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Alexandra Park, Trinity Bellwoods, Queen Street West, West Queen West


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Lee B.

We specialize in Tattoos from the shop minimum walk-in to the multiple sitting realism pieces and everything in between. Feel free to call us 416-792-5670, or email us with any idea's you may have.

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  • Photo of Liam A.
    Liam A.
    Santa Monica, United States

    This my place whenever I'm in Toronto and Androjeny is a beaaast! She did 3 smaller tattoos on me and also a 10 hour rib piece and I couldn't be happier.  Also had a small neck piece done by key who is also dope af.
    Chill as vibe in there and everyone's coooool
    Will be coming back often haha

  • Photo of Aurelien G.
    Aurelien G.
    City Place, Toronto, ON

    Terrible place with terrible people working here.  Don't waste your time or money going here.

  • Photo of Andrew C.
    Andrew C.
    York, Toronto, ON

    I have to agree with some of the other reviews here. Do your research and spend your money elsewhere for a better product.

  • Photo of Natasha K.
    Natasha K.
    Scarborough, Toronto, ON

    I had a friend who got his tattoo here and was very pleased with it so as my first tattoo experience. I called a week in advanced and sent emails for me and a friend of what we wanted done with a few artistic modifications.

    The owner, Andrew, is very friendly, and very warm. It made the experience very enjoyable. I was paired with Jenn as my artist and she really did a stellar job and her line work is beyond amazing. She was very patient with me when my arm would go numb from holding still and she did a great job of calming my nerves.

    Thanks for making my first tattoo-ing experience so spectacular.

    Photo of Forever Young Ink Tattoos - Toronto, ON, Canada. Artist: Jenn
  • Photo of Derek S.
    Derek S.
    Sherman Oaks, United States

    Everything about this shop is fresh! Traveled all the way from Los Angeles to Toronto to have Potter handle a Medusa piece I was sitting on for a while. Saying he killed it would be an understatement! Not only is he super talented in what he does, he's a really cool dude. At the time you had Higor, Nikki, and Kyle doing pieces for other people as well and they are ALL super talented. The owner Lee is super chill and runs a clean and professional organization that just brings a feel good vibe to clients and everyone that just stops by to hang out. No regrets in traveling the distance and hanging out in Toronto! Well done forever young ink...

    Photo of Forever Young Ink Tattoos - Toronto, ON, Canada. Potter killed it!
  • Photo of Stacey P.
    Stacey P.
    Old Toronto, Toronto, ON

    I have several tattoos and this is by far the best place I have ever come to receive one. I live in Sudbury, and make the 4 hour trip just to get tattooed by Kyle. I had some reservations based on these reviews, but I've now come to realize they are most likely written by disgruntled people who need to have their voice heard even if they're saying nothing of substance.

    Kyle is amazing. He was very receptive to my wants, and extremely creative. I gave him a lot of artistic freedom with my sleeve in terms of layout and placement, as long as some specific components were in it and he loved it. He doesn't get offended if you're not completely sold on one of his ideas, and he works with you to find something that will work on the body and be in line with what you were envisioning.

    He is super welcoming and friendly. He makes completely appropriate jokes, engages you in conversation with things you may have mentioned previously. For me, we talk a lot about food because we love food, and about weightlifting because I am a powerlifter. I actually enjoy conversing with him.

    He works quickly, and his art is beautiful. His attention to detail is spectacular. He really puts a lot of effort into ensuring his work is original, and he doesn't copy other tattoos.

    The receptionist/apprentice Andrea, is very welcoming and kind, as well as beautiful! Her reminder phone calls are so appreciated, and I can't wait to see some her work!

    Andrew, the operations manager is one of the main reasons (other than Kyle) that I decided to choose FY as my shop for my sleeve. He was extremely friendly and accommodating. On my way to my first session, he called me to ensure I was getting there okay (because I was late, oops) as well as to advise me where to park. When I got there, being from Sudbury and driving a large truck, with never having driven in Toronto in my life I had no clue how/where to park. Andrew actually went out and parked my truck for me so I didn't hit anything or get a ticket.

    All in all this shop is amazing. It is clean, well organized, and they're always playing good music. It was different genres every time I went in but always made me jam. This shop, and specifically Kyle is well worth the wait as well as the price. I actually enjoy that he waits to design the piece until I am present because he considers all of my input on the spot. I will be getting all of my future pieces done by him. I'll continue to review as I get more sessions, but right now I couldn't be any more impressed with the shop as a whole than I am right now. Thank you so much FY!

  • Photo of Cindy L.

    Walked in here with a friend since she wanted her navel pierced. The people there were very friendly and informative. My friend said the girl piercing her was very nice and helped her calm down because she was nervous and it didn't hurt at all. She also provided her with information of how to clean the piercing as well. My friend loved the end result!

