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    Bracelet Repair in 2 reviews

    Ring Repair in 1 review

    Jewelry Clasp Repair

    Jewelry Cleaning & Polish

    Jewelry Chain Repair in 2 reviews

    Earring Repair

    Jewelry Clasp Replacement

    Jewelry Redesign

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    370 - 800 Broadmoor Boulevard

    Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4Y6

    Serving Sherwood Park Area


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    • 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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    Exclusive Charriol designer jewelry. Custom made jewelry, restyle of your existing jewelry, jewelry repair & watch repair. On site goldsmith, gemologist, jewelry appraiser.

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    • Photo of Jessie O.
      Jessie O.
      Sherwood Park, AB
      Feb 12, 2021

      I've not done enough reviews to match the number of check-ins I've made during COVID season
      Nows a good time as any to break the chain and form new habits!

      Lovely little jewellery store in a mini strip mall area just inside Sherwood Park. Totally didn't notice the sign by the door about having to get buzzed inside the second door haha... (probably to maintain max # of people in store for restrictions)

      I was immediately greeted upon entering, and although the space is quite compact the setup is still great! Lots of shiny sparkly things to lay eyes upon
      Jacqueline was able to point me quickly to what I was searching for and hot darn I'm so glad I went! The items I had in mind where from American online sellers, and there on the counter was exactly what I was thinking of buying, but now it's there, it's cheaper, AND it's local!
      Super excited for the available selection, and also the costs of each type - colourful & fun or sleek & sexy

      Thankfully I was referred there by another company - Get It Laser Engraved - so now I can support 2 local places! Buy blank jewelry from one and get it engraved at the other. Win-win for everyone
      (Thank you Stephen from GILE!)

      Homg these are available in Alberta?!?
    • Photo of Don N.
      Don N.
      Sherwood Park, AB
      Oct 6, 2021

      So I popped in to see Jacqueline the other day, I had not been in the store for years. I forgot what and amazing place it was, so many shiny things to look at. While I was there I watched as she helped a very nice lady with a damaged bracelet she brought in, she also took her rings and cleaned them while they were waiting, customer service done right.
      I was eyeballing some bling myself, and asked about the process to make things. She explained it all to me, not as easy as most people think, and they can do custom work so others don't have the same thing. I do love to be different!
      Looks like I found a sweet little local place to do business, and Jacqueline is such a bright shiny gem herself, a bundle of personality.

      Wrist thingies
      Shiny stuff
    • Photo of Jennifer R.
      Jennifer R.
      Sherwood Park, AB
      Mar 13, 2019

      Poor customer service and terrible work. I dropped off a bracelet to be fixed and was told it would be 2-3 days. A week later I called to inquire and no one knew what was going on or called me back. I called every few days and still nothing. Finally I'm told it'll be ready at noon. I drive in at 12:45 and still not ready, but it'll be ready that afternoon and they'll call me. Of course no call (they never once called to update me on the status of it). Finally I got fed up and picked it up almost a month later. They had scratched my bracelet and reversed the magnets so they were repelling each other. So I got my bracelet returned in worse shape. The owner didn't seem even slightly bothered when I told her the lack of communication and disrespect from their company.

      Go to faithful jewellers if you need jewelry fixed. They're knowledgeable, respectful to your items and care about their customers. They've been a breath of fresh air in comparison to the joke of Gem Gallerie.

    • Photo of Cassie T.
      Cassie T.
      Edmonton, AB
      Aug 11, 2020

      After having to cut my ring off my finger at home, I had Gem Galleries fix it. They did a beautiful job and it looks brand new. Very happy with the service as well, very friendly!

    • Photo of Gord G.
      Gord G.
      Edmonton, AB
      Oct 2, 2018
      First to Review

      I took my watch in to the Gem Gallerie to have the battery changed. Very friendly and attentive service.

      Another client was in the store being attended while I waited my turn. The staff seem to provide a very personalized service approach to their clients.

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