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    A Taste of Victoria Food Tours is a two-hour guided walking tour through Victoria's historic Chinatown, Old Town and Inner Harbour. Along the route, there are tastings at 6 local favourites including, pierogies, craft beer, chocolate, tea and much more. A local guide keeps things lively, by sharing light-hearted stories about Victoria's past. You will leave feeling satiated and have a phone-full of photos from this beautiful city.

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    • Photo of Mike S.
      Mike S.
      Lansing, United States
      Oct 20, 2023

      Andy offers a great tour that highlights his deep commitment to the community and the businesses they make his neighborhood shine. His passion for Victoria, China Town, and food is obvious in his presentation and his relationships with the restaurants, bakeries, pubs, and other locations included in the tour. And you won't go away hungry! Well worth two hours of your time and the cost is a bargain.

    • Photo of Kelly N.
      Kelly N.
      Bellevue, United States
      Oct 15, 2023

      What a great food tour - a mix of historical spots and newcomers, sweet and savory, and fancy and casual spots to highlight the breadth of the local food scene and character of Victoria. Andy is fun, knowledgeable and passionate about his city - it was the perfect combination! I was a bit skeptical when my husband booked that this could be a cookie cutter food tour with some cursory little tastes at touristy spots, but this was anything but! He informed us up front that the tour is about 1200 calories - so definitely a full meal. We didn't need dinner even though the tour is 2-4pm. Would highly recommend!

    • Photo of Sasha J.
      Sasha J.
      Seattle, United States
      Dec 30, 2022

      We enjoyed our food tour with Andy! It was an informative tour, with food as the main star, and history about the restaurants and Victoria woven throughout. It's evident that Andy has developed strong relationships with the local businesses, as staff and owners took the time to do demonstrations or talk to us about their restaurant. Andy was a great guide; set clear expectations, let us know when bathrooms/water would be available, and seemed to be very mindful and respectful of taking up time/space in the restaurants.

      I won't list all of the local restaurants as to not spoil the tour, but as you can see from the pics, it was a nice variety of savory/sweet and food/drinks, as well as food from different regions.

      We did this tour on our first day in the city and revisited some of the restaurants during our stay. They were excited to hear that we were visiting after our sampler from Andy's tour. Thanks Andy!

    • Photo of Gail D.
      Gail D.
      Seattle, United States
      Aug 18, 2023

      We had a wonderful tour and tasting with Andy. Food was great. Andy's narrative was super.

    • Photo of Jen F.
      Jen F.
      Detroit, United States
      Jul 18, 2023
      Updated review

      Such a great time! A must do!! Andy was so knowledgeable and friendly! We brought our dogs and he adapted and helped us out without a hesitation! Food was amazing!

      May 27, 2023Previous review
    • Photo of Laurie V.
      Laurie V.
      San Leandro, United States
      Oct 4, 2023

      LOVED this! Andy was so much fun, and knowledgeable. Clearly, this is his town. Wanna come back just to hang with him again. Don't miss this delight!

    • Photo of Celia A.
      Celia A.
      Honolulu, United States
      Sep 4, 2022

      This is definitely a must do while in Victoria! Andy was the best, we highly recommend this tour.

    • Photo of Kelsey M.
      Kelsey M.
      Buckley, United States
      Jul 29, 2023

      This tour was so fun! Not only was the food good, but we got an awesome history lesson of Victoria. We visited spots that we wouldn't have probably gone without this tour. The guide, Andy, was insightful and funny and had some awesome food recommendations for us visitors in town. Highly recommend!

    • Photo of Sue N.
      Sue N.
      Gresham, United States
      Sep 20, 2022

      A fun walk through Chinatown, Old Town, and down to the waterfront of Victoria. Small group of congenital travels followed our guide through the streets and alleyways, stopping at 7 different locations for samples of their food and brief conversations with several of the proprietors.

      Andy explaining the history of Fan Tan alley in Chinatown.
    • Photo of Alison B.
      Alison B.
      Running Springs, United States
      Jun 17, 2023

      If you're not sure about a tour, this one is for you! My eleven year old son begged not to go and had a wonderful time. My husband wasn't sure he would enjoy it and loved it -- super impressed. I booked it and I wasn't sure I'd feel it was worth the price, and afterwards, I felt it was a great deal! We all recommend this tour!! It's a few steps through a beautiful neighborhood in between each treat. Plenty of water and facilities. Very comfortable and fun.

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