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    Peter C.

    European style crêpes for every meal at great prices, featuring local and from-scratch ingredients. Coffees, teas, espresso, cappuccino, soda, natural soda, juice, sparkling water, hot chocolate, apple cider and fresh squeezed orange juice which we squeeze each morning. Domestic, local and Belgian beers as well as several great wines available by the glass. Free wi-fi, hearty soups made daily, coloring for kids and outdoor seating on Church Street in the warm months.

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    • Photo of Carmel B.
      Carmel B.
      Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
      Jul 10, 2013

      My date was in a "meh" mood but still wanted something to eat. That's my cue to find something interesting and different. She's never had a savory meal crepe so this looked like a good place for her to give them a try.
      Made to order crepes with fresh ingredients by a friendly staff earns Mr. Crepe my esteemed recommendation for your Church St. shopping lunch break.
      Free wi-fi too!

    • Photo of Bailey Z.
      Bailey Z.
      Las Vegas, United States
      Dec 4, 2012

      I deem the new crêperie on Church street a hit. I like the restaurant concept of ordering your food, finding a table, and clearing your own plates. It makes everything more streamlined so that your food can come out fast and the cost to the customer is kept low. I really love the interior redesign of what used to be Bangkok Bistro. My favorite thing about it is the long communal table made from a large single plank of wood.

      As for the food, the savory crêpes were satisfyingly filling. I tried the super special, which had diced chicken, cheddar, beans, salsa, mushrooms, and spinach. All the ingredients were cooked well and the spinach was fresh. The crêpe itself was also a perfectly cooked. Try some of their housemade chili sauce for an added kick.

      The one miss was the timing of the food for our group. While most of our table had already received their orders, a few of us were left waiting. By the time I had received my crêpe, everyone else had already finished eating. Other than that misstep, everyone enjoyed their meal. Mr. Crêpe is a nice option on Church for a very reasonably priced meal.

    • Photo of Jesse D.
      Jesse D.
      VT, United States
      Jan 31, 2013

      I was living in Somerville when Mr. Crepe debuted in Davis Square. I thought it a nice relief from the ABP down the way, although I still did not find myself freqenting it frequently.

      After moving back to Burlington, I was perplexed by finding Mr. Crepe creeping onto Church St. Suspicions were confirmed with a bit of internet sleuthing. Finally, I got myself in there last week to try it out. I had some expectations, given my few visits to the Davis location.

      Expectations were fully met and adaquately appeased. Mr. Crepe offers a standard set of crepes (obviously), covering sweet and savory, veg-head and meaty, lite and hearty. Prices are standard: $7-10 per crepe as dictated by ingredients. They also offer soups, salads, and other such bistro fare.

      The quality is as it should be. It's a decent lunchtime stop-in. You won't break the bank, you'll get something better than fast food, yet it's not fine dining. It is exactly what it tries to be - hence 4 stars. I had the super lamb crepe, which had an excellent blending of spicy, rich, and meaty flavors from a source of good-quality ingredients. Exceptional? No. Good? Yes, very good even if you get the right thing.

      They are still new and seem to be figuring out the best way to operate - or perhaps getting the employees spun up on how to operate - or perhaps training customers how the Mr. Crepe experience goes. Regardless, they will do well in Burlington, home of Skinny Pancake, due to their location, mid-range bang-for-buck in quantity and qualiity of food, and fairly comfortable, yet increasingly so, atmosphere.

    • Photo of Ashleigh E.
      Ashleigh E.
      Troy, United States
      Feb 19, 2013

      Ehh ... I'm still kind of iffy about this restaurant. I'm the kind of person that has a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of a "savory" crepe, so I was skeptical about having lunch here. The food, however, was somewhat decent. The vegetables were fresh and crepe was soft yet crispy on the outer edges. Wonderful texture. However, the taste was somewhat bland. There was nothing extraordinary going on here, and nothing that really tipped me over into Team Savory Crepe territory. I don't think I'll be craving any late-night crepes anytime soon.

      That being said, our cashier was very nice and the food came out fairly quickly. The place was nearly empty (I believe we were there slightly before noon and it was a holiday weekend, so that's understandable). It also seemed like they had very recently opened, so maybe they were still getting their sea legs on the taste-front. But as for me, if I'm in that area again and starving, I'll probably go somewhere else than go to Mr. Crepe again.

    • Photo of Zod G.
      Zod G.
      Burlington, United States
      Apr 14, 2013

      Poor quality crepes, they try to do german style (my favorite) and always overcook. Service is even worse, 35 minutes I waited for a single crepe when five people were working and the place is only 1/3 full.
      I may give them one last shot, but crepe lovers stay away. If you don't know a crepe from a tortilla, you'll be fine.

    • Photo of Tuan-pi T.
      Tuan-pi T.
      Lenox, United States
      Oct 20, 2012

      This place looks like they're starting up.
      The room is huge with plenty of places to sit. The staff number too many (at least for the time that I visited) and it's suspiciously clean - as in it looks as though construction workers cleaned it quickly just after they'd built the entire building: clean but something's a bit off.
      You will not get your fill here for cheap. This is more of a snack place. You won't be met with the best service. At least now, it seems like the entire staff is still learning how to deal with customers.
      The crepe was very tasty. The potato soup was, too. This is a great place to snack or cool out.

    • Photo of Mark P.
      Mark P.
      Burlington, United States
      Oct 10, 2012
      First to Review

      Excellent food, but very slow. There wasn't even a line when I went and it took way too long.

    • Photo of Evan P.
      Evan P.
      Davis, United States
      Dec 6, 2012

      Mr. Crepe is awesome. My first time in the restaurant I ordered a BLT crepe, add avocado, from the savory section of the menu for lunch. It was tasty and more filling than one would expect for the price, which while not super cheap, is reasonable. I went back a second time for breakfast to study, and if I wasn't already sold, they COMPLETELY won me over. Free coffee for UVM students during finals week! And while I was studying with my three friends, a very nice employee came to every table and gave out free cookie samples (which were FULL cookies) to every table in the place! The inside is well decorated and I had a great experience overall. Good place to study, good place to go with friends, good place for a date. I highly recommend tying it out, you won't be disappointed.

    • Photo of Jorge G.
      Jorge G.
      Manhattan, United States
      Nov 8, 2012

      The crepe's are cooked made to order and they use fresh ingredients, which made a tasty meal. Staff were friendly and the dining area was well lit and clean.

    • Photo of Harrison S.
      Harrison S.
      Burlington, United States
      Oct 25, 2012

      I have been to Mr. Crepe twice now and each time gets better. Tonight, a nice chef or crepe creator named Josh prepared a wonderful meal for me.

      Big space and pretty low-key every time I have gone in there. Maybe in the summer they can have a small band play? Good luck to Mr. Crepe.

      Business owner information

      Photo of Peter C.

      Peter C.

      Dec 19, 2012

      You'll be happy to know that we have hosted our first live musicians and are looking forward to more live music at Mr. Crepe!

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