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    • Photo of Erica H.
      Erica H.
      San Leandro, United States
      Aug 5, 2023

      We recently purchased our first home with Flyhome. Our agent Stephanie was super nice, helpful, responsive, and communicative. She walked us through the whole process and guided us all the documents. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to purchase a home.

    • Photo of Tomy T.
      Tomy T.
      Fremont, United States
      Nov 2, 2022

      We had been looking for a house for few months before finally finalized the purchase. Flyhomes definitely played a critical role in our house search and purchase process and we would highly recommend Flyhomes for using its excellent house buying services.
      Edelino, our main agent, was very passionate and considerate in helping us with all kinds of issues and problems during the house search and purchase process. Not only did he show in-depth knowledge about the houses and markets, but the overall package and process was designed to be convenient for us (as an inexperienced home buyer) to understand and follow, so we was able to use the suggestions from Edelino and his team to finish the offer, loan and closing processes smoothly. This has been an enjoyable experience for us.

    • Photo of Michal S.
      Michal S.
      San Francisco Bay Area, United States
      Mar 2, 2022
      Updated review

      Do your own research & run the numbers in Excel.

      Flyhomes w/ cash offer can realistically save you $50K-$150K (2022 SF Bay Area market), make sure the interest on the short-term loan will be much lower than that. We purchased our first home with Flyhomes and used their Buy before sale program on our second home, because of the crazy seller's market in SF Bay Area. We also took advantage of their Flyhomes Mortgage 30-day close guarantee, which is super competitive for a jumbo refinance (not sure how long they would have this offer).

      Our timeline with Flyhomes:
      * Feb 2019 Clicking on a Flyhomes Facebook Ad (!)

      * Mar 2019 Buying our first home. At the listing price ($100K cheaper compared to the appraisal - $25K spent on the loan = $75K savings)

      * Dec 2021 Bought the second home with Buy before sell program + cash offer. 2% above the listing price (compared to standard 10-20% above the asking in our ZIP code). The appraisal came in at $250K above the purchase price. Thanks mainly to the cash offer, our kickass agent Rose Karta, and the end of the year timing.

      * Feb 2022 Sold the first home with Flyhomes listing team. 32% above the listing price! I was worried about this part of the transaction, saw the strength of the Flyhomes mainly in their buying program. But the market remained solid in January and Rose Karta (our agent for both transactions) together with the listing team (Tanisha) did an incredible job. The whole process was fully remote, with multiple vendors coming and going. Cleaning, staging, inspection, photo & video team. Everything was according to the timeline with email updates.

      * Mar 2022 Finalized the long-term jumbo loan with Flyhomes Mortgage with a 2.25% rate. They were able to match the best offer we were able to find for jumbo refinancing (Ally bank) + we paid down some points as we don't plan to move in the next couple of years. Nadya was our loan officer, to whom I publicly apologize for too many emails.

      It was a bit stressful 3 months, moving so close to Christmas, postponing the listing by one month while having the bridge loan, but the whole Flyhomes team made sure the process is as smooth as possible, and in the end, it worked way better than we expected.

      The real estate market is crazy, educate yourself on the newest tools/services like Flyhomes. If you have any questions regarding our experience or more details feel free to reach out to me.

      Also, don't just signup for Flyhomes via their website, use this link to get yourself and me $100 amazon gift card:

      I hope this was helpful. Stay safe folks.

      Business owner information

      Photo of Aryan K.

      Aryan K.

      Mar 15, 2019

      Thanks for the review, Michal. I'm glad the team was able to help you get a new home. Let us know if we can be of any help in the future.

      Mar 15, 2019Previous review
    • Photo of Yiming M.
      Yiming M.
      CA, United States
      Dec 22, 2022

      Stephanie He was a detailed and thoughtful agent, navigated the home selling process for me provided useful advices to maximize my home sale. I had a great home selling experience with the team's supports and super smooth closing. We went through every step from the whole processing was exactly as her presentation. Even though the recent market was cooling down, she kept me motivated and tried every way to convince the buyer agents and proactively arranged open houses every weekend until the property sold.

