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    • Photo of J V.
      J V.
      District de Limbour, Gatineau, QC
      Apr 15, 2022

      Food is good but at times service leaves to desire. In particular a women who served us there could not even be bothered to smile as if she was doing us a favour by serving up food . Website is not up to date! They advertise a COVID 19 special which is not available and when I asked about it the same women just answered she had not had the time to change the website. Bad customer service, good food, staff impolite.

    • Photo of Tomer N.
      Aug 23, 2018

      I have no idea why people reviewed this place so high, I mean this is a 3 stars max place and its not that people in Gatineau or Ottawa never had a good Thai food...
      Let me break it down why this is a 1-star place for me:
      We came in the middle of the week but the place was full, yet they told us we can find a place for you. We were happy, little did we know. They went to the back room, took a plastic table that took over 10 min to clean, I guess it was super dusty and set us there...alone. This was the first warning sign, sitting there in what appears to be a storage room, but we didnt read the signs and stayed.
      Next, the lady brought us all the food but not at once, so we were 7, 3 got their food, 5 min later the other 3 but she forgot one meal..and to make it worst it was one of the kids. Everyone knows you serve the kids first so forgetting one...
      But that's not all, the food itself was very oily, this is a restaurant not Thai express I expected much more, especially from a 4.5 stars place (used to be). And the food isnt the expectations were even higher. There were other little things but these are my top 3 and the reason I will never return here.

    • Photo of Christine L.
      Apr 24, 2014

      This is my favourite Thai in downtown Gatineau. The service can be a little hit and miss but it was not really the waitress' fault today as she was alone, holding the fort for the whole restaurant which was almost full! She did pretty well considering the situation.

      I had the red curry chicken. It was very nicely flavoured and just hot enough. It came with a chicken Tom Yum soup as appetizer. The curry was a fairly big portion with lots of fresh vegetables, a side of Asian slaw and a very crispy spring roll with sweet chili sauce for dipping.

      Then, this was followed by dessert: a cube of crème brûlée pudding and a small slice of cantaloupe. All of this for $15! The seafood lunch dishes are $18. For those with a lighter appetite, there are some plates only options too (no spring rolls and dessert).

      Red Thai curry chicken with spring roll and Asian slaw
      Chicken and mushroom Tom Yum soup
    • Photo of Scott O.
      Scott O.
      Ottawa, ON
      Jul 21, 2017

      I went here with colleagues for lunch; while I was not initially expecting much, their food was very good!

      I had a chicken Pad Thai dish, which came with a corn/mushroom soup, an egg roll, salad, and dessert ($17). I believe for the quantity and quality of food that I received that the prices were reasonable.

      While the seating space is limited, the restaurant is kept clean. As it turns out, the restaurant is named after the lady that owns/runs it; her daughter was the waitress that served us. This place is your local "mom & pop" type restaurant that Yelp was designed to promote and for which to raise awareness. If you are in the old Gatineau area, I recommend you check it out!

    • Photo of Ri L.
      Ri L.
      Southwest, Montreal, QC
      Sep 16, 2019

      Don't waste your time with this place. I'd rather spend my money at Thai Express than come here.

      Food was nothing special, overpriced, rude waiter, long wait. Service was absolutely brutal. Trust me on this, go to Thai express instead.

    • Photo of Scott H.
      Scott H.
      Kannapolis, United States
      Nov 24, 2015

      Second time here, good food, but not nearly spicy enough. Had Drunken Noodles, was pleasant, but I need some "Thai spicy", and this was just somewhat spicy, even after asking for"5" on a scale of one to five. I'd still come back again, as its close to client's site, and nice to get out for a block or two walk.

      Second room
    • Photo of Ellen W.
      Ellen W.
      Ottawa, ON
      Nov 4, 2017

      Excellent food
      Like their selections on their all you can eat menu. High quality and fresh ingredients. Will return

    • Photo of Clarence C.
      Clarence C.
      Markham, ON
      May 7, 2016

      We had the all you can eat for a party of 5. Everything was great! I don't know if they were authentic but they sure were delicious. Choices are pretty good and for the price you pay the quality is outstanding.

      assorted satay
    • Photo of Hannah E.
      Hannah E.
      Gatineau, QC
      Aug 1, 2015

      Excellent Thai restaurant!
      I've been there several times and each time it is delicious!

    • Photo of Hazel H.
      Hazel H.
      Ottawa, ON
      Nov 16, 2013

      Good is very good, but service is extremely slow!! It took a whole hour for them to bring out soups. This was my first time here and there was only 1 server taking orders and serving food. She was not in sight most of the time when we needed to ask questions or place orders. But again, quality of food is great. You just need to budget your time and expect to spend a lot time for your all you can eat meal.

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