the mistakes had happened and how one employee (Jared) did not do his job properly while notably failing to chastise the employee who did the bullying (Erin). His solution was to have Jared volunteer his services and come pack up my kitchen for free. This company is a joke. They may look "professional" but they have no idea what they are doing and when that results in the customer's stress they respond with bullying and threats and demands. Stay far far far away from these goofs!"

  • Photo of Cass L.
    Cass L.
    Fairfield, Victoria, BC

    I used this company for my last move. I only hired a moving company as I have a heavy couch that my family can not move. I told them that I was hiring them for the purpose of moving the couch only. They informed me they had a minimum time requirement. Due this, I had them move a few other item; coffee table, bed, dresser with drawers removed.

    When they came and did an assessment before moving the man said the couch would be no problem and that they can move grand pianos.

    The first 2 men they sent were unable to move the couch. They had to send others 2 other times. It took 3 attempts. I was charged for the time of all these attempts. It ended up being quite expensive since all I really needed was the couch moved. I would not use this company again.

    Also my move was only one block... moss street to Fairfield

    Business owner information

    Photo of Patrick E.

    Patrick E.

  • Photo of Mj T.
    Mj T.
    Duncan, BC

    What a disappointing experience!

    I have made an appointment, on Oct 29th, for a quote, at my house, for the following evening. The lady on the phone was extremely pleasant and cordial. At that point, there was still availability, for moving, on the 30th of November.

    Instead of Patrick (the mover) showing up the following day for a quote, he called, and rescheduled for Friday, November 2nd. I agreed, and took the time off of work, to meet at 9am.

    30 Minutes before the appointment, Patrick calls me, and tells me that the last 2 available truck, for the weekend I needed, were just rented and that he was sorry.

    Because of that, I am ending up with no truck, no movers, and am unable to find anything available for the first weekend on December. Their mistake, cost me my truck and movers.

    How unprofessional is that! There is absolutely no excuse, this is by far the worst costumer service I ever received! False advertisement, representation and the list goes on! I would NEVER recommencement their service to ANYONE! Patrick  does not know how to manage is time, or his clients!

    Business owner information

    Photo of Patrick E.

    Patrick E.

  • Photo of Gordon G.
    Gordon G.
    Victoria, BC
    First to Review

    This company is an absolute joke. They arrived with a truck that is much to small and only two non uniformed boys. This to load the contents of a 4 bedroom home. How they proclaim themselves to be 'Canada's favourite local movers' is a definite mystery!

    Better off hiring a professional moving company not just one with 800 number.

  • Photo of Jan P.
    Jan P.
    Victoria, BC

    I had the pleasure to employ You Move Me, Patric and his team were very clean,co-operative,timely and willing to adjust to my schedule.Value for the dollar was well spent.
    As with any move there are glitches that being said they were small. I do wish that the same movers were available to move me back into the same home that I moved out of (due to renovations) as there was a bit of  inconsistency with how things were to be reinstalled.It did take some time for repairs and replacement parts to be dealt with however due to my schedule I cannot put that solely on the company. I also must say that Patric went out of his way to make sure that things were taken care of.  Would I hire this company again. YES. Would I reccomend  this company YES. Thank You Jan Peters

  • Photo of Steven B.
    Steven B.
    Victoria, BC

    We used You Move Me to move into our newly purchased house, Evan and Jessie (with 2 others) arrived on time and were very respectable. They offered to bring us coffee and were very pleasant to talk with throughout the move. They had to make two trips as the trucks they use are a bit smaller. Near the end Jessie suggested that we send home the other two workers since they could finish the rest and save us some money, it was appreciated but we requested to keep all four to get it done faster. In comparison we also had 2 Men with Big Hearts moving my in-laws into the basement suite, You Move Me moved my whole house and placed things where we asked before the other movers even arrived! If you want your house moved quickly and have fun doing it these are your movers.

  • Photo of Lames M.
    Lames M.
    Tofino, BC

    I would rate them lower than this if I could. These guys are not very trustworthy. I invited them into my home to help us get through the stress of a big move. They assured us that they would be there for us through everything. I had so many questions for them, since it was my first big move. At first, they were there for us. But, I started to get weary when I noticed one of the movers was stoned while on the job. I asked if they had smoked drugs while on the job and they denied it, but his eyes were very red, and he was so slow! I turned the corner at one point and noticed one of the movers quickly putting something in his pockets as if he was showing something weird to a coworker. I am not sure what it was, and to this day, I have not found anything missing, but it did seem very odd that this company brought stoned workers to my house. They goofed around, costed me a ton of money and clearly do not like their job. The damages are another thing. 2 couches have massive rips in them, and I had to replace a table with my own money. I have since moved across Canada to my native province. If I ever decide to move back, I will stay clear of this useless, drug addicted company.

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