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    Mandy C.

    Canton Wok has one of the bests Chinese food in town. There are a variety of foods that is loved by many people.

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    • Photo of Rocco S.
      Rocco S.
      New Bedford, United States
      Jun 27, 2023

      Pretty bad service.
      Ordered a dish, it was inedible, I returned there explained this to the woman and brought the food back uneaten--- she wouldn't help me at all.

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    • Photo of Richard D.
      Richard D.
      Providence, United States
      Oct 27, 2022

      Im unsure why people are coming to a CHINESE TAKEOUT SPOT AND COMPLAINING ABOUT GREASY FOOD its quite laughable. Anyway, the half chicken is great. Just perfect taste.

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    • Photo of Chyna L.
      Chyna L.
      Rumford, East Providence, United States
      Jan 19, 2020

      Summary statement: I would not give this food to my husband just finished puking his brains out.
      Had this delivered last night and boy was that a mistake. Every dish we ordered was poorly cooked or inedible altogether. I am pregnant and decided not to try the chop suey because the beef looked gray and slimy and I am so happy that I didn't risk it. My husband who did take one bite (before throwing it out because it was so disgusting) has been sick all morning. He has thrown up several times and has had severe diarrhea.

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    • Photo of Valerie H.
      Valerie H.
      Redlands, United States
      Jun 6, 2020

      My husband and I just had take out from this place. I am a little upset you can't give a negative star rating.
      I had the fried wontons, dumplings and the house wonton soup. My husband had hot and sour soup and pork chopped suey. We have never had such a terrible meal. My wontons were so over cooked I had to let them sit in my soup so I could get through them. They were so over cooked you could break a tooth on them. The dumplings had no flavor, the dipping sauces were useless. Way to sweet, tasted like some kind of bottled sauce. The soup had no flavor, there were two pieces of pork, a chunk of celery very tasteless.
      My husbands dinner was even worse, his hot and and sour soup had no spice he found a couple of vegetables when he got to the last inch of the container. No meat, no tofu no flavor. The chop suey was even worse. Lots of sauce, no flavor and two pieces of pork. The entire dinner was awful. My poor husband has been in the bathroom twice so far and we finished dinner 20 minutes ago.
      Needless to say, we will NEVER go there again.

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    • Photo of Janet G.
      Janet G.
      Warwick, United States
      Nov 17, 2018

      I have come to this place since I was a child. I am definitely a regular and all their meals are awesome. Anytime it's cold or even in the summer(yes I can eat soup on 101 degree weather) it's amazing. Full of vegetables and beautifully plump wontons, this is my hometown favorite. They are beyond kind, welcoming and super caring. I love this place and always will.

      Awesome wonton soup. Warms the soul
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    • Photo of Mona B.
      Mona B.
      San Francisco, United States
      Jul 18, 2020
      Updated review

      So sad that this place has gone downhill! Used to get my take out from them all the time. Now the food quality is gone and the portions are half the size they used to be. Also double the price.

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      Jul 19, 2019Previous review
    • Photo of Alicia D.
      Alicia D.
      East Providence, United States
      Jan 21, 2017

      BE LEARY OF THE POSITIVE REVIEWS. THEY ARE TRADING REVIEWS ON YELP FOR FREE APPETIZERS. Forgot to take pictures of the sign, but it's true. If you leave a review while you're there and show it to them they'll give you a coupon for a free app.

      I didn't want to believe it. All the reviews said they were under new management, and it was awful. I thought "no way, I've ordered recently....didn't I? Seems the same to me." IT'S NOT. They were all right. And alas, I sit here writing this review, heartbroken.

      Melodrama aside, I'm a pretty picky eater. So Chinese food is tough for me. When I was very young we used to eat at Mei King in Pawt until the owner, Arthur, sold it. So the hunt for another place began. We moved to EP and found Canton Wok. It was PERFECT. Not too expensive, quality food, portions were enormous. Quality and value in one.

      The new/current restaurant leaves much to be desired. They are serving the same menu with much lower quality ingredients, and smaller portions, but charging the same prices. The gravy, for instance, is the same gravy I've tasted at other MUCH cheaper restaurants around the state. The old beef teriyaki, if you were a prior customer, looked almost like a thick strip steak from the grocery store, cooked to a nice crisp. What they have now is barely passable as both beef and teriyaki. It's a paper thin, sickly looking piece of meat that barely takes up half of the stick. The fried rice used to be so plentiful it barely fit into the large container. We are now getting the equivalent of half that, yet it costs the same and quality is lower. The substitutions we used to make are no longer allowed. A lot of people were throwing it away or equating it to dog food. I don't totally agree, but can understand it. My mother tossed her meal out, and she hadn't really eaten in 3 days.

