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    Fine Italian dining in an old town courtyard setting. Dine by candlelight beside one of our six brick fireplaces.We are open for lunch Monday through Friday, 11:30 to 3:00 and for dinner every night from 5:00pm. Reservations are highly recommended. Il Terrazzo thanks Victoria for continuously voting us Victoria's Best Italian Restaurant. We offer an internationally acclaimed wine list, and a menu offering Northern Italian cuisine, featuring wood-oven roasted meats and pizza, home-made pasta, and fresh West Coast seafood.

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    • Photo of Arielle C.
      Arielle C.
      West Hartford, United States
      Jan 20, 2024

      The most fun dining experience: consistently unique flavour combinations that keep you coming back for more, cozy and intimate atmosphere, and a menu that's big and varied enough to never get bored!

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    • Photo of Mary W.
      Mary W.
      Tacoma, United States
      Dec 25, 2023
      Updated review
      1 check-in

      Delicious! Great service! All around 5 stars! Romantic like atmosphere we will definitely keep this on our list of places to eat in Victoria when we visit! Even the leftovers were delicious warmed up! The bread and everything was just as delicious 2 days later!

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      Dec 21, 2023Previous review
    • Photo of Matthew R.
      Matthew R.
      Sacramento, United States
      Jul 12, 2023
      Updated review

      Truly phenomenal restaurant. One of the best meals I've had in a long time from an unassuming local neighborhood Italian joint.

      Service was friendly, prompt, and efficient yet not overly intrusive. The food was just delicious. Went with a pasta bolognese and the panko crusted pork scaloppini. Couldn't get over how amazing both dishes were. The portions are massive so plan to have enough for lunch the following day.

      Cesar salad was perfectly crisp and fresh with a super light dusting of dressing. Would have loved to try dessert but there was simply not enough room to fit anywhere.

      The wine list far exceeds what one would expect for a local "joint" such as this. I'll Terrazzo a superb experience with a nice vibe and very upscale atmosphere. You won't be disappointed.

      Pork tenderloin
      View from the table
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      Jul 7, 2023Previous review
    • Photo of Stacy S.
      Stacy S.
      Seattle, United States
      Jun 16, 2023

      Enjoyed dinner here last night. The food and service were great.

      We had a romantic table by the window, which was lovely... except for the clattering sounds coming from the kitchen, which felt really loud.

      Portions are large, which our waitress warned us about... and she was great in helping us identify how much to order and still have room for dessert.

      He enjoyed the osso bucco. I had the halibut, which had the most delicious vegetables with it. We shared the scallop and smoked tuna appetizer, which had more of an Asian flare and was yummy. The dessert was great - flourless chocolate cake for me, Panna cotta for him.

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    • Photo of Leah A.
      Leah A.
      Tacoma, United States
      Jul 10, 2023

      Food and drinks were 10/10!!

      Highly highly recommend the portobello mushroom salad and pastas. Pizza can be skipped.
      Specialty cocktails were surprisingly inexpensive as well.

      Overall, Il Terrazzo is a must-visit if in Victoria! Make reservations!

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    • Photo of Rikki G.
      Rikki G.
      Seattle, United States
      Apr 9, 2023

      Being generous with 4 star review. I would come back and try a different dish perhaps. The ambience was intimate with dim lighting, lit fires, and exposed brick. Service was kind and prompt with orders. Every table is served focaccia bread with an olive oil with olive chunk side.

      Linguine Marco Polo: I appreciate this is a long standing dish on the menu but I failed to see the pizazz. The peppers were over cooked. The noodles were undercooked. The mango was interesting but it seemed like the dish is trying so hard to be unconventional it just misses the mark for me. 2/5 stars.

      Tonno: delicious thick chunks of panko crusted ahi tuna on a bed of thin spaghetti. Much better dish that was tastefully plated and enough to make one full but not over the top. 5/5 stars.

      Drinks: tad overpriced considering specials and Moscow Mule served in a glass cup with little ginger beer instead of a metal container. Strange.

      Again, I would return but not quickly. And I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend. But if you see a reservation opening, sure. Pop in. Enjoy!

      Marco Polo
      Tonno Ahi Tuna
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    • Photo of Man E.
      Man E.
      Seattle, United States
      Dec 20, 2023
      Updated review

      WDecembe 2023 We recently returned to Victoria BC and reserved dinner at Il Terrazzo and was delighted. Cool and damp outsie, the restaurant was an inviting warm and cozy retreat. Service and the food are consistantly excellent.

      Oso Buco and GAMBO di AGNELLO
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      Feb 1, 2020Previous review
    • Photo of Robert B.
      Robert B.
      Seattle, United States
      Aug 12, 2023

      This is definitely one of Victoria's harder tables to get, and it's easy to see why.

      THE ROSES: Cozy, intimate atmosphere. Great 'date restaurant'. Attentive staff. The food is very well executed, and the portions are rather generous (TOP TIP: don't go nuts on the bread; you'll have a hard time finishing your dinner! They are very helpful in setting up people who have dietary restrictions like Gluten intolerance.

      THE THORNS: On busy nights, this place is pretty loud and chaotic. It's hard to have a conversation because of the noise.

      THE VERDICT: If you want a fun restaurant that's great for people watching and serves very good Italian food, Il Terrazzo will not disappoint.


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    • Photo of Lana U.
      Lana U.
      Nokomis, Minneapolis, United States
      Jul 3, 2023

      Simply amazing. Good luck getting in without reservation. We went there at 5:32 pm w/o reservation and we ok last table ( on Canada Day weekend). Food was so so good.

      Goat cheese .. something... salad and added Tuna. Salad was 18CAD and 5 oz Tuna was 25CAD. INSANE!!! Waiter did not inform us that tuna would cost more than salad. Should of ordered salad that came with fish already for 22 CAD!! Disappointed here ! But was delicious

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    • Photo of Andrew S.
      Andrew S.
      Vancouver, BC
      Nov 22, 2022

      We decides to come here for dinner while in Victoria. We didn't have reservations but were lucky enough to get seating at the bar.

      We got a bit carried away and ordered 2 main and an appy. We thought the calamari was the usual type but when it came, we thought we got the wrong dish as it looked like chicken finger. To our surprise, it was calamari. The outside was crispy and the inside was soft and tender. The polenta, chorizo, roasted peppers and tomatoes worked well that we wanted to finish it but we needed to save room for our main dishes.

      The pollo appollonia was delicious. The chicken breast ws juicy and tender. The toppings: tomatoes, roasted garlic, prawns, marsala wine and basil enriched the flavors of the dish. This dish, I finished it all.

      The cannelloni de maiale was creamy, full of flavor from the bacon, cream, pulled pork, mozzarella and apple compote.

      Our waiter was the best, he anticipated what we needed, from water, box for leftovers, extra utensil, etc. He was courteous, efficient, and had a great attitude.

      We would recommend this place and we will be back if we're in Victoria again and make sure we make reservations.

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