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437 N Dollarton Highway

North Vancouver, BC V7G 1M9

Deep Cove


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  • 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Our restaurant makes everything from scratch daily, from pizza doughs and appetizers and salads, right down to the sauces on each plate. Our pizzas are a must try! We also have delicious bowls and appetizers!

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  • Photo of Sylvia L.
    Sylvia L.
    Portland, United States

    Super cute place! Yummy food and drinks.
    Servers were all super friendly and nice.
    Would definitely come back.

    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Espresso Martini & Basil Gin Crush.
  • Photo of June M.
    June M.
    Vancouver, BC

    Cute restaurant near deep cove- you could almost miss it if you're not paying attention!
    Wonderful food and welcoming staff!
    My only downside was actually not mine but I'll include; my fiancé didn't enjoy his chicken bowl as he said the chicken didn't taste fresh. I thought it had an interesting flavour but couldn't pinpoint it.

    We'll be back!

    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Marg pizza
    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Chicken bowl
  • Photo of Lindsay S.

    Stopped in after a hike and trying to fill up on beers and pizza and this place did not disappoint! They had a good selection of local beers that we loved and for food we got the Kale Caesar Salad to start and the Brussel Sprout pizza and Pear & Goat cheese pizza. All of the food was to die for and super unique but great balance of everything. I think my favorite was the pear and goat cheese but my husband's was the brussel sprout. Absolutely would come back again if we were in the area!

    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kale Caesar - so good, so much flavor!
    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Brussels sprout - soo good!
    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Pear and goat cheese - amazing!!
  • Photo of Johnny D.
    Johnny D.
    North Vancouver, BC

    Fantastic pizza.  However, VERY limited menu - which is why it only gets 4-Stars.  Recommend if you're in Deep Cove and you're looking for neopolitan style pizza with a twist.

  • Photo of Melissa S.
    Melissa S.
    Commerce Charter Township, United States

    This little place was absolutely fabulous! Do not let the fact that it is located in essentially a strip mall deter you. They had the open garage door concept at the front of the venue and we nabbed a spot at the bar facing outside. The menu was small, however with pizzas this good on it, there was really no need to offer anything else! I selected the Brussels Sprout Pizza, as I have never seen them offered on pizza before and I absolutely love them. This pizza was simply outstanding! Crisp, thin, perfectly cooked crust, with tasty onion jam, parsley pesto, tender Brussels, and that burnt honey which added an addictive sweetness. Just outstanding! Coupled a local beer, I couldn't have been any happier! If you ever find yourself in North Vancouver, stop here! You won't be disappointed!

    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Brussels sprout pizza. Amazing!
  • Photo of Joanne L.
    Joanne L.
    North Vancouver, BC

    The sourdough pizza is everything. Great service, great restaurant in the Deep cove area.

  • Photo of Asko K.
    Asko K.
    Redwater, AB

    We had just finished swimming and cliff jumping at Lynn Canyon and our friends and I were hungry.  However there were 4 adults and 10 kids so we needed to think fast.  My wife googled family restaurants and Scratch Kitchen came up with a stellar 4.8/5 rating.  The menu looked amazing, my wife called them and they said give them 15 min and they could fit us all in!

    By the time we arrived they were ready.  We split up the boys, the girls and us adults but they managed to fit us all inside their quant little restaurant.  They're service is second to none and the steady stream of take out just upped our anticipation.

    The food was outstanding!!!  We ordered a bunch of pizzas, all were amazing and full of flavour.  My wife had a salad with salmon and it was amazing too!  Their pizzas are about 12 in diameter with a nice light crust but with all the toppings they are very filling.  We ordered the Cauliflower bites and Fried Chicken for appetizers and every bite was full of flavour!

    Don't miss this place especially if you're in the area.  Take it to go and just two minutes down the road is Deep Cove, a beautiful little hamlet with sailboats anchored in the harbour.  This is where I would sit and eat this delicious food.  Amazing food with stunning views!  If you want to decompress while enjoying a delicious meal this is the place to go!


    Photo of Scratch Kitchen - North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Deep Cove
  • Photo of luke r.
    luke r.
    Toronto, ON

    I am sitting at my table right now after just finishing an incredible meal. My friend recommended scratch to us a few hours ago so we came here on whim. I can honestly say I just had the best vegan pizza (Brussels sprout pizza) and non vegan pizza that I've ever had in Vancouver. 10/10! Drinks were also fire, try the jalapeño marg or Bourbon sour!

  • Photo of Michael A.
    Michael A.
    North Vancouver, BC

    the food was delicious the waiting time for food was disgusting.

    we got there at 4:3opm ordered around 4:50-5pm.  got served our main dish at 6pm.  they where serving others that ordered after us first.  it was sick!

    its best to take take-out pizza.  do not eat in!!!!!!  ok!!!!!!!

  • Photo of Natalie W.
    Natalie W.
    East Side, Vancouver, BC

    The food here was fantastic along with the service. The fried chicken was delicious. I'd come back just to order that. The chicken was super tender and paired perfectly with the grainy mustard, honey, and pickles. It was well balanced. The only thing was the outside was crisp, but I wish it was a bit crispier. The pizzas were also good. The crust was chewy, but not crispy enough in the center part of the pizza. I had the brussel sprouts pizza, which had a nice combination with onion jam and honey. It was a good mix of sweet and savoury. The pizzas are quite large too. You can ask to have some chili oil to go with your pizza. I really liked theirs because it want simply just chili oil. It had actual chunks of chilies in it. It was a great way to add a kick to the pizza.

    Overall, the food was great and the service was equally as good. They checked up on us and asked if we needed anything else.

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