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Joshua M.

We serve locally produced craft cider plus one of a kind international cider. Our approach to food is genuine and natural. We believe in a strong connection to our landscapes and seasons in order to obtain our ingredients at their peak. We maintain relationships with those who share the same passion for quality and sustainability. Emphasizing simplicity and purity of ingredients, balanced by great execution, the cuisine is Canadian with tributes to early English and French settlement all the while complementing our many ciders.

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  • Photo of Nicole T.
    Nicole T.
    Toronto, ON

    This restaurant with its new tapas-style menu completely exceeded my expectations! The restaurant's unique specialization in cider options initially drew me and my party in, but the overall experience will keep me coming back!

    The first thing that impressed me was the restaurant's cozy and inviting atmosphere. The warm lighting and rustic decor made me feel like I was dining in a traditional Spanish taverna. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, providing expert recommendations on which ciders to pair with our food choices.

    Speaking of the food, the tapas-style plates were absolutely amazing! Each dish was expertly prepared and beautifully presented, with a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

    Now, let's talk about the cider. Wow! The restaurant's selection of ciders from different regions and producers was truly impressive. Our server recommended a few different varieties for us to try, each with its unique flavor profile and complexity.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an authentic and memorable dining experience. The cider selection alone is worth a visit, but the food and atmosphere truly make it a standout destination. Five stars all around!

  • Photo of Emily M.
    Updated review

    Update from 2017...it's still a 5!
    We arrived 30 minutes late for our reservation, so obviously our table was given away but the staff were still able to seat us.

    The service and food were great. They have even more vegan options now on their small menu and they were all lovely.  We had the gnocchi, eggplant and carrot dish. They were all great. They have cider flights and a rotating selection which is lovely.

    The vibe and ambiance are intimate and lovely.  Will definitely be back.

    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada. Cider flight
    12/1/2017Previous review
  • Photo of Rainie L.

    Well, after bookmarking this place for 2 years, I finally got a chance to come check it out for brunch. Outside it doesn't look like much but inside, it had a nice vibe and was cozy and intimate. We got the Flight of three 4 oz sampler ciders $14, the Dad's breakfast, and the Shashuka. Also got the fresh pressed apple cider which was sweet and delicious, and the lemonade which was tasty.

    Food 4/5 pretty good
    Drinks 4/5 above average
    Vibe 4/5 up there
    Washrooms 5/5 so clean even during full house busy weekend  brunch. Smells nice in there and the soap smells great too. If I could, I'd vote them for top ten Toronto restaurant bathrooms.

    Verdict: Just go already.

  • Photo of Kat J.
    Kat J.
    Toronto, ON

    I had never been to this place as I'm not really a cider drinker. I'm sure if you were it would be even better because they have such a great selection. I saw that they have flights of cider so it seems really neat that you get to try a variety of different ciders in one seating.
    I did eat a lot of the food though. My group shared the fish tacos that were very flavourful with just a little bit of heat. I got the arctic char as my main course. You can see from the photo it was beautifully presented with a lovely yellow bar blanc sauce, green beans, purple sweet potato. It was beautiful and delicious.
    We also shared their flourless chocolate cake which was delicious. It had a delicious caramel on it and it was a perfect treat to end off the night.
    Our server was also so lovely. She was knowledgable and sweet and funny.

    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada. Arctic char
  • Photo of Tony F.

    Big chef's kiss!!  Was here for a weeknight dinner and it couldn't have gone any better.  

    The flight of cider was tasty, but the food was even better!  For a reasonable price these days you're getting amazing food.  I can't stop thinking about the brussels sprouts.. mmuuuuahhhh..  I don't even love brussels sprouts, but dammit I can't stop thinking of them.

    Service was fantastic.

    It's a small place, so I'd recommend making a reservation a head of time.

  • Photo of Troy E.
    Troy E.
    Honolulu, United States

    This was my second time coming to this cider bar and restaurant for brunch and I will keep coming back whenever I'm in Toronto. The food is delicious and it's really fun to order the flight of ciders. You can try something fruity, or sour, dry, or spicy if you're in the mood to be adventurous. The flight is fun because you get to compare them each side by side.
    What I love about this place is not only is the cider good, but the food is amazing as well. I ordered the corned beef with eggs and potatoes. The corned beef was super tender and the potatoes were extra crunchy. Yum!

    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada
    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Sara B.

    Full disclosure, I'm obsessed with this place. It's a total gem... charming, cozy and everything is so damn tasty. I would be there right now if I could.

    Staff is super friendly and helpful with the menu. Five stars for them alone.

    The cider flight is a great way (best way) to get started. I enjoyed everything I tried with the standout being Vanilla Spice for me. The server described it perfectly "... if apple pie and cream soda had a baby". And sold!

    I haven't eaten here yet so I can't speak to the food (I prefer my calories in liquid form these days) but I do want to try it soon. Smoked salmon benny, I'm looking at you. Crispy brussels, you too.

    Another fun tip, why not check out The Rock Store across the street while you're there. Crystals & cider? Yes please. Sign me up for that any day of the week that ends in a "y".

  • Photo of Lily G.

    Amazing selection of ciders. Waiters are friendly and knowledgeable, made some good suggestions. We were here on a Sunday afternoon with a group of 6 for my bachelorette party. Seated on the patio. We did make a reservation ahead of time. Would come again if in the area.

    Photo of Her Father's Cider Bar & Kitchen - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Janine W.

    So this is just for the brunch, I wouldn't recommend. It wasn't busy so likely a sign we should of gone elsewhere.
    Best part was the freshly squeezed OJ.
    The food was mediocre. My friend barely ate hers
    The homemade ketchup was good for dipping the sausage in. The sausage was only good because of the sauce.
    We both had the 3 eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast.
    My eggs were overcooked as well.
    I've read going there for cider is a better experience but don't go here for brunch!

  • Photo of Maryann K.
    Maryann K.
    Reston, United States

    Great restaurant with a lovely outdoor garden! Service was amazing. We had the bartender choose two flights worth of cider for us. They have a really diverse menu with something for everyone. We ordered oysters, prosciutto, fries, tuna tartare and dessert. The food was great but my only critique is the addition of dried tuna flakes to the tuna tartare. They reminded me of fish food as well as some treats I give my cats. I get it that they were trying to add texture but it was a miss for me. There are other ways to get crunch.  The chocolate cake was amazing!!!! It was paired with crème fraiche which tasted very luxurious and sinful. I'd definitely go bad to this place!

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