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Coast Medical is a bright modern clinic with 2 additional locations in False Creek and Whistler. Come to False Creek to see a family doctor. Walk-ins are welcome. Our highly trained physicians and nurses also offer aesthetic cosmetic services: CoolSculpting and Botox.

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1018 Seymour Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 2E8

Granville Entertainment District, Downtown


  • 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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  • Photo of IdeaRabbit C.
    IdeaRabbit C.
    Vancouver, BC

    I used to go to Carepoint on Davie before this place opened up. I'm so glad it did! It's modern, bright and clean. The waiting area is usually very cold with the AC blasting, so bring a sweater/jacket, even in the summer especially if you're sick.

    The staff are friendly and helpful despite their hectic work from a never ending lineup of patients at the desk and phones ringing off the hook. Most of the doctors I've seen have been excellent.

    They used to be closed on Sundays, but now they are open 7days a week and late on weekdays, so it's great if you have a Mon-Fri 9-5 kind of job. Your files are all on the computer with quick and easy access by the doctors. Not sure if it's because they've become popular but the wait time is getting longer and longer (expect 1.5-2 hours). I just wish there was a spot for doctors accepting new patients at this clinic. I unfortunately go to the clinic frequently, so doing walk-ins all the time is a bit of pain.

  • Photo of Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R.
    Vancouver, BC
    Updated review

    I feel compelled to come on here and update my review.  I have been with Coast Medical for over a year now and have been dealing with Dr. Li as a family practitioner. I am able to get appointments within a few days at slowest.

    ALL of my concerns are heard, and being neurotic about my health, I ask a lot of annoying questions. I have been given EVERY test I have asked for, which goes far above and beyond the standard practice.

    When results come in, though I am not called for anything normal, I am able to seek reassurance from the front desk girls who will go out of their way to find my results, bring them to the doctor and report back their findings, all while I wait on hold.

    I am thoroughly impressed and stand by by first review. If you can get in with Dr. Li as a doctor, I recommend it. His demeanour will put you at ease and his knowledge and confidence are reassuring.

    4/12/2016Previous review
  • Photo of Lisa Marie M.

    I've been here a few times. It's clean and very close to where I live. Located on Seymour, south of Nelson street.

    I came here two different times when I had had severe asthma attacks.

    The first time I was rushed in with no wait, and immediately hooked up to a nebulIzer. Then they decided I needed additional treatment, and so they called St Paul's Hospital Emergency and sent me there by cab.
    I was able to be seen and hooked up with no wait.

    The next time I had another severe asthma attack, they weren't quite as helpful. They made me wait, even though I clearly was having an extremely hard time breathing. I was wheezing badly and felt I couldn't get any oxygen to my lungs.

    The Dr who saw me acted aloof and like I was an inconvenience to him. I asked about the nebulIzer and he blew me off - even though I clearly was having major problems breathing.

    He didn't give me anything at the office, so I continued to have my attack until my RX was filled! I went away still feeling the same as when I arrived- I was not happy !

    It was a horrible cold day that we had a snow storm and everything was frozen. It took a long time to get anywhere. My husband had to go fill my RX for me which took forever.

    Anyone with asthma knows how scary it is when you can't breathe. I was wheezing so loud and couldn't catch my breath. I couldn't believe he sent me away still having a full blown asthma attack! I haven't been back since.

  • Photo of Julie S.
    Julie S.
    Central, Vancouver, BC

    I have been here several times and can honestly say that this place has provided the worst medical treatment that I have ever encountered. I've had two notable experiences that are worth sharing:

    1) There is a male doctor there who is so aloof and dismissive that I truly don't know how he works in an industry with people. He doesn't look at you in the eye at all and his sole focus seems to be getting you out of there without actually hearing how he can help. I came in for an internal (female) exam and he handed me the swap tool and (no word of a lie) told me to insert the swab as high as I could go and swap around inside of myself. I stood there with a dumbfounded look and said to him "isn't this your job?". I was appalled that he was asking me to swab myself.

