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    431 College Street

    Toronto, ON M5T 1T1

    Kensington Market


    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM (Next day)


    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM (Next day)

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    • 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM (Next day)


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    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 AM (Next day)

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    • Photo of John W.
      John W.
      Washington, DC, United States
      Jan 1, 2024

      Is the food great? No. It's just average, but the portions are huge! And our server Steph was a riot!

      It's truly a locals' place for drinks and drink food.

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    • Photo of Jennifer H.
      Jennifer H.
      Pasadena, United States
      Nov 20, 2023

      If you visit here, come hungry; they have huge portions with fast and friendly service. My boyfriend and I shared the king's crown nachos; it was well seasoned and tasty. There was plenty of all the toppings. If you like spicy, add their special hot sauce to bites with salsa on it; it really enhances the flavor. Their homemade sauce has a sour vinegary flavor similar to Tabasco. This is a pretty casual pub-like establishment.

      My boyfriend is a big Scott Pilgrim fan, and this establishment was featured. It was a great stop on our tour of filming locations. All-in-all, it was a good time!

      King's crown nachos; delicious!
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    • Photo of Daniel D.
      Daniel D.
      Arbutus Ridge, Vancouver, BC
      Feb 26, 2024

      (pub golf 3/7) i was an amazing level of intoxicated here so my judgment may be clouded but still 12$ pitchers are a crazy good deal. lovely vibes too had a nice couple trips to the bathroom. will be back

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    • Photo of Michael G.
      Michael G.
      Toronto, ON
      Jan 28, 2024
      Updated review

      Recently much better than before. They have upped their game. Incredibly good plain nachos. Incredibly good wings. Thanks!

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      Oct 23, 2017Previous review
    • Photo of Vatsal S.
      Vatsal S.
      Fremont, United States
      Jun 7, 2023

      Whoever thinks this is Mexican food is crazy. There was more broccoli and raw cauliflower in my burrito than anything else.

      Ambiance is pretty good but drinks are so so and the food is definitely a miss. Average service too

      Recommend to skip

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    • Photo of August K.
      August K.
      Mississauga, ON
      Jun 19, 2023
      Updated review

      A Sunday Father's Day brunch with my son. Food is always excellent, service without par and a bartender who makes a killer bloody ceasar!

      Adding the hot sauce to huevos rancheros
      My favourite spicy eggs!
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      Oct 21, 2018Previous review
      Dec 4, 2017Previous review
    • Photo of Deondre J.
      Deondre J.
      South Kansas City, Kansas City, United States
      Aug 1, 2022

      The tacos was subpar at best. It was open late. The bar closes at 2am but the kitchen had take out only at that time anyways. It was ok..if you're drunk and stumbling out of the club next door... this place will feel like Gordon Ramsay cook the tacos himself.

      3 stars on the internet
      But in my mind 4 stars because the staff was super chill and nice!

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    • Photo of Ally K.
      Ally K.
      Hamilton, ON
      Dec 17, 2023

      General manager does NOT take any accountability or fire security guards who have assaulted customers. There have been 3 incidents in the last few months and I've seen first-hand at how aggressive their security guards can be. One security guard punched a woman in the face, dragged her down the stairs and kicked her friend all because she had a vape in her hand. She was not being aggressive and there was no warning. Get your shit together before you lose all your customers. Fire security guards who get an ego boost from beating up people that are half the size of them. Gross. Never coming back to any event after hearing about many situations similar.

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    • Photo of Cin C.
      Cin C.
      Toronto, ON
      Aug 30, 2021

      Even with all the exotic cultural delicious food at your fingertips, sometimes all you want after a long week is a cold beer and cheesy nachos. Sneaky Dee's is basically a Toronto institution and delivers on both in a great dive bar atmosphere.

      We had $4 beers and shared a plate of simple nachos (chips, cheese and salsa) to recover from a particularly brutal week. You can admire the decor and read the endless graffiti messages scrawled on every available flat surface as you gulp beer and munch.

      They have some very fancy nacho options but the portions are generous. One order can be easily split between three people for a snack or two as a meal. We were barely able to finish ours even though we arrived hungry. Well worth it! Very friendly staff also!

      Only $4?!?!???
      Basic nachos but a generous portion.
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    • Photo of Liam ..
      Liam ..
      Old Toronto, Toronto, ON
      Nov 25, 2023

      DO NOT come here for the apple pie. I was told it was made fresh in house but I can promise you that it is not. I know what fresh apple pie tastes like. My dad is a fat person. Like really fat. I can tell it hurts him to walk because when he stands up he always says "oh my god it hurts me to walk," and my mom cries about it when she uses the washroom. I know she's not doing a poo for that long because I can hear her crying pretty loud and it doesn't smell bad in there after she's done. They are probably going to get divorced but I think she feels obligated to stay with him until my younger brother moves out. The crust was actually ok but the pie filling left much to be desired. Waiter had his nails painted too. Not that anything is wrong with that, just something I noticed and really hated a lot. Three stars.

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