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    Located in the heart of the Toronto’s Polish community, Café Polonez has been serving the people of the GTA for over 30 years. It was established with the premise of providing an authentic Polish home-cooked culinary experience. Till this day Café Polonez is a family-run establishment that credits its long run successes due to providing traditional homemade dishes made fresh daily, in a pleasant atmosphere and at a reasonable price. The menu includes a broad spectrum of Polish kitchen classics as well as a variety of additional eastern European delights. For those in the mood for drinks our menu is accompanied by a wide selection of Polish beers and spirits. Our atmosphere is bright and casual and we provide a service staff that is friendly and sincere. We welcome you for a true authentic culinary experience that is Café Polonez.

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    • Photo of Jamie K.
      Jamie K.
      Fairview Slopes, Vancouver, BC
      Oct 3, 2023

      Roncy staple. Dependable food -- especially the Hungarian pancake. Skip the meat platter and go straight for the entrees. You know you'll be back here to try the menu anyways. Family run restaurant means the service feels personal but just watch out this place gets buuusyyy. Loud interiors but can you really complain when the food is great.

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    • Photo of Jason T.
      Jason T.
      Richmond Hill, ON
      Feb 22, 2024

      The Store was nice and clean. Staff are super kind and helpful with suggesting dishes.

      Goulash - super flavourful and the veggies were cooks just right
      Bigos (hunter stew)- soooo hardyyy. Loaded with cabbage and stewed meat and sauage
      Beet Soup with dumpling mushroom - Super comforting. The mushroom dumplings was cooked just right and the filling ate soo flavourful
      Pierogi - cheedar & potato - made in house you could taste the freshness and eaten with onions and sour cream perfect!

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    • Photo of Gabriel S.
      Gabriel S.
      Newmarket, ON
      Feb 13, 2024
      1 check-in

      This place serves simple Polish food & prices are affordable. Not all the staff here speak English so that might slightly delay your experience. They get 3.5 stars.

      The Polish hamburger had a tasty fried meat patty but the bun was overly stuffed with toppings so it was hard to eat as a burger. It came with ketchup, mayo & mustard on the side for takeout.

      The Ukrainian borscht daily soup was tasty with dill, sweetness from the beets & lots of shedded beet & cabbage. There was added texture from beans too. It didn't come with sour cream (either that or the sour cream tasted like mayo), but had a few slices of bread.

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    • Photo of Dave P.
      Dave P.
      Toronto, ON
      Nov 8, 2023

      It was better than I expected.

      A friend suggested to go for dinner. I was not sure what to expect.

      The food was very tasty.

      The ambiance was blah but that's what I expected.

      The service was timely and attentive.

      Not fancy but very tasty.

      I'd recommend

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    • Photo of Agnes W.
      Agnes W.
      Koreatown, Toronto, ON
      Mar 14, 2023

      The only time I would have polish food would be during the holidays since my polish uncle is very particular about the polish food he would eat. So only homemade stuff.

      But this restaurant serves food the way he likes it and I like them too! I got myself the Hungarian style pancake, which is a humongous potato pancake with goulash. By default it comes eith pork goulash but for a dollar extra it can be replaced with beef paprika goulash, which I got. The pancake also came with sour cream, coleslaw, beets, and carrots.

      Such a well balanced meal!

      Hungarian style pancake
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    • Photo of Joy H.
      Joy H.
      Toronto, ON
      Jan 14, 2023

      Lovely restaurant! Very full house at around 5-6pm during the summer and everything was delicious!

      The portions are all very big, even though some may feel the portions look "decent"--it's actually too much for one person.

      We got the daily soup (cauliflower soup), the platter for 2, schnitzel platter, and the schnitzel sandwich. For a party of 5, we definitely over ordered. The single-items were still a bit too much for one person. The platter for 2 was massive, we split between 3 of us and still had leftovers.
      Cauliflower soup was a bit whatever, tasted like chicken noodle, but replace chicken with cauliflower. Still tasty though! A nice appetizer.
      The schnitzels were wonderful and not tough at all, super tender. My favorite is the cabbage rolls, the filling is to die for (they actually have the filling as a side "sauce" lol). The platter came with your choice/mix of potato + cheese or sauerkraut, both were good but not particularly stand-out items in the platter. All the salads, on the other hand, were perfection!

