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    110 W 40th St

    New York, NY 10018

    United States

    Avenue Of The Americas & Broadway

    Theater District, Midtown West


    • 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM


    • 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM

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    • 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM


    • 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM


    • 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM


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    Brian K.

    At Kobeyaki we have a fresh approach to Japanese cuisine by providing healthy, creative and delicious Japanese food in a fast casual environment. Our mission is to bring inspiring food to our guests in a setting which is comfortable and reflective of urban Japan and New York. Our team has worked in some of the best kitchens from around the world and strives to provide a dining experience which is both restorative and enjoyable.

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    • Photo of Michelle T.
      Michelle T.
      Jersey City, United States
      Jan 16, 2014

      It's like a Japanese version of Mcdonalds - you get your burgers and salads but instead of chicken, you can also order rolls and rice bowls. We came here before an early showing on Broadway, less than an hour before the show started. We were pretty strapped for time but the line (despite almost being by the entrance) went pretty quickly. They give you little buzzers for when your food is ready. We expected a pretty long weight since there was a lot of people loitering around the wait area but it came in about 5-10 minutes.

      The rolls are huge and super filling. I couldn't even finish one whole roll. The burgers are also super filling and conveniently wrapped for eating on the go.

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    • Photo of Lotta S.
      Lotta S.
      Carlsbad, United States
      Sep 12, 2023

      Quick service. Tasty food offering! You'll find fun stuff on the menu for both dinner and lunch.
      Plenty of seats.

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    • Photo of Janice H.
      Janice H.
      New York, United States
      Sep 11, 2023

      Great option for catering as our office loved it. Lots of vegetarian options and dairy-free options. Please note that this review doesn't account for price - I have no idea how much this would cost.

      The rolls were hefty had a solid ratio of fish to rice+sauces.

      I was excited about the soft shell crab bun and I quite liked it, though I will say the crab is a little deflated and not super meaty. Nothing wrong with the bread but I think it could really shine if it was a little softer so I can easily get a bite with all the layers in it. It was slightly on the dry side, even with the sauces.

      Avocado salad was great and beautifully presented! Sadly I don't have pictures before we dug in. No skimping on the avocado. There was a lot of edamame and cucumber on top with finely shredded carrots, cabbage, etc.

      Cinnamon bun was simply deep-fried bread coated in lots of sugar and cinnamon. Very crunchy. Tasty, but it might be difficult to eat more than one since it's pretty heavy. If you like the taste of churros you will probably like this!

      Soft Shell Crab Bun, Cinnamon Bun, Spicy Tuna Roll, California Roll, Avocado Salad
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    • Photo of Shanna L.
      Shanna L.
      Manhattan, United States
      Dec 5, 2023

      Fast and casual in midtown west. The seating is simple booths and plentiful. The food came out fast. The chicken teriyaki bowl tasted like thigh meat even though they state it's white meat. It came with veggies such as edamame but I wish they were more plentiful. The teriyaki sauce had a cinnamon after taste but wasn't as sweet as traditional Japanese teriyaki sauce. The portion was big but it was half rice.
      The burger reminded me of a higher end Burger King patty. The burger was loaded with cabbage. The beef itself was so thin I couldn't taste much flavor. It all was perfect for a which lunch. Overall I would give it a solid 3.5. The service was fast.

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    • Photo of Tim O.
      Tim O.
      New York, United States
      Aug 25, 2023

      Slightly elevated cuisine at totally palatable lunch prices. Really enjoyed soft shell crab and the burger was surprisingly good.

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    • Photo of Gina L.
      Gina L.
      NY, United States
      Mar 20, 2023

      Kobeyaki was a very good experience. The food was delicious and affordable and came in great portion sizes. The sweet potato tempura fries were delicious and so was the seaweed salad. The vibes inside are very casual and perfect place to grab some lunch with coworkers and eat something different from your day to day food options. The service was a little slow, but the staff was nice. I waited a very long time to get food for two people and a lot of people who ordered way after me got their food first and I was the last person waiting to receive my food. I would recommend ordering in advance even if you are planning on staying to eat as it took much longer than I expected. The food was great though and I would definitely return.

