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    2 W Cordova Street

    Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2

    Gastown, Downtown Eastside


    • 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM

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    • 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM


    • 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM


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    • 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM


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    • Photo of Erika G.
      Erika G.
      Vancouver, BC
      Sep 24, 2015

      So my only experience here was around dec 1, 2013. I was an extra for the movie called "max and banks" aka Fifty Shades of Grey. It's fitting that in this scene, I was portraying a "coffee shop patron" and I got to actually read and enjoy a chocolate brownie esque bar/square care of Rainier. The square's novelty wore off four hours into filming, but I love that I got to eat and read a book here (in a half reality half for make belief).

      In fact, first day of filming was at this very joint. I got to witness the blessing of the set/movie here. Very unique and cool opportunity.

      Recently I have walked by in passing, but my eyesight at night is not the best so I thought it was still called Rainier, but I guess it has changed...

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    • Photo of M B.
      M B.
      North Vancouver, BC
      Feb 12, 2013

      I checked it out opening day, I like the place, the staff seemed nice, and the food was good with a reasonable price point.
      I would have given Rainier Provisions a better rating, but I ordered and paid at the front till, and after 30 minutes of no food, I talked to the staff and I discovered that my order was lost. Likely just opening day bugs to work out, but nothing whatsoever was done to amend the situation, I just had to sit and wait some more for my food. I will give it another try, hopefully next time it won't make me late in getting back to work.

      Opening day at Rainier Provisions.
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    • Photo of Trude H.
      Trude H.
      Vancouver, BC
      Aug 23, 2013

      Rainier is a great spot - large windows, original black and white tile floor, spacious with wi-fi.

      The coffee and pie of the day is excellent. Today it was raspberry lemon tarte and a piece of perfection. I ordered the soup (yam and carrot) on a recommendation from another customer - thin, lacking in flavour, won't do that again. Stick to the meat and cheese, which is what the Heather Group (owners) are known for and you will be happy and satisfied.

      Friendly service, historic building, diverse clientele from hipster to boomers to seniors.

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    • Photo of P G.
      P G.
      Vancouver, BC
      Oct 12, 2013

      Absolute disappointment!

      We have been wanting to try out this new joint largely due to the ownership and great memories from nights spent at the other, 'Heather' establishments. We had 40 minutes before needing to be somewhere and a slight hunger pang, we sat down at 1:50PM.

      Ordered a coffee for her and a steam whistle for me, decided to split the pulled pork sandwich and soup for a quick snack. The beer and coffee came out fine, however for the next 25 minutes there was no food and no contact from our server. I finally had to ask for the bill at 1:25PM as it was all the time we had. The manager came over and apologized on behalf of the 'new chef' and a 'new menu item'. The food was taken off the bill and I paid for our drinks and departed. The best part was realizing a table which came after us were served their food before ours was even remembered.

      Sean Heather: You obviously have a formula for success. I feel that in the case of Rainier Provisions, you may want to review your staff's practices. As evident by other reviews here, we aren't the only ones who left absolutely disappointed and unless something is done, we won't be the last.

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    • Photo of Aaron D.
      Aaron D.
      Vancouver, BC
      Feb 8, 2014
      Updated review

      So since it's opening, Rainier Provisions has seen changes. Most noticeable is the decline in food quality and consistency.

      Their portion sizes have shrunk and sometimes it feels like the kitchen staff don't care about the product. Even the common menus items like my once favored Medianoche now seem to lack in even the consistency of how it's prepared and what goes in it.

      The staff seems to rotate very often too, which makes it feel like sometimes no one remembers the wicked start this once awesome eatery had except for the customers.

      Interestingly, another Heather Group joint, The Salty Tongue is ALSO seeing a big decline in service and food quality over the past 18 months. Being a regular at these places, I now only go once every few weeks just to see if the captain has righted the helm.

      If they don't start soon, the titanic slip will cost them real estate as Gastown is a competitive war zone when it comes to restaurants.

