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    ivan C.

    Motul 8100 x-cess 5w40 full synthetic with oem oil filters oil change service $70

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    • Photo of Kevin C.
      Kevin C.
      Markham, ON
      Jan 9, 2024

      Absolutely stellar service at iGarage! I've been entrusting my cars to Ivan for several years now, and the experience has consistently been nothing short of fantastic. It's evident that Ivan is not just a mechanic; he's a passionate professional who takes genuine pride in his work.

      What sets iGarage apart is not only the exceptional technical expertise but also the honest and fair approach to service. Ivan consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that my cars are in top-notch condition. His dedication to providing quality service is truly commendable.

      From routine maintenance to more complex repairs, iGarage has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations. The transparency in communication, coupled with fair and reasonable rates, makes every visit a stress-free experience.

      If you're seeking a reliable, skilled, and passionate auto service, look no further than iGarage. I cannot recommend Ivan and his team enough for their outstanding work.

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    • Photo of Tina L.
      Tina L.
      Toronto, ON
      Oct 21, 2023

      Got my oil changed here. They were quick and timely. They also inflated my wheels for me.

      My car hood was malfunctioning and they went above and beyond in helping me troubleshoot the issue!

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    • Photo of Anthony C.
      Anthony C.
      Scarborough, Toronto, ON
      Dec 11, 2023

      I've been going to Ivan and iGarage since 2015. I have a subaru crosstrek and he is an expert on Subaru's. I used his shop for simple jobs like oil changes and swapping out my seasonal tires to bigger jobs like replacing brakes and wheel barrings. I always have a great experience when I need to get work done. He is fast, his mechanics are friendly, professional and his shop is always neat tidy. I moved to the north york area but there is no other shop i would take my car to. Thanks Ivan!

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    • Photo of Ed U.
      Ed U.
      Markham, ON
      Mar 24, 2023
      Updated review

      Also just had my van fixed.
      - engine valve cover gasket replacement
      - spark plug replacement
      - brake line fix
      - exhaust repair (replacement of portions of exhaust with leaks)

      Vehicle now running much more quiet and accelerating faster. Great work as always from Ivan and team.

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      Dec 23, 2022Previous review
      Aug 6, 2022Previous review
    • Photo of Ruby A.
      Ruby A.
      Toronto, ON
      Apr 27, 2021

      iGarage is definitely five (5) stars all the way!

      A relative recommended Ivan at iGarage, and I kept him in mind for my next car repair. I needed brake replacements, as well as switching out my winter tires. I spoke to Ivan a few times, both on the phone and via email, and he is very responsive.

      I parked my car parallel to the service bay door, and met Ivan inside. I also had a written list, which we discussed. I noticed how friendly the employees were, and how well they worked with each other. The appointment times seem to be very well organized, and my car was in the bay within 10 minutes. After inspecting my car, Ivan explained I also needed a brake flush, and the total time would take approximately one hour.

      When the work was completed, an employee took my car for a test drive. It has been running smoothly ever since.

      I also appreciated Ivan's honesty; the invoice was exactly as discussed prior, and he repaired only what was necessary. A great find!

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    • Photo of Hameed K.
      Hameed K.
      SoMa, San Francisco, United States
      Aug 3, 2023

      Quick, easy and quality service! I used to hate taking my cars for repair and stretch it as far as I could, but they changed my outlook to it. The Team there is very knowledgeable and does not try to loot you! Best place! Def recommend!

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    • Photo of Monika K.
      Monika K.
      Bogota, United States
      Nov 1, 2018

      I found them via yelp and drove over. It was a bit confusing to find. It's a small garage with many other garages side by side.

      Oil change, cabin filter change - $90

      While I waited on the side on random chairs, I met a couple who swore by this place. They had been coming for ten years and wouldn't go no place else. Waiting area was uncomfy and cold. Dress warm.

      He recommended I get winter tires and I thought maybe he's trying to sell me tires. But they didn't have tires. He was just being nice.

