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About the Business

NVB Contracting LLC is a Family Owned and operated company. NVB started in 2011 and has continued to grown every year. We now have 25 employees and have reached a milestone of 1200 happy and satisfied customers. NVB Contracting LLC specializes in dealing with insurance restoration claimd in dealing with hail and wind damage. We have certified roofing inspectors that can help future clients in working with their insurance company from start to finish in Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Interior Claims. NVB Contracting LLC also does retail work in the areas of Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Decks, Landscaping, Bathroom, and Kitchen Remodeling. NVB also offers great payment options that can help with any budget you may have. Give us a call and we can assist with your home renovations where customer service is at its best.

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10521 Crestwood Dr

Unit 203

Manassas, VA 20109

United States

Serving Manassas Area


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  • Photo of Fran C.
    Fran C.
    East Orlando, Oviedo, United States

    I just can not thank NVB enough for sending a fantastic rep, Kevin Fitzpatrick. He was on time and very thorough about my roof issues and repairs!
    He did a super job at a reasonable price!
    So glad I found this company!

  • Photo of Mike C.
    Mike C.
    Leesburg, United States

    NVB Contracting replaced our roof and all was fine UNTIL THEY PICKED UP THE FINAL CHECK. The roof started leaking about two months after they were paid. It took over 6 months for them to come out a look at the problem - and only after repeated promises to show up (and not showing). They finally showed up after I threatened legal action; their guy confirmed that, yes, the roof is leaking and, yes, they need to fix it.

    That was two weeks ago and I'm still waiting on them to schedule a date to fix. Obviously, a company that schedules and repairs roofs as its business doesn't need two weeks to schedule.

    If your job goes perfectly, you will love this company. If you run into an issue after you give them the final check, you'll be here writing a similar review.

    Photo of NVB Contracting - Manassas, VA, United States
    Photo of NVB Contracting - Manassas, VA, United States
    Photo of NVB Contracting - Manassas, VA, United States
    Photo of NVB Contracting - Manassas, VA, United States

    Business owner information

    Photo of Eric B.

    Eric B.

  • Photo of Lily R.
    Lily R.
    Woodbridge, United States
    Updated review

    DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! They offered us a free estimate never made an appointment to start the work...now trying to sue us in court for breech of contract but we never had a contract. They are very unprofessional and will try to get you to settle so they get paid. Buyer beware!!!

    12/7/2022Previous review
  • Photo of Gerald A.
    Gerald A.
    Dumfries, United States

    Beware of this company!!! They  are currently in court suing me to recover money for work they never did.... this company has tried to freeze my bank accounts (including my 16 year old's account - he had $160 saved up from his first ever  job), tried to put out a  lien to sell my vehicles (they had a sheriff at my house).. all this to collect $4000 for work they never did!

    They made me think I needed a new roof replacement even though my  roof just needed minor repairs, and then somehow got my insurance company to sign off on paying for a new roof. Having a new roof is fine except that the insurance company is never going to pay for any major repairs when I ACTUALLY need them. NVB is suing me in court as we speak for money for work they NEVER did. I was made to  sign a contract, and when I told them I wasn't ready to have the work done yet, they took me to court. They made me think I needed a  total  roof replacement when I didn't. I know because I have had 3 roof inspections in the past month  month (3 years after they gave me the estimate) and the most work that needs to be done is for $300 (a couple of loose shingles here and there. I have done nothing to the roof since they told me I needed a new roof!).

    Go to Better Business Bureau for similar complaints  (bbb.org).

    Business owner information

    Photo of Eric B.

    Eric B.

  • Photo of Laura N.
    Laura N.
    Centreville, United States

    I used NVB contracting for a new roof, some new windows, and new gutters. They helped me to get money through my insurance company for the roof and to repaint some of the inside of my house. The work done was top quality. The people who worked on my house were very professional. My project manager was Frank and he was very responsive and helpful. I plan to use NVB again for my next home project.

  • Photo of Rick S.
    Rick S.
    Middleway, United States

    I had NVB replace my roof after storm damage.  The outside work seemed to be OK, but I am not a roofer.  The inside damage is were I think they cut corners and left a bad impression.  We had water damaged ceilings and the insurance adjuster put on the estimate for drywall patching, what we received was a poor-quality painter and a quart of stain blocker paint. In the end we then had a two-tone ceiling in the master bedroom. I was told that because the drywall was not soft to the touch, it would be fine.
    To be fair they did call me after I expressed my frustration and offered to come back and repair the paint.  Unfortunately, they don't respect the fact that I would have to give up another vacation day to babysit their contractors, with no real confidence the job would be done correctly.  There were other minor issues, but I won't harp on those.  I don't think it was too much to ask for a large company like this to do the job correctly the first time.  When a company doesn't do the small parts of the job well then you lose confidence that they did the big parts of the job correctly

    Photo of NVB Contracting - Manassas, VA, United States. Bedroom paint work.

    Business owner information

    Photo of Eric B.

    Eric B.

  • Photo of L T.
    L T.
    Richmond, United States

    I used NVB Contracting to replace my roof. The person I worked with was Javier Rodriguez. He was able to get the inside and outside of the house done. He was very patient and helpful in this entire process since this was something I never had to do before. I would recommend NVB and Javier for anyone looking to get their roof done.

    Sandra R.

  • Photo of Jordan D.
    Jordan D.
    Leesburg, United States

    Amazing contractor who quickly and efficiently installed a new roof on our house at a reasonable price.

  • Photo of Vince B.
    Vince B.
    Charles Town, United States

    We hired NVB to replace our roof and siding after hail damage.  The work was OK, I am not particularly happy with the siding, they did not do a good job at the bottom and it looks uneven. I asked them to fix it and they ignored me. The roof seems to have been done well, but I did find dozens of old nails on it when I went up recently. My biggest complaint would be the constantly asking me to pay before they completed the work. I got a particularly nasty voice mail from an office manager demanding money before the job was complete (they had not replaced the spouting or painted the fence that was part of the contract). To his credit the owner was very apologetic when I called and the harassment stopped after we talked.  I would not hire them again if I needed work done.

  • Photo of Sarah M.
    Sarah M.
    Arlington, United States

    Willie went above and beyond. We had a tight schedule and once the papers were signed our roof was done within the week. They did a great job protecting the property and cleaning up afterwards. Highly recommend.

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