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    We are your trusted plumbing contractor that specializes in residential and commercial plumbing services. With over 18 years of experience in the residential and commercial plumbing business, we are dedicated to quality and customer service. Our skilled plumbers have many years of training and certification, and have worked on several projects. Honesty, Integrity & Trust have been the foundation that we built our business and reputation on. We treat every customer as our best customer and our work and performance on every project comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEE! No matter how small or big your project is, we get the job done right. Count on Us! Let Experts do Justice to your investment! All your plumbing, heating and drainage needs. Residential, Commercial, New Construction, and Renovations.

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    • 9:00 AM - 5:30 AM (Next day)

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    • 9:00 AM - 5:30 AM (Next day)


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    • Photo of Larry ..
      Larry ..
      British Columbia Coast, BC
      May 20, 2023

      we had our air conditioning unit replaced , the outside and furnace coil combo . The free estimate was done the next day , it was complete and accurate. We ordered the work done 3 days later . There wasn't any surprises the trade person went beyond the estimate. The work was very neat and clean , if the house wasn't cool again I wouldn't know anyone was here . I will be calling papa's for all my future heating and plumbing needs . Larry

    • Photo of Queency M.
      Queency M.
      Newton, Surrey, BC
      Jun 27, 2023

      I called their company to diagnose a leak on my master washroom upstairs that is leaking downstairs to the main kitchen. Their technician came, went upstairs and poured water around the shower walls (tiles) and was able to show the leak that was active from upstairs to downstairs. The technician stated on his report that the "tile gaps on the walls are causing the leak and the water goes to the cavity that leads to the leak downstairs". Their technician recommended to remove and install new tiles to fix the issue.
      However, I called a different company to check about fixing the issue. I told this company that PAPA plumbing recommended to have the tiles removed. They inspected the tiles and there was no "gap" in the tiles or with the grout and they were confused about the "plumber's report". They poured water the same way PAPA plumbing did it, and figured out that the caulking around the shower surround was the issue, including all the caulking in the shower heads. They recommend re caulking to fix the issue and nothing to do with the tiles.
      I called PAPA plumbing about this, and I got a very rude response from Kawaljit Singh who was very condescending upon me explaining about their misdiagnosis. He stated that they only give permanent recommendations when it comes to water leaks, hence, retiling. I wouldn't have used their services in the first place if their diagnosis would just lead me to doing the wrong thing. If the company misdiagnose a leak and give the homeowner the wrong information, what's the point of trusting this "reliable" business.

      I even offered them to come back to my house and redo what they did previously, but Kawaljit Singh turned down this idea. He does not make you finish talking, he talks over you and is extremely rude and unprofessional. It is unbelievable for this business to have this individual working for them.

      The person i spoke to, Kawaljit Singh, threatens me that he would not give me a refund if I file a complaint with BBB. He sounds very unprofessional and does not know customer service at all.

      I paid money for an honest reliable service, and trusted professionals, according to their website. But what I got was the exact opposite. I would not recommend such a dishonest, unreliable company.

    • Photo of Caleb D.
      Caleb D.
      Central City, Kelowna, BC
      Feb 9, 2023

      My toilet and faucet needed to be replaced. They did an excellent job.
      price was very reasonable and excellent service. Plumber showed up on time and was very clean and quick. Totally recommend them!!!

    • Photo of Mark R.
      Mark R.
      Riley Park–Little Mountain, Vancouver, BC
      Dec 24, 2021

      Our furnace quit, Papa sent out a tech, unfortunately our furnace was 35+ years old and parts were no longer available, they came back 2 days later with a crew (Kirk & Fred) with a new furnace. The guys were great, very knowledgeable, good craftsmen and all around nice guys. They did a great install, very clean and great work at or above code. We are very happy with the the work, speed of service and the price was good.

      The work was great and the value and price good

      The outside vent for the new furnace install at my house
      The outside for my next door neighbor's new furnace install
    • Photo of Terril W.
      Terril W.
      Surrey, BC
      Feb 1, 2021

      Laundry Room -under cement pad, replace broken drain pipe. Dec, 2020

      We would like to commend your company for the excellent repair job on our insurance claim.

      Firstly we would like mention Glenn ''PAPA" and Jonny.

      Jonny for his diligence and professionalism on doing the plumbing repair. Jonny completely plastic enclosed the work area the room.

      Upon completion thoroughly cleaned up the area. Very Impressed with his workmanship

      Your office staff was always pleasant in their calls to advise us on when tradesman would be arriving.

      We would highly recommend your company to all.


      Business owner information

      Photo of Kal K.

      Kal K.

      Feb 1, 2021

      Thank you for your kind words and business. :-)

    • Photo of Kathy W.
      Kathy W.
      Delta, BC
      Jan 3, 2022

      Called Top up Plumbing which turned out to be Papa Plumbing (Surrey) Also did not know this as Cal (the owner or manager) failed to mention this. He was rude during my initial call. I was given Cal's intact info from First on Site Restoration as they had come to disconnect sinks for our restoration.
      On Dec 28/21 a Papa Plumbing plumber showed up and hydro jetted with cable system which pulled out muck into a bag. He dropped and left muck on the concrete floor and dropped muck into my husbands winter boots. He did not tell us that he did that and put his boots outside. Also we have a doorbell outside the back door and he knocked it off and put it outside the carport area into a planter. Again not telling us he did that. There was lots of snow outside so it was by chance it was found but after we went and bought another doorbell. He also unhooked the hot water to the washer to put in the washing machine drain to test the flow of the drain. He failed to tighten it so when washer turned on water flowed onto the floor.
      we called to complain about all of it and we're told we would receive 10% back from the total bill of $582.50. This has not happened.
      Called and asked for Cal to call to discuss this and no callback as yet. I do have photos to back up these complaints.
      Would not recommend!

      Business owner information

      Photo of Kal K.

      Kal K.

      Jan 3, 2022

      I apologize, I will look into this once back at the office.

    • Photo of Jane D.
      Jane D.
      Surrey, BC
      Sept 10, 2020

      I hired them once, a long time ago, in Surrey - was NOT happy with them and their attitude ,rudeness and high, unexpected bill! So, therefore, I made a vow, or point to never hire them again! so, I never did.
      There are many, many good Plumbers around the Lower Mainland - simply fish one out and read all the reviews on google and see if they can do your job professionally and fairly, etc... All the best in your searches... Thx.

    • Photo of Sandy D.
      Sandy D.
      Richmond, BC
      Dec 15, 2020

      Had issues with my radiant heat, and a water pipe bursting which lead to no heat in my house...we are in December, so it was freezing. I called PAPA plumbing for the first time, staff attended within the time slot provided.

      The staff member was courteous and listened to the issues I was having. The staff was very knowledgeable and provided a resolution with what needed to be replaced/fixed. Parts were replaced promptly, and my system was up and running the same morning.

      Quick, efficient and professional - definitely will be calling PAPA plumbing for all my plumbing and heating needs.
      Thank you PAPA Plumbing.

    • Photo of Shamyn R.
      Shamyn R.
      Burnaby, BC
      Oct 17, 2021
      Updated review

      I'm writing a post review of the one I had done previously. Papa honoured the quote that was given to me. The work has been done to my satisfaction. Thank you.

      Oct 8, 2021Previous review
    • Photo of Maria T.
      Maria T.
      South Newton, Surrey, BC
      Jan 9, 2021

      Office staff was easy to communicate with, and followed up. Plumbers showed up on schedule, polite and professional. Completed the scope of work, cleaned up and even corrected a fault from work done by a previous contractor at no additional charge. Highly recommend Papa Plumbing.

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