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    The Royal BC Museum brings British Columbia's stories together. Our collections, research and presentations enable us to tell the stories of BC in ways that enlighten, stimulate and inspire. By exploring our human history and natural history, the Royal BC Museum advances new knowledge and understanding of BC, and provides a dynamic forum for discussion and a place for reflection. British Columbia's past, present and future are alive at the Royal BC Museum. With a collection of more than fourteen million unique objects and documents, there's something incredible to see and do every time you visit. Through unique galleries, the Museum showcases the human and natural history of British Columbia and temporary exhibits from other countries and cultures. Authentic artifacts and specimens are displayed in highly realistic settings, giving visitors the experience of another time and place.

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    • Photo of Gene W.
      Gene W.
      Camas, United States
      Aug 14, 2023

      While this might be a good museum (had been 4 stars on our previous visit), I'll have to downgrade it simply cuz the value is poor.

      We paid about $100 CDN ($75 US) for 4 adults, which included some discounts (senior, student). Sadly, cuz about half of the museum was closed for renovation and/or changing exhibits, our visit took barely over an hour. Our favorite display from past visits ("Old town") was closed as were other areas.

      When so much of the museum is closed, they should either explicitly post this info (at the museum and online) or provide appropriate discounts since we barely got half an attraction.

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    • Photo of Zosia W.
      Zosia W.
      Kirkland, United States
      Jun 29, 2023

      A large part of the appeal of the RBCM is the nostalgia I have from coming here as a child.... but I guess since we just bought an annual pass for our family - it is still a significant place to spend time.

      This museum looks little sleepy from years of minimal upkeep and has recently been the news for how it has handled its indigenous collection. Some artefacts (i.e. totems) have been returned to indigenous communities and the entire indigenous collection is currently being remodeled for present day relevance and sensitivity. The process is definitely humbling and educational as a white immigrant to Canada.

      The IMAX is the largest screen in BC with several showings each day. It is relatively easy to buy tickets - they can be ordered online or in person.

      The Natural history section has Mammoth which I remember visiting multiple times as a child - sometimes multiple times in the course of an hour.

      In recent years this museum has hosted numerous successful temporary exhibits that we have really enjoyed. A baby mammoth in 2016(?) where I learned more about mammoths than I ever thought possible and more recently, Sue the t-rex and an exhibit of the Ancient empire of Angkor (Cambodia).

      For a family of 5, if you go twice in a year you might as well buy an annual membership -- so I guess we'll be back!

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    • Photo of Paul E.
      Paul E.
      West Bloomfield Township, United States
      Jun 23, 2023

      This was a bit of a mixed review for me. The Royal British Columbia is a Natural History museum that offers a nice educational opportunity for all age groups, especially the children, to learn about the evolution of this region of the world over time. In particular, the displays which included life size recreations of the various time period animals and terrain tied in with the corresponding story boards paint an interesting and educational portrait of the the various historical time periods. From this educational aspect, I give this museum very high marks.

      However, having said the above, the entire second floor of this museum was being renovated/updated and was not available to the general public during my June 2023 visit. Even though this was well communicated up front when we bought our tickets, I was still disappointed in how limited the first floor exhibit area's were based on how huge the building looks from the outside. It really gave a deceiving perception at how much we were going to be able to see. I would think in an effort to promote public good will during this period of renovation that the museum would have lowered their entrance fee's or even possibly offered free admission. If they had done that I would have felt much better about this experience and definately would have given four stars, possibly 5 stars, based on how good the second floor exhibits were.

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    • Photo of Steve C.
      Steve C.
      Delray Beach, United States
      Sep 20, 2023

      The Royal BC Museum had a dinosaur exhibit and an exhibit on Angkor, The Lost Empire of Cambodia in August 2023 when we visited. We only had a few hours so we opted for the Angkor side. It was extremely well-done. The individual exhibits were intricate and visually detailed, thoughtfully presented, and the lighting showcase it all exquisitely.

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    • Photo of June M.
      June M.
      Vancouver, BC
      Nov 29, 2022

      Amazing place to watch IMax movies, see exhibits, and purchase locally sourced gifts from the gift shop!

      We absolutely adored our time here and would definitely go again. What a great way to spend a rainy day!

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    • Photo of Stephanie S.
      Stephanie S.
      Tacoma, United States
      Feb 20, 2023

      This museum was ok. It had an exhibit of nature photography, that was kind of interesting to look at. They had the usual natural history. Apparently the whole 3rd floor was under construction. It would have been nice to know that up front and they could have charged less since there's less to see.

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    • Photo of Erich L.
      Erich L.
      San Mateo, United States
      Apr 25, 2022

      Disappointing experience. People in the area were saying how great it is and how it's like a Smithsonian. I know the Smithsonian well and visited all of them. This place only has the natural exhibits open on one floor. All of the human anthropology, including native people, is closed for renovations. They don't have a date when that will be completed.

      The thing that irritated me the most was the website has no mention of the closure and renovations. It should be a pop up or right on the first page. I was in and out in 20 minutes.

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    • Photo of Alex M.
      Alex M.
      Danville, United States
      May 24, 2023

      Are you and adult? This is a one star. The whole top floor was closed and while this might have entertained children, it was a terrible museum for us- especially considering the rip off price we paid on the cruise ship. We didn't have time to watch Imax movies- no idea if they're any good, but if you are on a cruise ship being hustled through here you are not going to get your money's worth. I'm sure disappointed we chose this place. The gift shop is "ok"- it too is much better for kids. Very nice large kid section- if you've got a kid, this might be a great place for you. If you're looking for a museum along the lines of a great natural history museum- this isn't what you are looking for.

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    • Photo of Jack G.
      Jack G.
      Green Bay, United States
      Jun 1, 2023

      Nicely curated museum. Meticulously maintained and well explained. Modest admission fees.

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    • Photo of Ric T.
      Ric T.
      Eatontown, United States
      Aug 4, 2022

      Yes, it's a nice museum but certain areas were not accessible. There's no sections of art, maybe that's one of the areas that we could not see. The displays are well presented but I did not see anything that would make this museum stand out on its own merits. I was somewhat disappointed overall and really not worth the price of admission.

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