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Toronto, ON M4Y 2R4

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Natural Fresh Burgers! 100% Fresh Beef! made Fresh Daily! No Preservatives! No Fillers!

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  • Photo of Melissa H.
    Melissa H.
    Toronto, ON

    I love this cozy local place and I go to it regularly. The beef patty tastes fresh and the options to customize the burger are amazing. I also think this one of the few places that serves a fantastic poutine (beef gravy) where the temperature of the gravy is actually hot enough to melt all the cheese (you won't have ugly unmelted cheese curds if you leave the box closed for just a minute). I usually eat there and noticed that the tables get properly cleaned after each customer.

  • Photo of Tiffany B.
    Tiffany B.
    Irvine, United States

    My husband and I ordered pizza yesterday (Sept 22, 2022). I had the veggie lover and he had the chicken chipotle. We both enjoyed them. The ends of mine were a bit burnt but other than that, good.

    I want to go back and try the bean burger. I'll update on that.

  • Photo of Byris L.
    Byris L.
    Vancouver, BC

    Saw a deal on Ritual after work and decided to give this place a try. I ordered the small extreme pepperoni pizza from the Slab Pizza (which happens to be the Slab Burger)!

    The small extreme pepperoni pizza was hot and quite filling. Heavy with cheese and pepperoni, it was true to its name. Overall though, I was not too impressed. The pizza itself was very soft and greasy. The taste was just all right.

    If you are thinking of the classic go-to food after a night out, this pizza might do the job. But for a small bite after work, I would suggest something lighter.

    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada. Small extreme pepperoni pizza
  • Photo of Reza K.
    Reza K.
    Phoenix, United States

    Slab Burgers is located in a very good location, and it is accessible if you drive or walk. I got the slab burger with cheese & bacon + Fries as my side. The fries were seasoned well but some were slightly overcooked and a few very really overcooked. For the burger, the bun was good but the cheese was ice-cold and was quite undercooked , yet the bacons were good. The burger itself was overcooked and Bland. I expected more from the Slab Burgers.

    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada. Slab Burger with Bacon & Cheese
    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Dora H.
    Dora H.
    Old Toronto, Toronto, ON

    I ordered guac on my burger - was charged for guac on my burger...the wrapping even says "guac" yet there is no guac in the burger. Please double check people's orders especially for takeout orders. The patty was also underdone - the middle is still pink and that seems like a food safety hazard at a fast food restaurant. I'm not in a 5 star restaurant, I don't need and shouldn't be asking for medium rare burgers.
    My previous experience a couple of years ago was pretty good but this time was a disappointment. The giant portion of fries were greasy and delicious though - exactly what I was craving!

    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada. No guac on my guac burger
    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada. Pink in the middle and no guac on my guac burger
  • Photo of Chris C.
    Chris C.
    Pickering, ON

    I've had some pretty good burgers lately and my lucky string continued at Slab Burgers, south of Yorkville.

    I had the Double Slab Burger (2 5oz USDA Certified Angus Beef Prime) with cheese and made it a combo with onion rings and fountain soda.

    First of all, the onion rings were really good - very crispy and not oily. The burger patties had a nice crust on them and were cooked medium well on the inside. They were tender and juicy with a very nice flavour. Topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo, this was a very good burger! BTW, there are over twenty free toppings and sauces to choose from.

    The poutine looks worthy of trying and I'm a sucker for wings. Next time.

    The seating areas (down the side and along the front windows) are very narrow, allowing only for tables of two. Consider ordering takeout.

  • Photo of Megan G.

    I got two double slab burgers and a large fries for takeout from here. The burger and fries were both good, but a bit greasy. I love that they have free unlimited toppings though.

    Beware that the place smells heavily of grease, so your clothes may pick up the smell if you stay too long in there!

    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada. Double slab burger
  • Photo of Vanesa W.
    Vanesa W.
    Toronto, ON

    Great place to eat. Delicious burger and fries. Buns can be substitute for gluten free if you are GF. Really juicy the burger is  beef . Recommended.

  • Photo of Cindy D.

    A little hole in the wall with a great menu of burgers, poutine and wings. I came here with my brother to try some of their burgers and they did not disappoint. The burger was well balanced with the toppings and the poutine was not too bad. It is a great place to stop by and have some burgers before you continue with your day.

    Photo of Slab Burgers - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Sneha S.
    Sneha S.
    Markham, ON

    We ordered Slab burgers for our NYE meal through Uber Eats because we wanted to end the year on a good note and it did not disappoint. We went all out, multiple burgers, fries, and poutine (with vegan gravy).

    I love how Slab offers so many different topping choices and sauces to dress up your burger. I love a good customization option and Slab not only had the classic burger toppings such as pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, they also had some cool toppings like sautéed onions, BBQ sauce, cucumbers and more! Slab also does a really good job with providing options for people with different dietary restrictions. I was pleasantly surprised they had multiple veggie burger options and even a veggie gravy for the poutine.

    The packaging of the burgers and fries were nice and clean and nothing fell apart in transit. Portion sizes are also generous and overall a great deal for the amount of food you get.

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