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    • Photo of Brenda K.
      Brenda K.
      Vancouver, BC
      Dec 22, 2023

      I've been to other Poke places except for Steve. Never visited this restaurant until my birthday coupon notification via text. I decided why not use $5 coupon for Poke.

      The coupon was valid from December 7th to 21st so I showed up on Wednesday. I had Mayo Spice Me Up (originally $16.50, spicy salmon) in white rice. I better say this place has less options just quinoa, white rice or salad. They don't have a brown rice option.

      Avocado, masago and mango are all extra charge. I just had basic toppings like cucumber, radish, crab meat, edamame, pineapple, ginger and corns. Staff scooped rice and added the rest of the toppings. Food was freshly made. There was so much rice comparing to toppings and salmon. There was only 1 small scoop of salmon.

      I felt full from eating so much rice. Staff was helpful giving me a lid and a shopping bag to take home. I used a leftover to pack my work lunch. I'm glad to receive birthday coupon; however the food and portion didn't quite fit original price tag. Staff said I can pay another scoop of protein. Just not worth it in my personal opinion. I can have more veggies, protein along with brown rice. I'm glad to try this place. Even though Steve's Poke wasn't bad, there's a better option.

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    • Photo of Sandy Y.
      Sandy Y.
      Vancouver, BC
      Mar 25, 2023

      I've had my fair share of poke bowls, but none have impressed me, like Steve's Poke Bar. The poke scoop (my favourites are Shoyu Salmon and Spicy Mayo Scallops) is unmatched in its freshness and quality that melts in your mouth. The toppings are perfectly balanced, with each ingredient contributing a unique flavour and texture to the bowl.

      What sets Steve's Poke Bar apart, however, is their commitment to quality and attention to detail. Every bowl is a work of art, with vibrant colours and thoughtful presentation. I highly recommend Steve's Poke Bar to anyone looking to experience the very best in poke cuisine.

      Steve's Poke Bar is located at Metrotown (between Zara and Chatime). It is a very convenient location. @stevespokebar

      Food: 4/5 Should Try!
      Service: counter-serve chain restaurant
      Kids: 3/5 A-OK for kids.
      Price: Average $15-$20 for each poke bowl
      Presentation: 2/5
      Parking: 5/5
      * has $30 menu options (2 signature bowls for $30) during Burnaby Food Festival @biteofburnaby
      * can Build Your Own or Choose from the Signature Bowls.
      * can Specify Your Spice Level.
      * If you want to avoid long lines and wait times, it's best to consider ordering online for pickup or delivery.
      * can down apps to collect points.
      Would I Return: Yes ‍

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    • Photo of Shuang W.
      Shuang W.
      Vancouver, BC
      Dec 29, 2023

      went for 25 dollar for two bowls deal, I have to say: the service is OUTSTANDING. They are so friendly, I have literally never seen another store with more friendly staff and there are so many options and all of the combo is delicious, i built my own bowl and it was delicious. The only thing I didn't like was the fruit tea (or another name they have) was pretty bad.

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    • Photo of Ronnel S.
      Ronnel S.
      Las Piñas, Philippines
      Aug 21, 2022
      4 check-ins

      Another poke bar in town,this one is a small place inside the largest mall in Burnaby,near the entrance coming out from skytrain,
      Neat and can host maybe lessthat 10 for dine in...
      I got the Steves traditional bowl with mixed of spicy and sweet tuna and everything in it.
      The bowl is big enough for 1 regular size person...
      Fresh and really delish.
      You cam also create your poke bowl choose your sides,dressing and proteins.
      Affordable and healthy meal.
      Plus located inside the mall so no problem with free parking and wifi.
      Minimal decors and painted with light colors mimicking the ocean very cool..very pleasant to eyes...
      Good for single and atleast a group of 3, kids friendly if your kids eats fish and veggies.
      Accept cash,debit and credit,noise level is average to moderate.
      Neat poke gig... try it when you are in this mall...
      Average service but not bad

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    • Photo of Carolyn L.
      Carolyn L.
      Vancouver, BC
      Apr 13, 2021

      This is probably 3.5 stars.