      Definitely recommend a visit for that homey feel! Staff are also lovely and make great recommendations!

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    • Photo of Jonny M.
      Jonny M.
      Vancouver, BC
      Nov 6, 2022

      Café Polonez is a staple family run, Polish restaurant that's been around since 1981. They're a few doors from Ed's Real Scoop.

      We dropped in on a Friday evening (with 7:00pm reservations). The inside was busy but didn't feel squished as tables are well spaced out. The sidewalk seating (shaded with umbrellas) was packed. Our server was friendly but we weren't checked on once it got lively.

      The menu is two pages but with a plethora of options; starters, salads, soups, sandwiches, Polish classics, Polonez signatures, schnitzels, combo plates and desserts.

      - Chlodnik ($8.95) - came with a side of potatoes; cold and bland. I had a taste and the cold borscht was fantastic. Our Polish friend said it reminded him of his grandma's cooking.
      - Flaczki ($7.95) - first time trying this and it was so satisfying. Tripe was incredibly tender and the broth was pure bliss. Came with a pile of rye bread.
      - Platter for 1 ($24.95) - the boiled pierogis were heavenly with a great bite. The bigos was super flavourful with sauerkraut, sausage, pork and mushrooms. Schnitzel was a generous portion topped with mushrooms. Nicely breaded and pounded thin. The beet and cabbage helped to balance things off.
      - Cabbage roll ($4.95) - we opted for the pork. Decent but standard fare.
      - Pulpety ($20.95) - the 6 chicken balls were massive, tender and the sauce really dilly. Plate came with potatoes, carrots, beets and cabbage. You can easily share this plate between a couple.

      I'd come back to CP in a heartbeat. Great portions and delicious Polish comfort food. 4.5 stars.

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    • Photo of Brandi C.
      Brandi C.
      Cincinnati, United States
      Jul 20, 2023

      Platter for 2 was "just like grandma made it"!!! Fantastic!
      Pierogi was exceptional and the schnitzel was both crispy and juicy!

      Cabbage rolls, pierogi (kraut and mushrooms /cottage cheese and potatoes), schnitzel with fried mushrooms, and 4 salads
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    • Photo of Steven C.
      Steven C.
      Toronto, ON
      Jul 2, 2023

      This place never disappoints well portion food that hits the spot with flavour and that homemade taste
      Can't get better for the price

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    • Photo of Sandy B.
      Sandy B.
      Woodbridge, ON
      Sep 18, 2022

      More of a 4.5, but 4 given I felt like the prices should include some standard items without being charged as add-ons.

      We were here as a party of four following a nice hike with friends around Bloor West Village and High Park. This was late summer in 2019 before COVID spun the world upside down so, for what it's worth, I can at least say that I would definitely come back next time I'm down in the Roncy neighbourhood.

      I can see that prices have definitely increased, which wouldn't have been a surprise even without COVID and the resulting havoc it wreaked on staffing. My husband and I both ordered a pork schnitzel plate, with potatoes and salad. The schnitzels were very well cooked and not greasy. The potatoes and salad were fresh and well prepared. Another of our party had the roast chicken plate and reported she was very happy with the taste, texture and temperature of her chicken, as we were with the potatoes and salad as well. These dishes did not come with any extras the way some other specials do, so no gravy or sour cream unless you add it on at menu cost. Our other friend went for a vegetarian option and an order of potato pancakes (which in this case did include sour cream, but nothing else.)

      The restaurant has a wonderful, warm atmosphere with proper wooden tables and chairs, lovely, large front window for light, yet cozy with no glaring light inside. The setup is nice and not bunched up, so going to the bathrooms (which were clean and tidy) didn't require bumping around other diners along the way. The wait staff provided attentive service without being cloying. All those things beside the food which make the difference between being a forgotten meal, and a memory that brings you back.

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