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      May 5, 2013Previous review
    • Photo of Talia V.
      Talia V.
      Vancouver, BC
      Apr 16, 2013

      I love Rainier!
      Not sure which is better the sunny disposition of the staff, the welcoming also sunny space or the impeccable quality and locally sourced goodies I find here.

      All the food I've tasted here has been great, the coffee always warm and prompt, plus it's Stumptown so you know it's good. I love that I can pick up a phenomenal Kale salad for lunch with coffee for under $10 plus I can take home Quail eggs!

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    • Photo of Julie L.
      Julie L.
      Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC
      Sep 7, 2013

      I should have read the Yelp reviews!

      My first experience with Rainier was okay. I joined a friend for lunch and ordered the fish pot pie which was alright.

      My second experience was terrible and almost exactly like what Sarah W. described in her review of the place. The restaurant wasn't busy when we arrived for breakfast. It took about 25-30 minutes to get our drinks and an hour to get our breakfasts (two eggs benedicts). When the food finally arrived, it was cold and the eggs were overdone. The wait staff were very apologetic and gave us the food on the house but we won't be back.

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    • Photo of Amanda D.
      Amanda D.
      Menlo Park, United States
      Jul 21, 2013

      Fun location, good people watching, nice patio during the summer and the food is decent to good.

      I ordered the smoked salmon salad, which was nice, but I felt it could have used more seasoning - I put a ton of salt on it! The rest of the food at the table looked good too - ribs, brisket and the chickpea burger. We also got the cheese and charcuterie plates - I loved the spicy meat, but everything else was kinda meh, especially the cheese. Also, the bread pieces that are on the plate are a bit dry.

      Either way, I'd def. come back for some brunch or a coffee to just sit and watch the people.

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    • Photo of Linzi M.
      Linzi M.
      San Francisco, United States
      Jun 13, 2013

      Only an idiot orders bangers and mash outside of England....

      Oh right, I was that idiot. I love love love Rainier, what a great space. So achingly on trend with the charcuterie plates, tiled walls and quirky fonts! But the menu, not amazing. It's oddly very English inspired, roasts, fish pie, sticky toffee pudding, but none of it done that well. The sausage and smashed potatoes was quite pedestrian, nothing I couldn't have made myself. My friend's meatloaf sandwich did not look good. But then, meatloaf... really? Yuck.

      I should've gone for the pork belly roast... but a roast done poorly may have done me in altogether and sent me weeping back to the UK.

      I would definitely come back because the staff are totally charming and it's a nice place to for a relaxed meal. Very affordable too.

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    • Photo of Michael B.
      Michael B.
      Vancouver, BC
      Nov 18, 2013

      Wow, this is sad. We've been to Ranier twice before and really liked it in the past. What changed in the kitchen? Three of us waited at least 45 minutes for food at 1:30 pm on Sunday and when it came out the only thing that was good was the charcuterie plate (and they source the sausage). Soups lacked flavour and were served warm with half toasted bread. The pulled pork sandwich got the thumbs down. My huevos rancheros arrived with hard poached eggs (yuck) and a horrible crunchy tortilla base along with a strange side of beans with tomato paste. It was well seasoned but that's the best thing I can say about it. The waitress apologized for not having the roasted potatoes ready but said she would bring them shortly. When they appeared the potatoes were raw in the centre so I didn't eat them.

      We didn't feel like making a fuss about it at the time so we said everything was "fine" when asked. It was anything but fine. The restaurant was not busy, the staff were friendly and chatty but the food sucked. At the very least I would have expected an authentic soft tortilla (visit La Taqueria nearby), soft poached eggs and hot soup. If we were waiting for roasted potatoes, it would have been better to let us know and offer another side. Even the tea needed help.

      Attention: Sean Heather---this needs some attention.

      Until you start reading that they have fixed the issues in the kitchen, I would go elsewhere. It's a shame because in the past, this was a good spot.

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