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    2197 Bloor Street W

    Toronto, ON M6S 1N2



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    Serhat S.

    Argentinian charcoal grill, Mediterranean mezes and tapas, original Anatolian recipes, classic Italian espresso, Turkish coffee and delights and design store.

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    • Photo of Ozlem K.
      Ozlem K.
      Toronto, ON
      Nov 21, 2023

      Very delicious authentic food. The flavors are unbelievable.

      Amazing hosts, stylish venue.

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    • Photo of C M.
      C M.
      Thornhill, Markham, ON
      Jun 3, 2024

      Absolutely incredible ambience, people and food. Omg you're going to be blown away!!!!

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    • Photo of Derek S.
      Derek S.
      Toronto, ON
      Sep 3, 2023

      By far one of the best restaurants in Bloor-West Village. While this neighbourhood is not known for its food, Flame might be a reason to go out of your way to visit. Mezes, Kebabs and a variety of meats in the Turkish style set in a cute restaurant that hides one of the cutest rooftop patios around. The Pancanga and home made bread were a perfect start, while the ribs and kebabs were delicious, but the dish I am still thinking about is the Atlantis - fish fillet app covered in a turmeric and dill sauce that is worth the visit on its own. We will return to conquer more of the menu under the guidance of a wonderful staff. Teşekkürler!

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    • Photo of Ruth S.
      Ruth S.
      Old Toronto, Toronto, ON
      Jan 30, 2024

      The food here is amazing. I have been several times, and my partners planned a surprise birthday party for me here with many of my friends.

      Several of them came back and said thanks for introducing us to that restaurant. It was so great.

      Also, the service and the people are top-notch!

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    • Photo of Svetlana K.
      Svetlana K.
      Orange County Great Park, Irvine, United States
      Jun 15, 2023

      This place is SO good. Seriously impressed.
      Food is delicious, the attention to detail, silverware, plates, everything was amazing. Highly recommend!

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    • Photo of Kathy B.
      Kathy B.
      Old Toronto, Toronto, ON
      Nov 25, 2023

      Pretty terrific meal here! Of our appetizers, the pacanga was the star--or perhaps the variety of options was the star, since it was far from the usual meager hummus thing. The bulgur patty was not my thing, texture-wise, but hey, now I've tried it... The mains were fantastic, with the lamb skewers and the super-moist chicken breast skewers being our favorites, especially as they were accompanied by some really tasty garnishes (broiled clementines, onion salad with sumac). The three of us had two orders of laz boregi for dessert, and I think we might go for just one the next time, as they were huge and intensely sweet.

      The staff were wonderful and the food came to us quickly and efficiently. The plating of food added to its charm, as the black platters set the food off so dramatically, it felt like an occasion to eat there! One bit of a drawback to the ambiance is that the place is a bit smoke-scented, the same as it can be in a tabletop bbq place. Personally I don't mind that, but a friend of mine can't take it, and I won't be bringing him here though I know he'd love the food. Hm, maybe they do takeout...

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    • Photo of Iksheeta S.
      Iksheeta S.
      Toronto, ON
      Mar 7, 2022
      Updated review

      Some of the best and unique tasting food I've had in Toronto. It is super local. When we went there, one person (the owners friend) pulled out a guitar and started playing traditional Turkish music and everyone else at the restaurant joined and sang along. It was really really cute and so heart warming.

      The owner is incredible. He comes by all tables and talks to his guests, takes their order.

      Highly highly recommend this place!

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      Mar 4, 2022Previous review
    • Photo of Ritu D.
      Ritu D.
      Mississauga, ON
      Oct 2, 2019

      Came for a private event....what a cool place!
      Everything inside from furniture to dishes is made by local artisans. They had the coolest knives at $300 for 6.
      The upper level has seating, a bar and a washroom...as well as an area displaying all the items for sale.
      The lower level, where we had dinner, had anopen kitchen, seating and a washroom. They set up a screen for our speaker.
      The appetizer plate had stuffed eggplant,rice stuffed peppers and a cheese stuffed pastry. I didn't have the pastry but hubby said it was delicious and so flavourful. The other 2 items were also great.
      Three brought out a carbon bread with oil mixture that everyone enjoyed. They gave me cucumbers as the bread had gluten and the oil mixture had cheese.
      The entrees were either lamb, beef or brussel sprout/veg plates. Each plate came sizzling hot and everyone enjoyed their meals.
      The staff were super nice and friendly.

      Brussel Sprouts
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    • Photo of Grace L.
      Grace L.
      Toronto, ON
      Jan 15, 2022

      Amazing food and service! I've been to Turkey and loved the Anatolian food which is not easy to find. Got take out and will definitely be frequenting again! The lamb shank was perfectly juicy fall off the bone (and my dog loved the bone too). We asked for no salt and to our surprise not only did they agree the flavors were still aromatic I'd say it didn't even need the salt! Will have to try everything else on the menu and everyone else needs to try this place. Can't wait to dine in when that's a thing again!

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    • Photo of Laura R.
      Laura R.
      Toronto, ON
      Aug 4, 2019

      This restaurant offers delicious Turkish food. We had a selection of tapas to share and the cold soup.

      Everything surpassed my expectations, as the food is so flavourful.

      They also have a design store upstairs with lovely plates and glasses which are available for sale.

      We will be back for sure!

      The only recommendation would be to adjust the air conditioning. We visited on a hot day, and it was hot inside the restaurant.

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