    Oh on Tuesdays and Thursdays they have piercings special for $35 plus taxes. Awesome deal IMO. Not sure if it's a permanent special but I was just there a couple of days ago. TRY IT OUT!

  • Photo of Monroe C.
    Monroe C.
    Toronto, ON

    I'm very hesitant to try new places and new artists.. to me it was just another flashy tattoo place. However over time I kept hearing from one of my clients of one particular artist who was AMAZING at fine detail and lines. I have a lot of tattoos already but I had moved from Ottawa where my very talented artist works. I had followed the artist on Instagram to see more of their work and blew my mind. Had to give this artist a shot.

    My artist not only spent their time but really wanted to personalize it to what I wanted. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about them and their work.

    However.. trying to get an appointment with them is RIDICULOUS. They barely pick up the phone and when they do.. they're pretty cold. I work in customer service and believe me.. no customer wants to go to a shop with that first impression of the shop's front desk.

    I have now started to contact my artist directly so there are no mix ups and I feel much more welcomed than when I try to phone in.

  • Photo of Robert B.
    Robert B.
    Toronto, ON

    This will be pretty long but here goes. I went in there about a month ago with an idea in mind, a quote about it and some general ideas on a design I wanted done on my upper arm to cover up an old, lame tattoo. I was told that it would have to start with the main animal and then go from there, but I would be shown some artwork on the design before the appointment which was about a month later. It was clear the artist I chose because of price range couldn't speak English too well, but the manager did a good job of communicating. I was asked to put down a $200 deposit which I found to be excessive,  but I'd been searching for artists for a while, had the money so threw it down.

    Later that day, to clarify something regarding the design, I e-mailed and was responded to by one of their employees. He explained to me that the artist would rather do the tattoo in black and grey and asked me if I had any problem with that. I e-mailed back and was explicit about wanting some colour and about clearing that beforehand should there be any issue. I never heard back so I assumed all was ok.

    Six days away from the appointment I had not heard anything about seeing a design so I went by the shop. The manager told me that it was just to be worked out before the session and that the artist would do a killer job. I politely but reluctantly agreed, as this was not what I'd been told nor what I wanted.

    I went in and basically we started looking at pictures on the internet for the main animal. The issue about colour then arose, as it was told to me then the artist indeed only worked in black and grey. Clearly this should have been addressed when I originally e-mailed them about it but wasn' now it felt a bit between a rock and a hard place, compounded by the fact the manager then brought up the fact of $200 non-refundable deposit being on the line. I  suppose he was just doing his job, but at that point I was more concerned about what was permanently going to go on my skin rather than worrying about money. Anyways, he said we should get the ball rolling and that later on, another of their artists could add in some colour so i was good with that.

    The next thing was the size...when it first went on my arm I saw that it was too big, and to that the artist kind of snickered and responded that smaller than that would be a "girl tattoo" which I thought was kind of a cliched joke. There could have been a language issue, and the female artist on staff who was very friendly throughout the day stepped in to try and explain things a little. Anyways we haggled a bit, and in the end I agreed to a certain size which i still feel is a bit too big and doesn't leave a lot of room to personalize the tattoo the way I originally intended when the whole process started. I however, take full responsibility for that...I should have been more attentive to how the size looked and been firmer in communicating.

    In the end, the actual work that was done was of very good quality and the artist was a good dude so that's cool...I chose them because of the realism style I wanted and because it's clear they are all amazing tattooists. However, I feel the process had considerable flaws, and although the people were generally friendly the place kinda had that too cool for school hip hop vibe which just doesn't resonate with me and I probably shoulda gone somewhere more my speed. I will be going to another shop to finish off the colour and see if they can personalize the work for me without taking up too much more space....and that's an honest appraisal of my experience there.

  • Photo of Natasha A.
    Natasha A.
    Toronto, ON
    First to Review

    AMAZING!  FY Ink simply ROCKS! I had been looking for an artist for a while and couldn't find anyone who was as enthusiastic and talented as I wanted them to be.  Then I walked into FY Ink.  First, I should say that the amount of talent at this shop is just amazing.  The quality of work that comes out of here is exceptional. Lance did an amazing job on a freehand piece for me and to be honest it makes me want to cover up the rest of my ink because they just don't seem worthy of being close to his work.  I had a blast the entire time chatting with everyone and sharing some laughs during a process that can at times be lengthy and boring.  Thanks Lance and everyone at FY Ink. I'll be back in the new year and trust me when I say I won't even glance in the direction of another Tattoo shop ever again.

    Photo of Forever Young Ink Tattoos - Toronto, ON, Canada. Freehand work by Lance M.
    Photo of Forever Young Ink Tattoos - Toronto, ON, Canada

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