ダイソー 原宿店

DAISO Harajuku ダイソーハラジュクテン 
Dollar Store
Closed9:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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ビレッジ107 2F

Shibuya, 東京都 〒150-0001


Takeshita-dori, Harajuku Station, Meiji Jingu-mae Station


  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM


  • 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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  • Photo of Ren N.
    Ren N.
    Philadelphia, United States
    2 check-ins

    This is how I knew about the 100 yen store. Daiso being a chain and one of the famous that can also be found in America.

    This store has been here for as long as I remember. It has several floors, lots of stuff! They've been doing a lot of collaborations like hello kitty and friends as well as other famous anime characters. Their stuff is super affordable: quality depends on what you buy.

    I found a bunch of Pochacco stuff, super happy! They also have utensils, makeup and even earrings if you happen to have forgotten it at home.

    Lots of gift bags to wrap presents for your friends. Love this place!

  • Photo of Herman Y.
    Herman Y.
    Honolulu, United States

    Located in the Harajuku area, close to the beginning of the Takeshita street, this is quite a large store. It has multi floors of items. You most likely can find something to buy.

    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan
    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan
    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan
    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan
  • Photo of I-Lin L.
    I-Lin L.
    Rancho Palos Verdes, United States

    Is this the biggest Daiso in Japan?  Not sure, but there are several floors!  I got Hello Kitty water and yummy soft milk candy here while checking out Harajuku.  While waiting in line to check out, I made an impulse purchase of a bag of roasted chestnuts.  Pretty fun shop to check out, especially if you are a fan of Daiso.  I love the location and the huge inventory here.

    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan. Hello Kitty water and yummy soft milk candy!
  • Photo of Coty S.
    Coty S.
    Saint Petersburg, United States

    Daiso Harajuku, whilst not the largest Daiso, is the most crowded due to the location on the crowded Takeshita Dori.  Anyone that is familiar with Daiso knows that is a dollar store type spot that has great touristy type gifts to bring home from vacation in Japan.  However, if you spend more time in Harajuku and really look around, you can sometimes find even better, more thoughtful gifts for around the same cost.

    The store is packed and will cause you to shop quickly due to the crowded nature of the stores and pushy tourist shoppers.  But, don't let the crowds bother you and take your time.  If you are more into exploring other Daiso shops in Japan, then I recommend searching for other, less crowded locations for a more chill shopping experience.  I have found that Diver City Mall in Odiaba has more selection and less shoppers--- even though it is not the largest Daiso.  The largest Daiso as of 2020 is Daiso Giga Funabashi branch, which takes up an entire 6 floors.

  • Photo of Rosa J.
    Rosa J.
    Chicago, United States

    There are many Daiso locations throughout Japan, but we happened to run into this one while we were on the famous Takeshita-dori street in Harajuku.  I used to visit Daiso quite frequently when I lived in Taipei City.  Honestly, I missed this store a lot because items were affordable, fun, and "sometimes" useful.

    Let me tell you there have been many impulse buys from Daiso and I didn't know what to do with the stuff.  Some of them became souvenirs for the friends and family, while many of them eventually disappeared after a few inter-city and inter-country moves.  

    I often purchased their socks, green tea powders, instant noodles, and oriental-looking charms just to be given out as presents.  I remember my mom bought their coffee filters, sponges, slippers, and kitchen utensils whenever she needed to restock on these essentials.  

    "Daiso Harajuku" has three (3) floors.  Each floor wasn't spacious, but aisles were fully-loaded with cool knickknacks.  I behaved and only got some green tea powders and one (1) bowl of tofu skin soba.  I could use some socks as well, yet I decided to hold off since I still had a plenty of them in my messy sock drawer.  

    I made a mistake on walking to the basement floor and didn't realize it was a  separate store.  Going forward, make sure you pay for the goods sold in Daiso on the first floor before heading to another merchant.  I didn't know they were internally connected, though they had individual entrances from the outside.  

    Most items were indeed $100 yens/each, while a number of them could be slightly more expensive or cheaper.  Look for the signs for pricing details.

  • Photo of Kelly S.
    Kelly S.
    Pacifica, United States

    My favorite store ever!!!

    I really wish back at the states had Daiso that only cost about $1 and less per item! Back home, each item is about $1.50 plus tax. It may not seem enough but if you splurge $50 it would be $25 more in the states!

    Anyways, I have visited so many Daiso's and I never get disappointed! Love all the variety of snacks, matcha tea, green tea, seasoning, noodles, socks, toys, etc.

  • Photo of Joanne E.
    Joanne E.
    Honolulu, United States

    This is one of the larger Daiso stores, with three value-packed floors to explore!  It's hard to believe how many of their items cost only 100 yen each, especially when you see the same or similar items priced much higher at other stores.

    You can find almost anything you need here, such as cooling wipes, hand fans, sunscreen, and beautiful Japanese hair ties and clips for hot and humid Tokyo summer days; household goods and tools; stationery and craft supplies; and candies and snacks to fuel more shopping!  Omiyage, check!

  • Photo of Irene M.
    Irene M.
    Honolulu, United States

    The best Daiso ever! The go to ¥100 (back home it's $1.50 and only fraction of items available) store that you can get everywhere from food, backs, stationeries, craft and just about every home and kitchen items. Just steps away from Harajuku station at the Takeshita-dori exit. I always stop by for a quick water and munchies stop absolutely love this place.

    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan. Just one of several aisles of foods, snacks and grocery items.
    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan. Front entrance
  • Photo of Wen-Ju C.
    Wen-Ju C.
    Miami, United States

    Daiso really does become one of your best friends while traveling or living in Japan because everything without a tag is 100 yen, which is like everything. It's great for people with limited budgets like me. Daiso is similar to Dollar Tree in the US but waaaaay bigger.

    This location consists of several floors and has almost everything available such as: food, toiletries, essentials, kitchen stuff, bedding, bathroom stuff, cosmetics, clothes, stationaries, costumes, and more. There's no bathrooms available so don't go there thinking you can tinkle.

    There's usually a lot of customers in the store, so that means lines for the registers are sometimes long. But the cashiers go pretty quick. I love that they accept card payments, which is awesome because people don't always carry cash, especially tourists.

    When you finish paying for your stuff, you can go to the counters by the entrance/exit to further pack your stuff. There are newspapers, tapes, and bags available for you to wrap fragile products like mugs or glass. It's very convenient. The store just gets pretty crazy because it's almost always packed. But that's good for their business :).

    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan. Snacks 2 for 200 Yen
    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan. Noodles
    Photo of ダイソー 原宿店 - Shibuya, 東京都, Japan. Bandages
  • Photo of Aline T.
    Aline T.
    Honolulu, United States

    This is a smaller store but it's packed with lots. Each level features different products, the first level being snacks. It was very crowded, even on a weekday in the early hours.

    This store features a little of everything, from household necessities, travel gear, hygiene products, outdoor equipment and so on.

    Even though I didn't come with the intent of buying anything, I still walked out with a handful of stuff. First world problems.

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