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    • Photo of Richard W.
      Richard W.
      Mississauga, ON
      Jun 27, 2020

      More the 5 yrs ago I had made an appointment to get a tatt on my right forearm, the consultation was by the artist nick. The day I had my tatt done the results were amazing, all the straight lines + details. I was extremely satisfied with the results, unfortunately nick isn't working there anymore he has moved on. My 2nd visit was 3rys later, I wanted a tatt on my left forearm, I was referred by the reception that randy was the right choice. I had a consultation with the artist randy who didn't have much experience. I've had an appointment that was rescheduled for another day. The day I got my tatt I paid the reception they told me due to their inconvenience of them having to reschedule my appointment. I received a discount that was cool, hours later
      when it was time for aftercare. I've had unwrapped my bandage checked my tatt in the mirror the artist missed a line at the top. The end of the script wasn't aligned, the rest of tatt was all messed up. While I was at the shop it looked good. I was furious of the results. It didn't make any sense whatsoever I've seen a customer that ended up with excellent tatt. Mine is a failure. The artist randy no longer works there, they have a high turnover of tattoo artists. I'm never going back to way cool tattoo, they've lost my business. Their prices are reasonable but the artist sucks!!! I highly don't recommend tattoo shop.

    • Photo of Sandy T.
      Sandy T.
      Oakville, ON
      Sep 28, 2018

      I had an old tattoo from 20+ years ago, done by Way Cool in Toronto, that I wanted covered over. I didn't realize the Toronto location had closed, so gave the Oakville location a try. Casey was the artist recommended to me. He is very patient, attentive and listens. Casey is great company, very interesting conversation and a fantastic artist. I couldn't be more pleased. I was there over three visits. Watched, listened and learned what these guys go through on a day to day basis. Sometimes I think they don't get the recognition and respect they deserve for their craft.
      Cheers to you Casey, thank you, and Happy Travels.

    • Photo of Aatayna H.
      Aatayna H.
      Hamilton, ON
      Sep 14, 2013

      I've heard mixed reviews from Way Cool but I figured I should have just gone there myself to experience it and I think I would have been better off if I didn't.

      Initially, I had just gone for a piercing (done by Tom) and he was extremely thorough in regards to the procedure as well as aftercare but when I needed help putting the jewelry back in, I was charged $5 which I thought was kinda weird because I know of NO place that charges just to put put jewelry in.

      When getting my tattoo done I had some of the other artists ask me the reasoning behind my tattoo and upon trying to explain, they ended up laughing and ridiculing what I wanted; I thought it was so incredibly rude and just unprofessional overall. Apart from that, I was told that if I ever needed a touch up, I could come back and that it'd be free. So I called to make an appointment for a touch up and I was told (rather rudely) that Way Cool doesn't do free touch ups and I'd have to pay about $80.

      Apart from these incidents, they tend to bad mouth other tattoo shops; I get that when you're representing a business, you have to make it look good but my saying crappy things about other places, it's just unprofessional.

      Overall, Way Cool (from my experience) just seems like a place where they like to rip you off.

    • Photo of Deanna M.
      Deanna M.
      Oakville, ON
      Jan 9, 2013
      First to Review

      I've received a piercing here in the past, and was quite pleased with the piercer's knowledge and information. I decided to return for a tattoo - mistake.

      All I had done was a small piece of script, copied directly from a font I had printed out. Despite this, each letter looks noticeably different, and some of the letters are not even. I should have known better, however, because even before the artist did his work, he made no conversation with me unless I asked. He even criticized piercings and piercers themselves, which I found completely unprofessional and rude - he does, after all, work in a tattoo AND piercing shop. It was as though he wanted to get the ink over and done with as quickly as possible. Even when I asked for after-care advice, his recommendations were minimal.

      When you go to get a tattoo, you expect the artist to actually care about your tattoo. After all, his ink will be on you for life. The staff at Way Cool Tattoos Oakville did not give this impression at all. If you want to feel like a valid customer, do not go here.

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