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Matt G.

ICBC-Approved Motorcycle Safety Course "We Create Survival Riders!" Teaching new riders from around the Lower Mainland, the Sea to Sky Corridor and the Sunshine Coast since 2000!

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3 - 1470 Rupert Street

North Vancouver, BC V7J 1E9

Serving North Vancouver Area


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  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM


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  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM


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  • Photo of Carlena G.
    Carlena G.
    San Francisco, United States

    Best decision I ever made was registering for this course. The whole team was nothing short of amazing from start to finish. Clear, concise, and they really help you to develop an understanding and build a solid foundation to set you up for success as a rider. They make it fun, engaging, and are extremely supportive whatever your level of experience. Highly recommend. Would do the course again for fun I enjoyed it so much. If you've been on the fence about registering, consider this your sign to do it! Worth every penny and more, I am forever grateful. Thanks a million. "Look straight, break straight"

    Photo of ProRIDE Motorcycle Training - North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Photo of Jocelyne C.
    Jocelyne C.
    Burnaby, BC

    Both my husband and I took the course last summer during Covid-19.  My husband rode in his 20's (40 years ago) and I was a newbie.  WOW, what an amazing course.  I wish this course was mandatory as students learn great fundamental and learn to ride safe on busy Vancouver streets.  I enjoyed Pro-Ride teaching format; learning step by step, not ever feeling overwhelmed and having so much fun while learning a new skill.  Every instructor was professional, treated everyone with respect, and used light humour to make everyone feel at ease.  We loved our course so much, that we registered our daughter for the same course in July 2021.  She also enjoyed the atmosphere, professional feedback on her riding and how she can improve.  I tell all my friends about Pro-Ride and encourage any new rider to take this course.  Excellent support team from day 1 until you take your final Road Test with ICBC.

  • Photo of Jason O.
    Jason O.
    Vancouver, BC

    These guys joke around (a LOT), but don't be fooled... every instructor is a true Professional.  I took the rider survival course because even though I've been riding for 35 years, I've never taken a single training course, and I wanted to be a safer rider.  Would they be able to teach me anything?  ABSOLUTELY!  My only complaint is "Why did I wait so long??" I am 100% more confident in the road.  I learned SO much... and it's
    very possible these guys saved my life (from the future accident that I won't have now that I know what I'm doing).  So thank you to all the guys at ProRide.  You exceeded my expectations in every way, and I will be back in the spring for advanced skills training!  See you soon....

  • Photo of James F.
    James F.
    West Vancouver, BC

    My wife and I did the September course and graduated with our full licence in November.  The guys who run the course are amazing and we have both become very competent riders in a short period of time.  The course is in-depth in the classroom, then in a parking lot and quickly navigate to roads and highways.  I had no idea how to ride prior to the course and they made it easy, safe and fun.  There were lots of small touches as well; bike usage and rentals, having a mock test the day before the real ICBC exam to polish all the rough edges to even meeting you before on test day to give you last minute advice.  Such great guys; Matt, Brian, John among others.  Thanks so much!  Jamie.

  • Photo of Magnus L.
    Magnus L.
    Vancouver, BC

    This course will probably save your life. I can't imagine jumping on a bike without this kind of detailed and practical instruction, but you'd only realize that after going through the course yourself. Then you'll find yourself picking out all the dangerous things that other riders on the road do - the ones who learned from their buddies. The instructors in my session - Matt, John, Brian, Marcel - are all pros and excellent teachers. Can't praise them enough.

  • Photo of Patrick S.
    Patrick S.
    Sunset, Vancouver, BC

    Top notch teaching/learning. Hilarious, knowledgeable and very committed instructors.

  • Photo of JD T.
    JD T.
    Vancouver, BC

    Part of me doesn't want to write this, but they asked for it. In fact, ProRide asked four times to give them a 5-star rating, twice verbally, once in a hand-out, again by email. They asked for not just a rating, but a 5-star rating. People generally do not like being told how to rate, we're the customers. If ProRide wants 5 stars across the board, it's simple: earn the respect of your customers and you'll always get high marks. I felt like in the end they taught me to ride a motorcycle and conveyed a lot of valuable safety informaton, which I appreciate, but in my opinion they need a top to bottom overhaul of their teaching approach.

    At ProRide, they established the we-know-everything/you-know-nothing hierarchy in the first 5 minutes. This is of course true, but you don't have to make people feel that way, we're paying you to teach us, we're adults. First, John and Raymond were great, both get high marks, which propped up the star rating. John in particular is an accomplished and knowledgeable teacher, he held the course together. But the owner Matt needs a wakeup call. He rolled by the parking lot session and I don't know if I've ever witnessed such an attempt at look-at-me machismo in my life. When the group reconvened after lunch, we arrived to find a man lying horizontal on his parked bike like a lounge chair, arms behind his head, one leg up, aviators down. Everyone's looking around like WTF? It was cringeworthy. No one knew who this clown was, it was only later someone said that he was the owner! Turns out he is. Now it's really like WTF? This guy thought he was so freakin cool that you could only roll your eyes. He can do that if he wants, but here's the real problem: he said NOTHING to his customers, he ignored them all entirely. Unacceptable! His sidekick Brian is from the same school. When you're practicing riding in the parking lot, Brian actually uses a squirt gun to hit students who do something wrong! This is an outrageous teaching approach from another era, it's demeaning and offensive. They don't even do that at dog training school. You better be 100% damn sure your students are ok with that before you spray them. I wasn't. In fact I was fuming, and this kind of put-you-in-your-place bs was a factor in choosing to submit to Yelp. Instead, flag the student over and talk to them like a pro.

    ProRide might want to think about toning down the swagger. Brian, put the water gun away, permanently, and instruct respectfully, don't punish or embarrass your students. Matt, try this: instead of lying on your bike thinking you're at a CK photoshoot, take the time to stand up and warmly welcome your paying customers. Hey, maybe introduce yourself, take off the shades for one minute, look people in the eye, shake some hands and show one ounce of appreciation for the parking lot full of people who had each paid $750 to attend your school! Say thanks, ask us how we're doing. Say have a nice day. He did none of that. Seemed he just rolled by to let everyone know how cool he thought he was, then leave. It didn't go unnoticed. Later at skills testing, still not introduced (!), maybe let go of the ridiculous police-style "license/registration sir!" tone, it's old, and just reinforces the "authoritarian" tone that became the overall tone of the course. Again, we're adults who just want to learn to ride bikes. A few of the students over coffee commented on the posturing, we all agreed this guy needs a slice of humble pie.

    Overall, appreciate the learning from the two pros, they provided the substance, disappointed in the cocky attitude of the operation at the top. Might work for some, just not for me.

    Wherever you learn, ride safe.

    Business owner information

    Photo of Matt G.

    Matt G.

  • Photo of Steven H.
    Steven H.
    Deep Cove, Vancouver, BC
    First to Review

    This is a great service. I found the information portion to be extremely educational and lively.  I found the training and skills test very portion to be fun, eye opening and helpful. And I found the support I got from the team to be excellent. I loved having a test ride and a chance to ask questions about the ICBC test. It helped with my test anxiety as well as making me perform better during the actual test. And I passed on the first try, no problem!

  • Photo of John D.
    John D.
    Vancouver, BC

    Most of the staff are great. I had a lot of friends tell me about this place but now there is a new Filipino guy working there. He sucked. It was torture learning from him. I would have given 0 stars but it's just this one guy who is bringing the vibe down.

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