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    Queen Street West, West Queen West


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    • Photo of Paula P.
      Paula P.
      San Francisco, United States
      Mar 18, 2023

      I love this store. The selection of toys, games and puzzles is great. The people who work there are very helpful when you need a gift but are not certain what is appropriate for a particular age or just want something different. There are many educational and creative toys and ones that require assembly and promote hands-on interaction.
      It's inappropriate to discredit the store simply because some shoppers took photographs without first asking if it was alright. Independent stores need support and must protect what makes them special.

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    • Photo of Martin S.
      Jun 9, 2018

      In the age of Amazon, you have to wonder what keeps these little guys in business. It sure isn't the charm of the people running this place, but there is something to be said for having all this cool stuff right in front of you in reality, and not "3D" on a LCD screen.
      The place is just jammed to the rafters with interesting products. It's definitely marked up, but if you don't mind paying a little for the privilege of having it in your sweaty little hands NOW, then this is the place for you.
      I wanted a yo-yo and they had two right there as I walked in. Pondering the colours, reading the descriptions, and admiring the look of the wood yo-yo vs. the classic plastic one available in different colours, is just something that can't be replaced by going online.
      Incredible store that should be on your Christmas list.

      Official VW licensed products.
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    • Photo of Jason L.
      Jason L.
      Markham, ON
      Mar 17, 2016

      Really disappointed with the overall Customer Service (or lack there of) at this store.

      I'm a very strong proponent of supporting smaller local stores rather than the big box stores, so I am always looking for boutique shops to give my business to. With the purpose of looking specifically for puzzles, we found this store, highly rated by Yelp.

      Upon entering, one of the staff (possibly the owner) was far more concerned with keeping the store dry (as it was raining outside) than to help us in any way. Even when we asked for help in finding puzzles, we were completely ignored. We didn't think too much of it, and found the section we were looking for. They actually have one of the largest puzzle selections I've seen thus far, but we didn't find anything that caught our eye.

      The shop itself is very quaint and cute, so we decided to take a Snapchat of the store to share to our friends this local business. However, the second the owner saw us taking a picture, she ran towards us and, in the rudest way possible, yelled at us to stop taking photos, repeatedly telling us to "delete it, delete it, delete it". Of course we obliged, and quickly put the phone away.

      We thought that we had missed some posted sign about no photos, but looking around, we noticed that there were not signs in the store stated that pictures cannot be taken. Moreover, we did not intend any malice by taking a quick snap, in fact, we were hoping to promote the store. Also, when telling us to delete the photos, the staff/owner never said 'please', nor explain to us the store policy with regards to photos.

      I don't expect too much from a store, but I appreciate friendly service. Overall, this store does seem to have an amazing selection of products, from toys to puzzles to games, but the experience with this owner has left a terrible taste in my mouth and I would never recommend this store to anyone, nor would I ever return to give them my business.

      I am fairly easy going and never go online to simply posts negative reviews for anything, but when I am treated like some sort of theft in a store, I take it with great offence and would ensure others do not experience the same treatment.

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    • Photo of Be F.
      Be F.
      Vancouver, BC
      Jan 1, 2018

      I wanted to support this mom and pop shop but was first deterred from the purchase by their terrible no-returns policy (and repeated gruffness) and then again when the owner outright lied about raising the price by $10 within the few days between visits. Guess I'll have to stick with Best Buy after all.

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    • Photo of Potatoes S.
      Potatoes S.
      Toronto, ON
      Aug 22, 2019

      Rude owners that are not friendly. Shouldnt bd selling toys. Lies to people enteri g the store they are closing early when they arent. Get ready to be judged if you come in here.

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    • Photo of J Z.
      J Z.
      Toronto, ON
      May 29, 2019

      Do not shop here! I recently visited this store after they moved to Queen St. West and Manning. I was shopping for a gift for my nephew and took 1 picture to send to my sister-in-law to ask for her opinion. The owner started yelling at me and telling me to get out of the store and to buy the toy online. The Asian lady who works at the store is very nice and friendly. I feel bad that she needs to deal with such an abusive partner.

      Even though I live one block away and will see this store often on my way to Sud Adorno or Terroni, I will never set foot in this store again. This has been the most negative retail shopping experience I've ever had in my life.

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    • Photo of Evelyn A.
      Evelyn A.
      Toronto, ON
      Jan 16, 2017

      I am an only child and it is crucial to my existence that I am the favourite everything. Favourite coworker, favourite friend, etc. My niece was recently in town, so it was imperative that I become her favourite aunt.

      I have a little lady of my own, but when you give her gifts, she still prefers the wrapping to the goods, so I'm not yet well versed in Toronto toy stores. I've passed Toy Terminal's fun windows and bright sign many times, so when I wanted to take her to a toy store I knew where we were headed.

      This place is cavernous! So many beautiful stuffed toys, fun games, arts and crafts goods and more. If you're after something for a kiddo and don't want to hit a mall (who does?), this is your place.

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    • Photo of Elza M.
      Elza M.
      Whitby, ON
      Oct 30, 2019

      Had a lovely time visiting the Toy Terminal toy store. It's a very nice and complete store with a great variety of toys. The owner is a true gentleman. Very helpful and kind. I had wonderful conversations with him. I totally recommend!

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    • Photo of Kathryn P.
      Kathryn P.
      Toronto, ON
      May 2, 2016

      Wonderful stock
      Amazing service
      I love this place

      The owner takes such great care to ensure the customer has a wonderful experience.

      I was in here birthday shopping for my son with special needs - so I needed super fun items that also help with social communication and language - and I had the added challenge of ensuring that the toys and games were safe for my 2-year old as well. The staff and owner took so much time to help me found more than I could ever imagine.

      A must-visit for the good of your kids :)

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    • Photo of Maria R.
      Maria R.
      Toronto, ON
      Jul 22, 2016

      The stock is pretty cute. Lots of nice, quality items. Some are generally hard to find, like their Djeco puzzles (not as commonly found in kids' stores the way Melissa and Doug items seem rampant). The stock alone is worth a solid 3 stars.

      Took one star away because prices are ouch. When I make a purchase, I take guesses about what the total will be. I'm usually right, or close. But here, I spend over my desired budget, and I'm left second guessing my decisions to purchase some items.

      Another star off for minimal service. I like the chance to shop independently, and not have in your face sales clerk, but there isn't much warmth from the salespeople here. I asked about a game that I was hoping to purchase, but the response wasn't very helpful. Just minimal.

      Yes, despite my last two points, I would recommend the place, and return to shop here sometime. If you're looking for a gift for a kid's birthday, this might be a great one-stop shop for you. Selection really is pretty nice, and varied.

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