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    • Photo of Anna K.
      Anna K.
      New York, United States
      Nov 3, 2022

      Grabbed their Tuna Tataki Salad for lunch today.
      The sauce was delicious and everything tasted so fresh!
      Staff is friendly and everything was quick.
      Spacious indoor seating if you want to eat there.

      Will definetly be back to try the burgers everyone raves about.

      Tuna Tataki Salad
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    • Photo of Wendy C.
      Wendy C.
      Napa, United States
      Jul 5, 2022

      Ordered the California roll and the Bowl with ramen and shrimp. There was a lot of vegetables and the flavors were perfect. There is a wasabi sauce that is fantastic.

      Yes, we will be back.

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    • Photo of Ka C.
      Ka C.
      Queens, United States
      Mar 5, 2022

      Kobeyaki is a fast casual modern Japanese eatery with burgers, sushi rolls, and poke bowls. The inside has a good amount of seating with plastic dividers in between. I have bookmarked this place for a while now and was excited to try the soft shell crab bun for the first time.

      From the vibrant photos inside that adorn the restaurant, you would assume there would be a whole soft shell crab (!) inside one of these babies. The photos are pretty misleading, to my dismay. Instead, there is a centimeter thin layer of something vaguely crispy, plus a thick layer of fake crab meat in the center. Less crab crunch, more crab salad. I may try their other burgers in the future, but I will not get the soft shell crab bun again.

      Soft Shell Crab Bun (inside). Not much actual soft shell crab sadly.
      Soft Shell Crab Bun
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    • Photo of Min T.
      Min T.
      New York, United States
      Mar 5, 2022

      We love going to this place. My husband really enjoys their Soft Shell Crab Bun and that's pretty much the only thing he orders. I've tried their
      - Teriyaki Rice bowls (beef & chicken)- would appreciate slightly more meat on top some times, but they are deliciously sweet & savory.
      - Fried tofu- only available as a side with their rice bowls. I highly recommend adding that. They are lightly fried with just the right amount of crispness
      - Braised Pork Bun- the meat is soft & juicy, filled with sweet & savory flavors.
      Order your meal with their app & you get free stuff on your first order & in the future!

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    • Photo of Katherine D.
      Katherine D.
      Brooklyn, United States
      Mar 18, 2022

      Overall I give this restaurant a 4/5. I have been wanting to go to this place for lunch for so lobg and had the chance to today.
      I ordered my meal through the app which was convenient and easy. On the app it offers $5 off your meal which was a nice surprise and a pickup time of 5-10 minutes which was pretty quick. When going to pick up around 1pm it wasn't full but there were customers eating indoors. The seets have a plastic covering (for covid reasons). There was no line and not to many people waiting for their orders. There is one person working both the register and making sure the orders come out but still relatively quick. Overall the location is really nice if you want to eat inside and order at register.

      In regards to the food, I'll have to give it a 3.5/5
      I got the Braised Pork Bun, side salad with a ginger dressing and a side of fried tofu. The bun and salad seems to have old lettuce (which can be seen in the pictures) but not to old that it was dry. The bun could have used more pork. I was halfway through when the pork was finished but the lettuce and other toppings were still there. Though the taste was really good, just wish i had more pork. The salad, same as the bun had some old lettuce pieces but the dressing made up for it. I got the ginger dressing for the salad and it made it so much better. I also got a side of fried tufo which i believe is the best part of the meal. It was nice and crispy on the outside but soft and pillowy on the inside. I added it to the salad which made it a whole lot better.

      At the location there was a sauce station with 3 different sauces. Not sure what they were but i went to try each one. The brown and the orange were my favorite. I was not sure what the green one was.

      Overall i am glad i went to this place and hoping that next time ill try their sushi selection.

      Braised Pork Bun
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