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  • Photo of Ozlem K.

    My first time in this location. We got the house special super bowl congee seafood which is amazing price and good for 2 people. It was super delicious and had lots of seafood inside.

    I like the decor and the ambiance. I will go there again and again for sure.

    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada. House special congee
  • Photo of Jennifer M.
    Jennifer M.
    Sterling Heights, United States

    Solid Chinese food. Fairly busy on a Monday night and definitely seemed understaffed. Took forever for the waitress to take our order. But once order was taken, the food came out pretty quick.

    Portion was... huge for the price! I'm from Michigan and I was surprised by the size comparison. Taste was good. Safe option for dinner.

    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada
    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada
  • Photo of Doug G.
    Doug G.
    Greater Toronto Area, ON

    Casual Chinese Cuisine

    Parking: Lots of parking in The Shops plaza

    Ambiance: You know you're walking into a Congee Queen, it's not amazing, it's not wow but it's Congee Queen.

    Food is "OK la"
    Quality has gone down since they first opened.

    Service: Quick/Fast, Very Friendly Staff, always keeping an eye on you to make sure if you need anything they are there to help.

    What we ordered:
    Half a roast duck - comes with a side of beans and sweet/source sauce
    Flavor was mediocre, salty and the skin was not crispy... tasted like it was soaking in it's own juices. Lacked texture/flavor.

    Pork Internal Delicacy Congee
    Congee was a little bland, good flavor on the delicacies, but nonetheless not my first choice. Still a good place for a pick me up it's ok la.

    (Yao Tiew) Dough fritters for Congee were surprisingly v crispy when it first came out.

    Stir fried sirloin with rice noodle in satay sauce
    seasoned with bean sprout, chive, green onion & sesame in satay sauce.
    The pics don't match what we got, little chunks of beef, the flavor was ok but it was lacking.

    Some dishes were overly salted while others were underseasoned.

    Would I come back?
    If I need a quick bite in the area.. sure but there are better places in the area.

  • Photo of S J.
    S J.
    Whitby, ON

    Casual delicious dining. Can get quite noisy when it's packed. Quick takeout service.

  • Photo of Lynn W.
    Lynn W.
    Flushing, United States

    This place gets quite busy so make reservations. Even though we had reservations we still had to wait 10-15 min. I enjoyed their mushroom casserole pot. All of there dishes were flavorful and authentic. Their chew chow duck was moist and extremely tasty...a bit different than the traditional duck we get in NY. I would try this when coming here since it's different than other Cantonese duck places.

  • Photo of Jiaqi Z.

    Congee queen is a such classic chinese go to restaurant in The greater Toronto Area. The food is good, but what really makes this place popular is the consistency, I never had a bad meal here and they have always been on top of their game. It is always a safe pick if you can't decide on what to eat.
    - extremely fast service
    - authentic taste
    - not too much msg
    - great family atmosphere
    - everything on the menu is good

    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada. Pork cutlet
    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada. Cantonese chow main
    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada. Fried turnip cake
    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada. 豆苗
  • Photo of Jason T.

    All the dishes here are a hit. They definitely have some of the best bbq pork and bbq duck in Toronto. Gotta ask for the half fatty bbq pork though, or else it'll be too lean.

    We also love getting the XO sauce fried rice rolls. A super quick char and nice crisp to the outside while maintaining the texture of rice rolls.

    Also, we usually get the fried glutinous rice as well. It never disappoints.

    We come back often and will keep coming back again. And don't forget about the congee (I guess they're called Congee Queen for a reason). Their mushroom 7 grain congee is our go to.

    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada. Bbq pork and bbq duck
  • Photo of Vinkin Ken T.
    Vinkin Ken T.
    San Francisco, United States

    I love this place a lot. They have delicious Asian food and their prices is a great deal for the portion sizes you get. It's no wonder they have several locations and each time I visit they are busy. Despite that they are busy, they are fast in getting your food out. Even during the pandemic. On my last visit our group of 6 ordered 8 dishes and we had enough left overs for 6-7 take out boxes to go! Everything came out within 10-15 minutes. Insane! We arrived at 8pm Friday night and there was no wait.

    Their most popular item is their turnip "patties" which are more like pan fried turnip cubes. Similar to a turnip cake at dim sum places. They are slightly crispy on the outside and oh so fluffy on the inside. Had to order 2 of those. 1 spicy but it wasn't. Ask for chili sauce on the side. Their empress fried rice has seaweed, bonito flakes, unagi and unagi sauce. Takes like a takoyaki or unagi roll in a fried rice form. Delicious!

    Our bill was $127 before tip and it could have easily fed 10 adults.

  • Photo of Samantha L.
    Samantha L.
    Gaithersburg, United States

    Among the Congee Queen in the Greater Toronto area, this was my least favorite location for its blander food. We ordered our favorites from other locations, which included the Sweet Fried Dough, Cantonese Style Chow Mein, Shrimp & Black Fungus Dumplings, Shrimp & Chicken Fried Rice with Cream & Tomato Sauce, and Crispy Grass Carp Fillet Congee. We enjoyed 3 out of the 5 dishes we ordered. The Shrimp & Black Fungus Dumplings and Shrimp & Chicken Fried Rice with Cream & Tomato Sauce lacked flavor.

  • Photo of Isabelle C.
    Isabelle C.
    Markham, ON

    Delicious Chinese food. Restaurant is big and service is good. Portions sizes are big and prices are very seasonable.

    Photo of Congee Queen - Thornhill, ON, Canada

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