      I usually go to the one at Lougheed mall and always order the same thing. I have decided the signature poke is my favorite as it is simple and to the point. You just get 4 scoops of protein on rice or salad. No toppings. I tend to get frazzled when faced with many options. I cannot decide as I like to try a bit of everything.

      With the signature bowl, that removes my choices. I just get one each of the fish -- spicy salmon, shoyu salmon, spicy ahi tuna and shoyu ahi tuna. That's it.

      I was asked if I would like to try the spicy scallops and that it could be part of the 4 scoops. I said yes but somehow the server either did not hear me properly or misunderstood. It became an extra scoop. So I had 5 proteins on my rice. The spicy scallops was tasty.

      The rice was not great though. It was too mushy. So I did not really enjoy the poke as much as usual.

      The place gets busy with people waiting for take out or pick up (order in advance via app).

      Oh if you use the app, you do get rewards easily. You also get promo text which can make it a good deal sometimes.

      Located nearer to the skytrain access, next to Zara on the second level.

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    • Photo of Kevin F.
      Kevin F.
      Richmond, BC
      Feb 21, 2021
      First to Review

      Conveniently hitting your Poke craving

      Had a sudden craving for poke late last night after seeing some YouTuber eating it... so we looked it up and found this place. There is actually a lot of poke places in Vancouver but cause it's covid, most of them are takeout and delivery only. We also wanted to 'dine in' and since we were looking for a place to hang, metrotown made sense.

      I guess food wise, the main thing you look for at a poke place is freshness and they get a checkmark for that. The sashimi tasted fresh, rice was also a good texture, and portions were good. Nothing mind-blowing, but I couldn't imagine it being much better at any other places. Their menu can be a bit intimidating / confusing if it's your first time there. The lady was enthusiastic in explaining how things work, although it was difficult to hear cause of the mask she's wearing. The easy way out is just to pick one of the signature bowls which I assume couldn't go wrong. I mean it is a bowl of salad after all...

      It's a small joint in the middle of the mall and I'd describe it as a private food court both in terms of atmosphere and service.. they have tiny tables and not much service at all. That's not a complaint tho, it's exactly what you'd expect. It's a nice little joint to grab quick bit of sashimi, rice, and a salad combination of your choice.

      Oh yea, don't forget to sign up for an account to collect points so you can get free drinks or extra scoops of poke the next time you go.

      Food 9/10 Service 7/10 Ambiance 7/10 Value 8/10

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    • Photo of James C.
      James C.
      Burnaby, BC
      Jul 30, 2022

      Super fresh, tasty and awesome service! I ordered the traditional bowl thinking I would still be hungry but it is a lot of food. The fish was very fresh and wonderfully seasoned and the toppings added a great pop of flavor and decoration. We will definitely be coming back!

      Traditional bowl
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    • Photo of Naomi T.
      Naomi T.
      Vancouver, BC
      Mar 16, 2021

      First time at Steve's Poke Bar! They are located upstairs near where Zara was and next to Chatime. I thought the portion was good and I like that they serve quinoa here as a base option and it was my first time trying a poke bowl with quinoa. The fish was fresh and the toppings were pretty standard. If you sign up for an account you can get 10% off your next bowl if you visit in the next 7 days. The store is pretty big and they also have their own seating inside.

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    • Photo of Allison K.
      Allison K.
      Vancouver, BC
      Dec 4, 2021

      First thing I noticed about this place was the customer service. Everyone was super friendly and polite. Then I looked at the food prep area, clean and tidy. lastly and most importantly the food quality and taste. I'll give it two thumbs up!!

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    • Photo of Leeza N.
      Leeza N.
      Vancouver, BC
      Jul 1, 2021

      I ordered from Steve's via Doordash for dinner tonight since it was too hot to cook. I decided to get the Build Your Own Bowl for $13.50 which came with 1 protein, I chose salmon. I decided to get half salad/half white rice along with corn, pineapple, scallion, wakame, crab salad and all the crispy toppings. The small size was very filling and I had it for dinner, for $13.50 the portion is bigger than other Poke places which is a really good deal. The ingredients were really fresh and big pieces of fish. I've eaten from this location when it first opened and it wasn't impressive like this so I was hesitant to try again but I'm glad I gave it another chance.

      build your own bowl with salmon (added my own avocado)
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