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    Italo P.

    Located in Victoria's historical district in James Bay, steps from the Inner Harbour, Il Covo Trattoria is a memorable and unique dining experience. Being a Trattoria, it's the perfect spot for any occasion where you can enjoy casual, rustic Italian cuisine in a warm, old world Tuscan ambience. Also offering a beautiful garden patio for outdoor eating in an al fresco Italian style.

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    • Photo of June M.
      June M.
      Vancouver, BC
      Jan 6, 2023

      Food was definitely a little bit over-hyped... The ambiance and service, however, was perfectly on point.
      The wine selection was lovely.

      I would definitely recommend this place if you've never been; I'd be very intrigued by their pasta for the next time we're in town.

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    • Photo of Courtney O.
      Courtney O.
      San Diego, United States
      Sep 1, 2022

      This place came highly recommended and is clearly popular as they were reservation only on a Sunday night. The ambiance is romantic with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

      Overall, food was just okay. This definitely wasn't the best Italian meal I've ever had but it wasn't terrible either. I loved the caper berries on the Caesar and the seafood pasta was fresh!

      Service was slow and we were probably in there for two and a half hours. Ended up getting dessert to go because we were tired from the length of the meal.

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    • Photo of Jessie W.
      Jessie W.
      Vancouver, BC
      Mar 17, 2022
      Updated review

      Unfortunately didn't keep my word from my previous review of not coming back -- because a friend coming to visit made a reso.
      We were going to be a party of 8, including 1 toddler and 1 infant. My friend the mom of the 2 kids was flat-out REFUSED at the door by a shockingly rude greeter who basically said the restaurant cannot accommodate young children. Um...what?!?! Do you have a sign on your storefront displaying that you're an 18+ (or more like 50+ based on my survey of the clientele) restaurant?

      Later on a manager called my friend to apologize, offering to have us back at our reserved table. But NO WAY we were going back to this horrible place -- we had a found much better alternative. The manager also offered a giftcard as compensation for the rude treatment, but to my knowledge this promise has still not been fulfilled. Either way, no matter -- neither we nor my friend's family will ever return nor ever recommend this place.

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      Nov 18, 2021Previous review
    • Photo of Susan M.
      Susan M.
      Fernwood, Victoria, BC
      Dec 19, 2023

      Great Italian restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia. Great wine selection, good service

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    • Photo of Jonathan A.
      Jonathan A.
      Modesto, United States
      Jul 21, 2023

      Great food and drinks. Make a reaervation though they get really busy. Service is amazing

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    • Photo of Liz M.
      Liz M.
      Issaquah, United States
      Dec 1, 2023

      Excellent food, even though open dining there were tasteful partitions to keep noise down and create intimate spaces. Yes a little pricy.... Overall a great experience and special evening. Appreciated the communication regarding the seating windows when making the reservation.

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    • Photo of Matthew M.
      Matthew M.
      Wainwright, AB
      Oct 17, 2023

      this place is always amazing amazing garden patio is sure to please everyone Cant wait to go again.

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    • Photo of Richard B.
      Richard B.
      Bonney Lake, United States
      Jun 4, 2023

      Went to Il Covo for our 45th anniversary. Lucky enough to get a 5:30 reservation in the garden. There are very few tables down there. Heaters and enclosure blocked the wind and we were very comfortable in 65 degree evening temps. Our server, Jake was exceptional. He brought us a complimentary glass of Prosecco for our anniversary and told us about the specials for the evening, and then gave us just the right amount of time to think over the extensive menu.

      I had a delicious glass of Chianti Classico because they were out of the Italian Rosso wine, and my wife had her usual- gin martini, very dry, up with a twist. She declared her martini one of the best she has ever had in a restaurant. A lovely basket of focaccia with a garlic tapenade came after we ordered our dinner. We shared a Caprese salad and Jake was kind enough to bring separate plates and our entrees arrived just as we were finished with our salad.

      My wife had a wide pasta with mushrooms (pappardelle con fungi). Absoluetly splendid! Piping hot and the variety of mushrooms in the luscious cream sauce... to die for. I had linguine puttanesca. Ample portion of puttanesca sauce with perfectly cooked pasta. This is simply some of the best food we have had in a restaurant in a very long time.

      I would highly recommend Il Covo Trattoria to anyone. The service was top notch. The food was spot on. The garden location (call the previous day) is a beautiful place to eat. If you get Jake as your server even better. We spent $132 US for drinks, dinner, salad, and $30 tip. Worth every penny. Bravo!

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    • Photo of t d.
      t d.
      Coronado, United States
      Aug 24, 2022

      Super cozy and cute garden seating. The service as excellent. Meatball appetizer was good but nothing special. Cold soup was interesting, I think it was fennel with blue cheese on top. We had cioppino (a little too sweet & salty with plenty of seafood), risotto special with crab & asparagus, rich & decadent. Portions are generous.

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    • Photo of Eric M.
      Eric M.
      Victoria West, Victoria, BC
      Jan 11, 2023

      Il Covo has had great food and not-bad service. HOWEVER..,
      I called to make to make a reservation-
      their webpage doesn't support reservations, so phoning is the only option.
      I was put on hold, and forced to listen to a corny old Dean Martin song OVER... and OVER... and OVER.

      After the fifth episode of this punishment- I hung up.
      Business must be really good if they can afford to treat customers like that!

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