      Ps: they only take cash ...had to drive to a bank

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    • Photo of Susan I.
      Susan I.
      Peterborough, ON
      Jun 24, 2022

      If I could give 6 stars, I would! I researched garages and oil change businesses on behalf of a friend whose life circumstances are overwhelming. I was hoping to connect her to a garage that she could go to in the future, somewhere that I could trust would not have all sorts of "upcharges" or "find" extra work needed. Because of the reviews, the price, and speaking to Ivan himself, I made the appointment and sent her to his shop. Not only did she find Ivan and his staff very personable, but they went above and beyond to help her. The oil change was done quickly, but there was some noise going on, which they discovered to be excessive rust on the brakes. That took twice as long to deal with as the oil change, but there was no charge. I am relieved (because I sent her there) and grateful, because now she has such a good place to go for any future issues.


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    • Photo of Farheen S.
      Farheen S.
      Richmond Hill, ON
      Dec 1, 2020

      Introduced to iGarage by my boyfriend and I've always had good experiences! Going from the dealership for every single little thing to going to iGarage has been amazing. Everything is quick and well priced. Their work is good quality and they never try to gauge you. Being a girl who doesn't know much about cars, we're often preyed upon when it comes to fixing our cars but you won't get that here. My go to for auto stuff!

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    • Photo of Johnny B.
      Johnny B.
      Toronto, ON
      Mar 8, 2019

      ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME was the thought that kept going through my head as I experienced 3 trips here on my first day.

      Trip 1, $30 cash for Standard Oil/filter Change (they offer $80 for Synthetic, last longer etc...i got old crappy 15 years old Toyota, no need) + Engine light came on need a look, I haven't had an oil change done since 6 months ago. I figured it could be that's what causing the engine light to go on. Turns out to be electrical, either change spark plugs or change spark plugs and ignition coil. Suggest that I have spark plugs changed first, see if engine light comes on again since ignition coil rarely if ever is faulty over vehicle lifetime. OK. Saves me some money.
      The kicker? The whole thing took only 12 minutes. Oil change plus diagnosis.
      ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME?!?!?! My GF who went to Agincourt Nissan for her oil changes average 2 hours wait per trip there.

      Trip 2, $30 cash for Standard Oil/filter Change for a year old Nissan after I told my GF and she did not want to take a whole day off work just to get an oil change done at Agincourt Nissan.
      The kicker? This oil change took 5 minutes.
      ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME?!?!?! That's faster than a haircut...brush your teeth and wash your face and filter/oil changed for your car.

      Trip 3, $140 cash for replacing all sparkplugs (mind this is a 15-year-old Toyota, so other models/years may be more expensive). Originally 2-3 people came after me as walk-ins to get an oil change and they said they are kind of busy...call Ivan to make an appointment. I did speak with Ivan during Trip 2, which he said no problem, just bring in the car they will try to get it all done I may just have to wait for a little. I didn't wait for more than a few minutes for them to finish with the guy's nice Honda before me. Everything was changed in less than 15 minutes. I asked about this loud noise that's started happening recently with the car, like metals banging together. Ivan said they will take a look. He and his mechanics raised the car afterward and showed me this giant piece of metal cover under the vehicle that's above the exhaust pipe that goes to the front of the car, and another piece connected to it. Both were rusted and lose. He offered 2 solutions, 1 is to get it replaced which may run at least $400, or 2, they help me just remove the metal plate.
      Not only did they cut and remove the dangling metal plating, but they also drilled at least 2 screws to tighten and stabilize the other lose one closer to the front of the vehicle that also was touching the exhaust pipeline and making noise when I drive. DID NOT charge me extra.
      Result? Car runs years younger. Feels amazing.

      Last time I went to a dealership with a bearing and transmission issue, i was out of $3,000, 2 weeks, 2 trips, and was lied to, got a Used transmission instead of New even when I was told I was going to get all New parts and New transmission because I refused the lower price for Used parts. Apparently, they couldn't find a New part and never bothered asking me if that's okay, and if they revert to the lower quote for the Used parts option. Here at this repair shop, you are given all the info you need, and freedom to make your choice and options. Their service is efficient and impeccable. You literally get to sit next to where your car gets worked on and see everything in person (see photos).

      I will recommend anyone I know to come to this place for easy drive by oil changes and make appointments for any car issues! Only down-side is they open only Mondays through Fridays during standard work hours. Generally, people work standard work hours. Hopefully, they would consider Wed-Sun schedule at some point.

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