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  • Photo of Sack S.
    Sack S.
    Toronto, ON
    First to Review

    I am still blown away by how good the restaurants are in Uxbridge. Walked into this one after school with the kids for a treat. Decor simple British/Canadian. Greeted right away and led to a booth with a TV. The kids obviously excited and frankly so was I since they would leave me alone as they watch Family channel. We ordered nachos,  2 lbs of wings, naked with sauce on the side and calamari.  Nachos came with the works with mixed chips for $9. They were excellent. So many restaurants don't add all the little touches and charge much more(check out the photo). The wings were meaty and tasty. They marinaded the wings with salt before frying. It is a simple thing to do but most restaurant just drop un-seasoned wings right into the fryer and expect the sauce to do all the work. Calamari was decent. Try this one if you are in the neighborhood it is great.

    Photo of Wixan's Bridge - Uxbridge, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Rose M.
    Rose M.
    SoMa, San Francisco, United States

    If you want your patrons to come back don't start skipping out. I Gave this pub a 3 star rating due to their menu. My husband ordered calamari as his starter, the server brought the tray over, our group was shocked at how little there was  on the plate. I know restaurants have suffered, but don't start reducing your Quantity of food now that you're finally open.

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