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    • Photo of Rebecca R.
      Rebecca R.
      Swansea, Toronto, ON
      Feb 16, 2024

      Ordered Uber eats and have our new go to! Excellent quality ingredients. Favs were the pepperoni and spicy salami, though the pesto veggie great and the 4 cheese too.

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    • Photo of John J.
      John J.
      Toronto, ON
      Apr 17, 2023

      This is a small pizza spot on the Mimico strip just north of San Remo. Opened up just before covid and has been a bit of a hidden gem imo.

      Food (4.5/5) - tried a couple of the slices. They are Neopolitan style but with NY pizza texture and smaller cornicione. Nice chewy texture and good for folding. Margherita was very solid and the Meat Lover's was also good with a bit of spice to it. Wide menu and also the ability to do custom build your own pizzas which is nice.

      Service (4.5/5)
      - friendly and attentive and my slices were quick.

      Atmosphere (4.5/5)
      - small with a couple places to sit along with a nice open window looking out in the summer.

      Overall (4.5/5) - a solid repeatable place for take-out or quick sit down. I like the fact they have both full pizzas and slice options.

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    • Photo of Jason G.
      Jason G.
      Toronto, ON
      Dec 30, 2023

      Wood oven pizza with great consistency. Never had a bad pie so far. Worth the extra $3 to get the sesame crust.

      Rapini and sausage w/ sesame crust @18"
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    • Photo of Stephanie S.
      Stephanie S.
      Mississauga, ON
      Nov 28, 2022

      Note: Review is based on Uber Eats delivery

      I'm pretty realistic, so when my pizza arrived colder than room temp, I wasn't surprised. Box arrived with a sticker to seal the box, so that was much appreciated!

      This place is about 20-25mins away, so it ain't close. Decided to get Uber Eats since Revolver had been on my list and I wanted to use up a credit.

      Good, thin crust pizza. Needed to be toasted up as it was floppy. Sauce stood out as it had the right amount of tang.

      I thought it was fine, definitely waaay better than a chain, but not sure that it would be a place that I'd purposely drive out to grab food.

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    • Photo of Vivian S.
      Vivian S.
      Toronto, ON
      Mar 24, 2023

      Pizza is delicious and for me has the perfect chew and crunch on the crust.

      The extras like their aioli and truffle honey or hot honey are big standouts for me. Really like that they have blanco and regular tomato sauce pizzas... The mushroom truffle honey black is superb

      Will need to try more if the menu but happy so far.

      Pistachio Mortadella with Hot Honey oil on the side....unique and delish..loved it with garlic aioli as well!
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    • Photo of Cindy N.
      Cindy N.
      Toronto, ON
      Mar 24, 2022

      Revolver is one of the newly opened shops last year and featured as one of the top pizza places in Toronto. If you're a lover of both New York Style and Neapolitian Style pizza, this is the spot does the best of both worlds! It's located in the Etobicoke area, close to the popular Sanremo Bakery.

      Build-your-own 18" pizza: There's such a wide range of toppings to choose from meat lovers to vegetarian picks. For my custom pizza, I got pepperoni, sausage, chicken and
      pancetta. The ratio from cheese, sauce and toppings were perfect portions it never felt like one was overpowering the other. The sauce tasted different from the standard tomato sauce which is nice. The crust was really great, it wasn't too thin and found the texture to be a good kind of chewy.

      I was a bit unfamiliar with some of the toppings so I highly recommend doing some quick searches to see what they are because you might end up finding something new! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised that it really met beyond my expectations as I was expecting typical pizza. The price range is quite on par with other Italian pizza spots so it isn't too steep for the price. I would definitely say it's 100% worth giving it a try especially if you want more specialty pizza.

      Slice of a whole pizza
      Custom Pizza
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    • Photo of Lucky B.
      Lucky B.
      Surrey, BC
      Sep 4, 2023

      Great pizza. I was impressed. It was ready for pickup in time. I'll definitely be going back.

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    • Photo of Richmond O.
      Sep 5, 2021

      Another covid delivery experience. Most likely will have to try in restaurant dinning experience given how tasty everything was.

      Ordered 1up, customized a pizza, arancini, and chicken wings.

      Both pizzas were great dough to topping ratio. Dough was definitely fresh and thin. Crust was great especially with the garlic aioli. Some of the best arancini I've ever had, can only imagine the greatness if I had it fresh. Wings are pretty standard but loved the truffle parm flavour.

      1 up Customized pepperoni, sausage and pineapple  Wings and arancini
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    • Photo of JP R.
      JP R.
      Etobicoke, Toronto, ON
      Oct 29, 2023

      The pizza just isn't my style as it's a fire oven and I find it to burnt on the bottom for me, but the staff is really sweet and the guys in the kitchen a really sweet and the ambiance is really nice.

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    • Photo of Crisco B.
      Crisco B.
      MacTier, ON
      Jul 8, 2023

      Wow i tried them for the first time today and I was super impressed...
      Very chewy substantial crust ... next time Ill order extra cheese good value for the quality and super friendly people... seems odd that its only open until 9pm on a Friday night... is it me or is that exactly when you want a pizza most?... lucky for me I ducked in under the wire!... want to try their calzone they look fantastic!.... Crisco

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