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  • Photo of Laura W.

    We loved dinning in at Silk Road Kabob House. It's a great place for lunch (buffet) or dinner.

    Most recently we ordered take out and everything was just as we remembered. My favourite is the chicken breast kabob with their bread, rice and salad. My husband always orders the lamb shank.

    Add carrots and raisins to your rice for extra deliciousness.

    Photo of Silk Road Kabob House - Ottawa, ON, Canada. Chicken and beef kabob platter
  • Photo of Jason A.
    Jason A.
    Sacramento, United States

    This place was really a nice find. Wasn't busy when I came in, just a few other customers. Must be family owned. Nothing fancy, but menu was very good. Ordered beef and chicken kabobs, was so good. Entire meal with rice and salad was very fulfilling. I would definitely visit this place again if I return to Ottawa.

    Photo of Silk Road Kabob House - Ottawa, ON, Canada. Deliciousness.
  • Photo of Roni S.
    Roni S.
    Richmond Hill, ON

    I mean wow. I didnt want the lunch buffett, but i ordered Kobedeh kabab with salad. The bread that they bring for every table was amazing. The kabab itself was so juicy and awsome taste, i've had in lots of different resturant in Toronto, Dubai, Montreal, and 98% are too dry because they use meet with no fat but this one the right amount of fat (the way real kobideh should be).  The  nice waitress ( Masoomeh) was really helpful with everything. Overall this is the real deal place. Next time i will try different food and will let you all know.

  • Photo of Jean R.
    Jean R.
    Ottawa, ON

    My friend brought me here at lunch time as he never had tried the lunch buffet.  He said that the dinner fare was very good.  Persian food is similar to Indian food but a bit different.  All the dishes were between good and very good.  The selection of choice is more than ample.  The randori chicken was done perfectly and some other dishes which I had never tried were delicious.  Even the rice pudding was good.  A previous review said that the service had been inadequate but the waitress who served us was very knowledgeable and super pleasant.

    I love the Coconut Lagoon but I find Silk Road is close enough for the quality of the food and the service is much friendlier;  I am not knocking Coconut Lagoon but rather complimenting Silk Road.  There is also lots of parking here as opposed to the Coconut Lagoon.

  • Photo of Navid R.
    Navid R.
    Manhattan, United States

    Great food but the chicken tandoori was kind of burnt but otherwise it wonderful thanks

  • Photo of Leila M.
    Leila M.
    Ottawa, ON

    I came here yesterday  with a group of friends who were breaking their Ramadan fasts in the evening.  Even though I myself can't fast, it turns out that Silk Road has a very nice, all you can eat iftar buffet for only twenty dollars a head.  I was orignally going to order something I had seen on the online menu, but once I went up to the front and viewed the selection of food, I decided to try out the buffet deal instead.  

    It was not a disappointment at all . They didn't dumb down the food or use cheap ingredients to sort of stretch the volume, and everything there was very well made.  There are several Afghan restaurants all over Ottawa, but this is more of an Iranian/Persian restaurant with real Persian food.  I had been looking for a while for a place that actually had Iranian stuff since I know how to cook many of the dishes myself, and this place had some good things.

    Out of the buffet I had the saffron basmati rice (I was sad there was no tadigh, but those always go first!), the koobideh kabab made from ground beef, the gormeh sabzi (a stew with lamb and various greens and fenugreek leaves and beans), the salad, and, strangely enough, some butter chicken which happened to be there as well (go figure!).  All of it was excellent, and I also had some of the Afghan style naan bread which was also well-made and fresh.  They also had a good mast-o-khiar, which is a thick, yogurt-based salad with cucumbers and salt and mint.  It had been a while since I had had a good one in a restaurant, which was nice as well.

    The service was friendly and a bit abbreviated as it was break-fasting time and the place was completely packed full of women, men, and children of all ages and sizes and ethnicities.  The place remained clean and the tables were serviced in an efficient manner, and even though we were the last ones to leave the place that night, they didn't try to usher us out the door.  

    Over all, this is a place I intend to visit again, most likely to sample the Persian-style Soltani since I am also a big fan of barg kababs as well.

  • Photo of B A.
    B A.
    Dallas, United States

    Love the food and wish I could rate the place on the food only but the complete dining experience also relies heavily on the service which was barely fair at best

    Photo of Silk Road Kabob House - Ottawa, ON, Canada. Service lacking Had to go up to the front more than once to get our server to come back to the table since we needed service.
  • Photo of Ejaaz I.
    Ejaaz I.
    Ottawa, ON

    The food is delicious and fresh. Went for dinner on Sunday with my family and we ordered the #2 family platter. It's can definitely feed 4-5, way above the 3 persons it suggests. The platter came with beef skewers, chicken skewers, and Lamb medallions. Two full rows of each. Plus a whole plate of basmati rice, a salad, and some "silk bread" to go along with your choice of the appetizer.

    This is KEY! = do not get turned off by the dull entrance.

    Also try the non alcoholic beer / Barbican. I personally love the Mango and Raspberry flavours.

    I will definitely return with others anytime I feel like Persian food.

  • Photo of Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L.
    Ottawa, ON

    I went here with my aunt for dinner. I got the chicken kabob and beef kabob. It was fresh meat and cooked properly. The rice and salad was fresh. The bread was good. I would eat here again.

  • Photo of Helene C.
    Helene C.
    Montreal, QC

    Upon my visit to Ottawa, I went to an Afghan /Persian resto called Silk Road Kebab.  I ordered chicken, ground beef & filet mignon  kebabs. It all came with basmati rice, hot harissa sauce & salad.  The whole experience was kind of dull.  I was expecting an explosion of exotic flavors but was disappointed. The experience was not very authentic

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