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    be love is an offering of sustainable organic cuisine to nourish and heal the body, mind & soul. Here to honor our earth community and one another, we mindfully source our ingredients, fostering change to provide a future of health, love & respect for all.

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    • Photo of Roger M.
      Roger M.
      Portland, United States
      Aug 30, 2023

      We parked our Tundra/Airstream rig at the Black Ball Ferry Line in line to Port Angeles later. Then, we strolled over to Bar Love. Recommended by a Whole Foods clerk, she said this restaurant was incredible and organic. Don't panic, it is Organic! And here we are primed to eat lunch.

      What a delicious and scrumptious lunch. Tempeh tacos, spicy mayonnaises slaw, cilantro yogurt, pickled red onions, candied jalapeños and pico de gallo. That's all? That's incredible!

      With a yum yum Kati roll include spinach roti, curry potatoes, radish cilantro & mint yogurt, roasted cauliflower, rhubarb chutney, pickled onions and arugula.

      Add a cup of coconut lentil soup of the day. Great to share for us two.

      So much grub and so much love into these wonderful organic ingredients. Be Love! Now tap your heart to share love to your Be Love server. And tap your tummy cuz you gave it love too. Tap the heart and tummy together! Get it! Try Be Love and love to eat well!

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    • Photo of Ritu D.
      Ritu D.
      Mississauga, ON
      Jun 10, 2023

      Rating 4.5
      Bright and high ceilings, nice decor, great food and friendly service.
      They make everything from scratch and it's all vegan and gluten free, including the spinach roti for the Kati roll. The roti had a nice texture and did not break or crack apart. The potato/cauliflower filling with pickled onions was nice but I was expecting a different flavour based on my Kati roll experience. It was tasty though and very filling. The side mushroom soup was ahhhhmazing! So tasty and comforting on a rainy day.
      The cacao smoothie was good but way too big to have with the meal so I put it in a take away cup. I ordered a piece of berry cake to go to enjoy later and it was nice....not too sweet.
      The servers were friendly and helpful. The items were pricey but the quality was excellent. I'm so happy I found this place

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    • Photo of Yojna J.
      Yojna J.
      Victoria, BC
      Oct 6, 2023

      We had a great time eating Be Love, a plant-based restaurant! The extensive menu filled with delicious plant-based options. The food was good. We had the tempeh sandwich and Spinach Kati roll. The mezze platter was my personal favorite dish. The The ambiance was lovely. The service was excellent. Highly recommended for anyone

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    • Photo of julie t.
      julie t.
      Daniel Island, SC, United States
      Jul 24, 2023

      Service was good but food was pretty bad. Only come here for drinks I think. And bring your own hot sauce omg the hot sauce was wack

      Tacos and curry (curry was made of water I think)
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    • Photo of Leslie E.
      Leslie E.
      El Cerrito, United States
      Sep 1, 2023

      Superb, nourishing food, lovely service, delightful ambience. Ezra was a gracious and helpful host. Attention to detail to flavors and presentation. Dedicated GF, DF, vegan, hooray! No refined sugars!! They make their own cheeses, milks, desserts, and they are phenomenal! Don't miss the medicinal fudge, it is a religious experience!

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    • Photo of Elizabeth R.
      Elizabeth R.
      Columbia, United States
      Nov 7, 2023

      Loved this spot. Quiet, great food, awesome servers. Had a great time and happy to find a vegan organic and gluten free restaurant!!

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    • Photo of Prudence T.
      Prudence T.
      Viroqua, United States
      Aug 12, 2023

      Great healthy food, kind and attentive service, serene ambience. Highly recommend the Mac!

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    • Photo of Marshall E.
      Marshall E.
      Tolovana Park, United States
      May 18, 2023

      Everything here is vegan and gluten free, which means my wife can have anything from the menu including dessert. She had the burger with side salad and I had the small karma bowl with bbq tempeh & kimchi along with pickled everything. Scrumptious.

      We ate it all and topped it with a berry cake. How did they make a dense, rich, moist cake without butter? I don't know but it too was excellent!

      Great vibe inside, with plenty of seating and a bar. Very friendly servers. Everything coming out of the kitchen looked amazing. We will return again for another (different) meal - so many choices.

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    • Photo of Sylvain P.
      Sylvain P.
      Mont-Laurier, QC
      Oct 14, 2019

      Another gastronomic trip on the veggie side.
      Everything is fresh, i enjoy my Jalisco bowl with beans squash and chili sauce(wich went into my nostril as it surprised me). My fiancee and step daughter had quesadilla with beans and cashew cheese and they like it as well as the soup.

      I like it but i prefer when vegetarian restaurant do their version of meat meals like veggie burgers etc. Because here i was hesitating what to eat cause they didn't have a big menu and it change every season.

      I give it a 4 stars for originality, but its a place were i wouldn't go every week.( i prefer Rebar and green cuisine.

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    • Photo of Amber V.
      Amber V.
      Hermosa Beach, United States
      Mar 31, 2023

      Amazingly delicious food! It was so good that we also took some to go for our ferry back to Washington. The Mac Bowl was possibly the best dish we had during our 3 days in Victoria, and the Market Salad was exactly what I needed. Service wasn't super quick, so expect to wait a little bit for your food.

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