    2) The second experience was with a female doctor who sat on the computer Googling my symptoms and reading off a check list on a search result asking if I had those symptoms. I felt like I was being punked.

    I highly, highly recommend finding another clinic for your medical needs.

  • Photo of E D.
    E D.
    Central, Vancouver, BC

    Go somewhere else!  Anywhere else!

    I've been here 3 times, once for someone else, twice for me - the doctors here are fracking useless!

    Seriously, just go somewhere else!  Anywhere else!  
    The average person on the street will be as helpful as the doctors here.

  • Photo of Brian M.
    Brian M.
    Vancouver, BC

    Trash. The staff at the front desk are unconcerned about wasting your time. Expect to be treated poorly by them.

  • Photo of L A.
    L A.
    Vancouver, BC

    On several occasions I was told that it was alright to come in on Saturdays to do a Pap smear. I confirmed on the phone with the staff that it was good to come in on Saturday with no appointment. Staff reassured me it would be done with no problem.
    So, I come in on Saturday the same week and staff says no, it cannot be done on Saturdays!
    Staff seem so unaware of what's available and not!
    I think it's time for a staff meeting for coast medical-Will not be coming back to this place. Suboptimal patient care/customer service.

  • Photo of Alex O.
    Alex O.
    Vancouver, BC
    Updated review

    I take it all back. Coast Medical is a dangerous, disorganized mess. Stay away. The lack of attention to detail I received from a number of doctors here could have cost me my life.

    My GP Dr. Graham went on paternity leave. He made a recommendation to see a different doctor, though that Doctor also went on some kind of leave, which left me very up in the air in terms of finding someone that was on the same page for my ongoing medical needs.

    Full disclosure: Dr. Graham was doing his best to treat me for ongoing depression and anxiety in addition to a potentially cancerous growth. These are not things you want to leave to doctors you do not trust or have a relationship with.

    I saw two different doctors (one Dr. Li and I can't remember the other one - they're not even on the website) for my depression/anxiety and another doctor (Dr. Ying) for the growth. The first doctor prescribed an antidepressant without explaining that things might get worse before they get better. Optimistic about the future, I was on this antidepressant for about a week before I noticed my symptoms get 10x worse, and I had no idea why. This cost me my relationship and ended up with me in the hospital connected to an IV under suicide watch for 32 hours.

    The second doctor said the growth was something else, and prescribed an ointment that did nothing. I eventually went to see a specialist who reaffirmed that it was a tumour, and I was scheduled for surgery two weeks later.

    The lack of attention to detail and explanation with both of these situations reflects the quality of care you're going to get at Coast. While Graham was good, I wouldn't take my chances here again.


    9/17/2015Previous review
  • Photo of Melissa T.
    Melissa T.
    Vancouver, BC

    So rude.

    I came there once, and had to go back a week after as the treatment they gave me didn't do anything.
    I don't have any MSP, I have an insurance that requires me to pay first.
    The front desk woman asks me 4 times, loudly
    "Its 150$"
    "Yes I know"
    "Are you going to pay?"
    "Ok you have to pay before"
    "I know"
    I go to seat to wait, another woman talks to the front desk, and come see me in front of everyone
    "Its $150 are you going to pay?"

    Jesus Christ. Most awkward staff I've ever seen

    So after I proceeded payment in this welcoming atmosphere I finally saw a doctor, AGAIN.

    Will never go to this clinic again

  • Photo of Andrew N.
    Andrew N.
    Vancouver, BC

    Staff has no respect for your time. You will get lied to about wait times. Lost an entire day of work for what I was told would be a 45 minute wait.

  • Photo of Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L.
    Richmond, BC

    The clinic looks new, nice and clean but the Dr I was booked with was not the nicest. She made me feel like she was on a very busy schedule, so would not have time to explain much, and personally I prefer doctors who show that they care for their patients more.

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