    • Photo of Liza B.
      Liza B.
      Berlin, Germany
      Oct 20, 2022

      Karena Chung is just great. She helped us find a new house this September. We are first-time buyers so we were very jittery and goofy about the whole process. But Karena knows the market and SF/Berkeley neighborhoods. She gave us a lot of clear guidance and great advice and was never pushy. She was the one who had suggested the house we ended up buying, we love our new place and neighborhood. Karena is great to filter our preferred properties, she works within your budget, and she works hard.
      It took us only 3 days of viewings to find our home, and believe me, the SF market is very competitive! Karena worked nights to send out offers (we ended up bidding on 3 properties). Karena also helped us with refinance, she is very involved, and she is our friend, not just a realtor. We will use Flyhomes and Karena again in the future in case we outgrow our current home.

    • Photo of Alex L.
      Alex L.
      San Jose, United States
      Jul 18, 2022

      Very good services provided. But they don't stand by your side when things get tough.
      Wouldn't recommend to my friends!

      Business owner information

      Photo of Jared B.

      Jared B.

    • Photo of Chad C.
      Chad C.
      San Jose, United States
      Dec 19, 2021

      Not totally a fair review since I didn't end up using their service. After initial interest I scheduled a call with them. I'm not even sure what them means, since I scheduled it with one person and another person called me that I wasn't expecting. This "warm call", wasn't the greatest as they couldn't provide any details and seemed to be capturing info on me with little to return. Some of the info in the first call seemed to contradict my second call.
      This second call was considerably more detailed and this person could answer questions. I feel this is a good service with a good business model if it fits your needs. This would be great for first time buyers or people trying to find away around contingencies.

      Business owner information

      Photo of Jared B.

      Jared B.

    • Photo of Tina S.
      Tina S.
      Milpitas, United States
      Jun 20, 2022

      We just got our dream home with Renna @ Flyhomes!

      Our agent, Renna, is amazing. She's helpful and detail-orientated without being pushy. (I can't deal with the pushy types...) She insisted on taking us to tour all the houses herself, is super-responsive, and always answered all our questions. She prepared the list(s) of places to tour on a weekly-basis, and took our preferences and budget into consideration. The entire process was quick and painless. We started looking in April, made the purchase in May, and moved in in June.

      Flyhomes also had a lot of resources that gave us a better idea of what the house-purchasing process is like, and provided data such as neighborhood comparisons. Renna took it one step further and helped us make sense of the reports and not just to trust it blindly - as the market was on a downward trend, it wouldn't have made sense if we went in with such high bidding prices as determined by the reports.

      All in all, highly recommend!

    • Photo of Kris M.
      Kris M.
      Emeryville, United States
      Jul 12, 2022

      Lily Tu was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.
      She is straight forward, honest and has a high moral standard. For that reason we have worked with her and her amazing team for many transactions, both buying and selling houses. They have great marketing, and esthetic sense. She is also a joy to be around, has a great sense of humor and happy to call her a friend. The transaction was smooth, easy, and successful in every way. You can not go wrong with this young intelligent professional.

      Business owner information

      Photo of Jared B.

      Jared B.

      Aug 16, 2022

      Always great to see repeat clients! Thanks for the review and for your trust in Flyhomes!

    • Photo of lani p.
      lani p.
      Santa Clara, United States
      May 26, 2022

      LeAnn Yang was awesome at helping us sell from the start & made the process a breeze! Always on top of things from driving by property, scheduling a wonderful cleaner, obtaining representation for eviction, had a wonderful photographer and also, pick up service for keys once sold! Highly recommended she is very friendly & authentically helpful & very efficient! Flyhomes is an awesome company with taking care of clients as priority. So glad we listed with Leanne, great negotiator & closed it with flying colors!!!
      Highly recommended! She is an email away:)


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