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We specialize in homemade Turkish food some of are specialitize are kebaps and shawarma(doner) and then also breakfast.

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  • Photo of Cin C.
    Cin C.
    Toronto, ON

    One for the more memorable doner meals in recent memory. The fantastic service and our waitress' recommendations makes it deserving of 5 stars.

    We came on a Sunday evening for an early dinner and could get a table. The space filled up quickly afterwards and they have a waiting list at the front once all the tables are taken.

    We ordered the Mixed Doner plate and the Meat Point salad. The doner plate was generous, with two piles of veal and chicken meat surrounded with rice, bread, veggies and grilled veggies. Paired with the pomegranate sauce salad, it was the perfect meal for two. They serve tea at the end of the meal as part of their hospitality. We were so charmed (no one serves anything for free anymore), we ordered the Sultac dessert upon our waitress' recommendation to go with the tea. She did not disappoint!  The sultac was refreshingly creamy, subtly nutty and absolutely delicious.

    Note, they don't take reservations so it is first come first serve. Also no AC when we were there, but they have plenty of fans to keep the air circulating.

  • Photo of Nadia A.
    Nadia A.
    Brampton, ON

    Much nicer inside than it looks from the outside. Very cozy cute lights inside. The platters are big I think though for two. Bright colour food and fresh ingredients. I wish the flavours in the chicken was a little stronger. Otherwise everything was great

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Lexia R.

    We got the BBQ Mix Platter and it was bad, it simply did not taste good. It was also deceiving because it was essentially grilled meat in tomato sauce but it wasn't a good tomato sauce.. perhaps ordered the wrong thing and other items are better but not willing to go back and give it another chance. I do not recommend. In addition, I tried some desserts as well as coffee and they were very sub-par at best. The service is good but the ambiance sucks... place is not nice relative to cost of food - looks like it should be take out, not sit down.

  • Photo of Tas M.
    Tas M.
    Baltimore, United States

    Wow! This has become my favorite Turkish restaurant in the GTA.
    We ordered chicken doner pide, chicken shish, mix shish.
    The meat was juicy, tender and full of flavour.
    Great food! Great ambience! Great service!

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Chicken doner pide
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Chicken Shish
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Turkish tea
  • Photo of Karmen N.

    Incredible service, atmosphere and food! No complaints :)

    The staff were so kind and welcoming and were happy to explain anything on the menu. Food was vibrant and delicious and there was local music playing. Interior looks nice too with the wooden beams and white brick walls.

    Lunch menu starts at 12:30, before then they offer this elaborate breakfast for 2 which includes several traditional dishes. Looked amazing and might try it next time when we have a bigger appetite!

    We ordered a few dishes for lunch:

    The meat shish plate of kebabs, pickles, rice and pita had beautiful presentation and colour!

    Feta cheese fried appetizer rolls were crispy and ooey! A perfect little snack. The spinach and cheese pide was good too.

    Ayran is a salty yogurt drink that tastes better with the meal than drinking it on its own.

    Turkish tea was really nice! And the trilece cake (caramel cake) was a flat spongey cake soaked with creamy sweetness.

    Overall pleased with the experience and would recommend!

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Ayran (sour yogurt drink) and feta cheese rolls
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Beautiful presentation and delicious!
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Spinach and cheese pide
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Turkish tea and trilece cake
  • Photo of Laur A.
    Laur A.
    Calgary, AB

    The ambience was great. We went at 6pm on a day that had the restaurant booked out at 7:15 for an iftar event and given this, we never felt rushed. We ordered feta cheese rolls (7/10), mix dip platter (9/10) and the pasha sultan mix plater (10/10).
    With this, we got 3 portions of the mix platter for 4 people but considering we got other things, we couldve gotten away with only ordering 2 portions of the platter. The bread that came with the dip/platter was also SOOOO good, paired so well with the dips. Baba ghanoush was my favourite dip but there were also a tomato based one, tzatziki and hummus. Would definitely go back!

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Restaurant ambience
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. Pasha Sultan Mix Platter
  • Photo of Michelle D.
    Updated review

    Came to Meat Point after a few years for lunch and the quality still holds up!

    We shared:
    - Antep Ezme: a dip with fresh tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, cucumbers, parsley, and seasonings served with a fresh pita bread and it was fresh and just delicious! The perfect appetizer. They also gave us a small serving of their Haydari (which includes yogurt, mint, garlic, olive oil, and salt) and it was just as delicious.
    - Meat Shish: 2 rows of tender veal meat with onions, white and bulgar rice, pickled cabbage, and a small salad. The meat was super duper tender and flavourful. Everything else on the platter was delicious and beautifully presented.
    - Kunefe: layers of shredded wheat with a white cheese centre with a rich syrup topped with pistachio. Just wow! It is a dessert so it's definitely on the sweeter side but I enjoyed the different textures. I was always skeptical about cheese in desserts but this one gets a big thumbs up from me!

    I would definitely return to try their other offerings. Service was great and there were still many tables available on a Sunday afternoon.

    9/2/2019Previous review
  • Photo of Elvis A.

    This meal was delivered via UberEats. I am surprised by the positive feedback on this place. Here is the play by play
    Dip platter: Mostly mundane items with baba ganough and hummus being serviceable. Other two were forgettable. Even with the promo not worth it.
    I had the meat shish which was over cooked and under seasoned. Rice and lentil meh.
    The chicken kebab ordered that I didn't try also got poor feedback.
    I can't recommend this place especially since a much better option is nearby.

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Photo of M Dilawar K.
    M Dilawar K.
    Richmond Hill, ON

    Absolutely horrible experience. I went there with my family for breakfast. Ordered four breakfast deals that were charged $54 for two persons so $108+ taxes for four people.  The deal said "all you can eat" but literally, that was a joke. They said eggs and sausages and eggs and tomatoes can not be reordered or you need to pay extra. So you can only ask for naan bread or tea for this breakfast deal.

    The food itself tastes average. Quality and quantity were very low but the value of your money is so high. It's super expensive compared to the quality and the quantity of food. We were very disappointed! The breakfast deal for four people is hardly worth $40 max.

    Customer service was at the lowest level. The owner and the waitress were rude and very disrespectful. Waiters push you to eat fast and leave the restaurant even though the restaurant was almost empty. Moreover, waitresses looking for high tips. They keep however around the table to give us weird looks, like telling us to leave.

    I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. If you want to waste your money and experience one of the worst customer service than up to you.

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada. $123 with taxes, seriously highly not recommended!
  • Photo of Mathew W.
    Mathew W.
    Ajax, ON

    Great service had a fantastic time , with great ambience outside. Mustafa treated us to a delightful food experience with the pasha Mix platter and desert ! 5/5 experience would definitely

    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Meat Point - Toronto, ON, Canada

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