      I've added photos so you can visualize what I'm talking about here.

      Since the quantity AND quality are incredibly diminished, I could have gotten the same meal elsewhere, at a TON of different places around Pawt and EP, for 1/3 the cost. I've done it. The cheap, low quality places are dime a dozen. Hence, there's no good reason for us to return any longer.

      As for the staff, they seemed nice enough. The children (yes, children -- in the evening) at the counter were sweet, but of course they didn't really know what they were doing.

      I would suggest management just change the name of the restaurant and stop operating under the name "Canton Wok." When the members of this small community come here they expect the same quality and quantity they've gotten from Canton Wok for almost 20(?) years. When they don't get this, they are ANGRY (hence the terrible reviews.) If you just change the name and lower prices to meet the expectations of quality, people will not expect you to serve the same food they are used to, and the incredibly bad reviews will eventually dissipate.

      We are a tight knit community. If you keep operating under the name of our beloved chinese restaurant that you have pretty much demolished, I fear your new restaurant isn't long for this world.

      Or maybe don't. Then the old owners can buy it back from you at pennies on the dollar and bring it back to it's former glory.

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    • Photo of Maggie K.
      Maggie K.
      Pawtucket, United States
      Feb 9, 2017

      What happened to this place??? Is there a new owner???

      They cut portions in half! No joke, but did not lower the prices! One of the best things about this place was the portion size...that's why people came here instead of 10 other places within a mile radius. Now that's done. I guess that's to Moonstar in the future.

      If anyone finds out if the old owner opens a new place will you let me know please?

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    • Photo of Christopher C.
      Christopher C.
      Pawtucket, United States
      Jan 27, 2017
      Updated review

      For Years this was our go to takeout spot for Chinese food. the food was always very good, the portions were massive and the price was right. they even offered a great catering menu and dinner specials. Back in October either the management team or ownership changed. The food is now very inconsistent, the portions are only 25% to 50% of what they were originally and the prices increased.

      My advise to the new owner, remove the Canton Wok name. there is no brand loyalty left anymore. all the regulars you inherited from the previous owner are gone and they are not coming back, unless of course Henry buys it back.

      If this is just under new management you need to revert back to the old practices. Bring back the original food items, being back the large portions, and awesome specials. It is business 101 that raising the prices and lowering the portions is a practice that does not end well.

      It sadness me to say this, but if drastic actions of improvements do not occur very soon, then i don't see this once great Chinese restaurant, which has been in business since 1993, making it. Frankly, I'm surprised you made this long under the new owner/management ridiculous changes.

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      Jan 20, 2016Previous review
    • Photo of Ashley M.
      Ashley M.
      Rumford, East Providence, United States
      Oct 21, 2019

      P.S.A. if I could give ZERO stars I would. Now to the review..

      I ordered from here last night ( a Sunday night) even after reading the reviews (most of which are bad) but I took a chance because I saw a few good reviews in the mix too & I was starving and it's close by so I said hell how bad can it be?.. well let me tell you there's a reason 98% of the reviews are less than appealing (surprise, surprise).. the food was absolutely AWFUL!!!!! My boyfriend and I got 2 of the appetizer combo meals we each got crab Rangoon & beef teriyaki and I got chicken fingers, he got boneless spare ribs.. the combos also came with fried rice.. the only thing that was even close to being edible were the beef teriyaki.. even the fried rice was just horrendously disgusting!! I mean I don't know how you can mess up fried rice that badly! We ended up throwing everything minus the B.T. Away that's how bad the food was.. and honestly If I wasn't starving I prob wouldn't have even eaten that!

      The place itself raised red flags.. as soon as we walked in we noticed it was freezing cold inside and the kitchen area had NOTHING going, it didn't even smell like anything had been cooked in there at all that day let alone every day.. it was like walking into an empty dingy refrigerator.. never heard the phone ring, nobody else pulled up while we were there, the tip jar had 1$ and some loose change in it.. from the looks and feel of the place I highly doubt they do any real business just the random person like myself whose hungry and too lazy to drive somewhere else & takes a chance out of pure hunger lol..

      heed my and just about everyone else on here's advice and don't waste your money or your time.. you'll be sorely disappointed, down 20$ and still hungry..

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